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Apple Swift Resources

Apple Swift Blog

awesome-swift: Awesome Swift


That Thing in Swift

Getting Started

Project 1: Storm Viewer: an introduction to Swift

Swift for Complete Beginners

Hello World – First Swift iOS App

Apple: Swift Education

A Simple Swift Tutorial: Playgrounds and Fundamentals

Swift Swift Tutorials: Introducing Table Views

makeapppie.com 2015-02-17

Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift - by Stanford

A Video Walkthrough of Swift Fundamentals

video firebase.com 2015-01-23

How to Create A Dribbble Client from Scratch

Hello World! Your first iOS App in Swift

Learn Swift by Building a Tipster Iphone App

shrikar.com 2014-12-23

Swift in 40 Minutes

Swift Tutorial: A Quick Start

Learn To Code iOS Apps With Swift Tutorial 5: Making it Beautiful

Learn To Code iOS Apps With Swift Tutorial 4: Your First App

Learn to Code iOS Apps with Swift Tutorial 3: Arrays, Objects, and Classes

Learn to Code iOS Apps with Swift Tutorial 2: Your First Project

Learn to Code iOS Apps with Swift Tutorial 1: Welcome to Programming

Introduction to the Swift REPL

Building Your First Swift App

Building an iOS application - Part 1

Tutorial: Collection View Using Swift

Tuples, Structs and Enums

Arrays and their Methods in Swift

Swift Tutorial Part 2 Simple iOS App

Swift Series

An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Swift

Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift - Part 1 - Hello World

Swiftris: Tetris Clone in Swift

Introduction to Swift

iOS Development in Swift by Plymouth University

A curated list of helpful resources to learn Swift

Learn X in Y minutes - Where X=swift

Intro to iOS App Development with Swift

MadApper - Swift Programming: Introduction

Swift Source Code


SwiftHN: A Hacker News reader in Swift

SwiftWeather: Swift Weather

SerialPortExample-Swift: Serial Port Example

BigKeyboard-iOS: Swift implementation of a custom keyboard

WorldCupSwift: World Cup Swift

Swifty-News: Swifty News

HackerNews: Hacker News reader

5b4165d278c265cd5a35: Source for the Khan Academy app's unusual scrolling interactions

swift-2048: Swift 2048

FlappySwift: Flappy Bird Clone

FlappySwift: Flappy Swift

RpnCalculatorKata: RPN Calculator

SwirlingBalls: Swirling Balls

PNChart-Swift: PNChart-Swift

SwiftyJSON: The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift

ExSwift: A set of Swift extensions for standard types and classes

GameOfLife: Game of Life

clock-saver: Simple clock screensaver

SwiftRSS: Swift RSS

GameOfLifeSwift: Game of Life

Source Code

Transition: Easy interactive interruptible custom ViewController transitions

MIBlurPopup: MIBlurPopup let you create amazing popups with a blurred background

AnimatedCollectionViewLayout: A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that adds custom transitions/animations to the UICollectionView without effecting your existing code

Attributed: A Modern interface for attributed strings

github.com/Nirma 2017-02-04

WebMIDIKit: Simplest MIDI Swift framework

Guaka: The smartest and most beautiful (POSIX compliant) Command line framework for Swift

Notepad: A fully themeable markdown editor with live syntax highlighting

bd50b15693f4fc6dc7ae: Playing with Swift Pattern Matching for Mathematical Expressions (run in playground)

KDCircularProgress: A circular progress view with gradients


A simple side menu for iOS 8 written in Swift language. Using UIDynamics, UIGestures and UIBlurEffect.

DemoBots: Building a Cross Platform Game with SpriteKit and GameplayKi

UISearchController: UISearchController Example

ALBNoSQLDB: A SQLite database wrapper written in Swift that requires no SQL knowledge to use and can sync with instances of itself

xcode-snippets: Xcode Snippets for Swift 2, based on those by Mattt at https://github.com/Xcode-Snippets/Objective-C

ArrayDiff: A Swift utility to make updating table views/collection views trivially easy and reliable

AlamofireImage: AlamofireImage is an image component library for Alamofire

Alamofire: Elegant Networking in Swift

ACAnimatedTextField: ACAnimatedTextField is a subclass of UITextField which replaces a text placeholder with an image

SwiftGen: A collection of Swift tools to generate Swift code (enums for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, …)

SwiftSockets: A simple GCD based socket wrapper for Swift.

Decodable: Swift 2 JSON parsing done (more) right

Siren: Notify users when a new version of your iOS app is available

Lantern: A dedicated Mac app for website auditing and crawling http://www.burntcaramel.com/lantern/

Carthage: A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa

CKWaveCollectionViewTransition: Cool wave like transition between two or more UICollectionView

DDUtils: a VERY loose collection of individual classes and/or components for OSX/IOS that I find myself reusing 

XCGLogger: XCGLogger - A debug log framework

BezierPathPlaygrounds: Some playgrounds to better understand UIBezierPaths

DKChainableAnimationKit: Easy to read and write chainable animations in Swift

GenericDatasource: A Swift implementation of a generic datasource that you can use for table views.

Device: Light weight tool for detecting the current device and screen size

Blurable: Apply a Gaussian Blur to any UIView with Swift Protocol Extensions

ParticleLab: Particle system that's both calculated and rendered on the GPU using the Metal framework

FutureKit: http://futurekit.org

GPaperTrans: Yet another UICollectionView layout transitions inspired by Facebook Paper App

HanekeSwift: A lightweight generic cache for iOS written in Swift with extra love for images

RazzleDazzle: A simple keyframe-based animation framework for iOS, written in Swift. Perfect for scrolling app intros

Swiftly: Swiftly generate autolayout constraints.

swift-chess: A simple chess game built for OSX using Swift 2.0

CoreStore: Unleashing the real power of Core Data with the elegance and safety of Swift

Unbox: Unbox is an easy to use Swift JSON decoder

KGFloatingDrawer: A floating navigation drawer with an interesting animated presentation

SimpleAlert: SimpleAlert

DragDropCollectionView: A UICollectionView which allows for easy drag and drop to reorder cells. Mimicks the drag and drop on the iOS Springboard when reordering apps (wiggle animation included!).

Genome: A simple, type safe, failure driven mapping library for serializing JSON to models in Swift 2.0

MotionKit: Get the data from Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer in only Two or a few lines of code. CoreMotion now made insanely simple

SwiftMacTypes: SwiftAdditions: A Swift bridge for the data types in the MacTypes header.

Spring: A library to simplify iOS animations in Swift

CVCalendar: A custom visual calendar

NKWatchActivityIndicator: An activity indicator library for Apple Watch and a sample to push the limit of animation in watchOS 2

NaughtyKeyboard: The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.

BTNavigationDropdownMenu: The elegant dropdown menu appears underneath navigation bar to display a list of related items when a user click on the navigation title.

RubberBandEffect: Recreating Apple’s rubber band effect

Quick: Quick: The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework

adaptive-tab-bar: Adaptive Tabbar

RxSwift: Reactive Programming in Swift

SSASwiftReachability: A Swift Library To Track Network Reachability Changes

Bond: Bond is a Swift binding framework

da6f27463fa0125d5a42: FunctionsAsClosures.swift

SwiftyJSON: SwiftyJSON

Armchair: A simple yet powerful App Review Manager for iOS and OSX

Font-Awesome-Swift: Font Awesome library

TableSchemer: Framework for building static interactive table views

Cereal: Swift object serialization

Side-Menu.iOS: Animated side menu with customizable UI

GuillotineMenu: Our Guillotine Menu Transitioning Animation reminds a bit of a notorious killing machine

CloudKit-Demo.Swift: CloudKit-Demo.Swift

Koloda: KolodaView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of Tinder like cards

Persei: Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView

SwiftGo: Pure Swift/C library that provides Go's concurrency features in Swift 2

AAFaceDetection: Prototyping-Library providing easy access to iOS face detection features through NSNotification

Forthwith: Adding Forth's type safety and readability to Swift

SwiftMoment: A time and calendar manipulation library

hexagen: Hexagen - true coroutines for Swift

Swift-Diagram-Playgrounds: Drawing diagrams in Swift using a recursive enum data structure

BubbleTransition: A custom modal transition that presents and dismiss a controller with an expanding bubble effect.

SwiftCop: SwiftCop is a validation library fully written in Swift and inspired by the clarity of Ruby On Rails Active Record validations.

CoreDataPlayground: A Core Data stack built inside a Swift playground

Dollar.swift: A functional tool-belt for Swift Language similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore in Javascript

result: Swift type modelling the success/failure of arbitrary operations

SKLinearAlgebra: Swift extensions for Linear Algebra with SceneKit

MyKit: Swift library that extends iOS and OS X fundamental frameworks' functionality

cariocamenu: The fastest zero-tap iOS menu

Reachability.swift: Replacement for Apple's Reachability re-written in Swift with closures

Polyglot: A simple Swift API for Microsoft Translator

Colours: A beautiful set of predefined colors and a set of color methods

MusicKit: A framework for composing and transforming music

821a0748257dc8d3581f: A Swift String extension that converts a hexadecimal color to a UIColor

SwiftKVC: Key-Value Coding (KVC) for native Swift classes and structs

XcodeSwiftSnippets: Xcode Swift Code Snippets

siesta: iOS REST Client Framework

Swift: This project provides some examples in Swift for iOS

BubbleControl-Swift: a bubble control highly inspired from facebook chat heads

SwiftEventBus: A publish/subscribe EventBus optimized for iOS

PySwiftyRegex: Easily deal with Regex in Swift in a Pythonic way

Fuzi: A fast & lightweight XML/HTML parser in Swift that makes your life easier

LiterateSwiftGUI: LiterateSwift is a (GUI) tool to edit your literate swift files.

48243eb549481bc38d58: Reflection

8e4cab3ed7d1e7da47e7: ShapedButton is a UIButton subclass optimized for non-rectangular button shapes

TuningFork: A Simple Tuner for iOS

watchOS-2-heartrate: watchOS 2.0 healthkit, heartrate streaming, start workout session

Popover: Popover is a balloon library like Facebook app

ActionSwift3: ActionSwift3: ActionScript 3 SDK in Swift

UIImageView-BetterFace-Swift: UIImageView-BetterFace-Swift

XcodeServerSDK: Access Xcode Server API with native Swift objects

ViewMonitor: ViewMonitor can measure View positions with accuracy

Starscream: Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX

ios-charts: An iOS port of the beautiful MPAndroidChart

BreakOutToRefresh: Play BreakOut while loading - A playable pull to refresh view

Tomate: This is in the App Store as Fojusi

SwiftGraph: SwiftGraph: A Graph Data Structure

PullToRefreshSwift: iOS Simple Cool PullToRefresh Library

Date.swift: A Swift Date Library

DBPathRecognizer: Gesture recognizer tool

TurtlePlayground: Swift playground using Logo-like commands

LeetCode-Solutions-in-Swift: Get prepared for your next iOS job interview by studying high quality LeetCode solutions in Swift 2.1

swift_playgrounds: A collection of Swift playgrounds demonstrating language basics, JSON parsing, HTTP networking and File IO

OAuthSwift: Swift based OAuth library for iOS

DCRadialGraph: DCRadialGraph is a swift based, good looking, easy to use, drop in radial/circular graph view

DPImageCache: Extension for UIImageView. Help loading image asynchronously and store local file cache.

SwiftSortUtils: Useful functions and extensions for sorting

TKAnimatedCheckButton: Animated Check Button

Playground%20Secrets%20and%20Power%20Tips: Playground Secrets and Power Tips for Swift 2.0 (from Erica Sadun book)

EVReflection: Swift helper library with reflection functions with support for NSCoding, Printable, Hashable, Equatable and JSON

SigmaSwiftStatistics: A collection of functions for statistical calculation in iOS and OS X

spacetime: Experimental iOS library for live transformations on parts of layers

PennyPincher: A fast gesture recognizer based on the PennyPincher algorithm

FMMosaicLayout: FMMosaicLayout is a mosiac collection view layout

Toucan: Fabulous Image Processing


swifter: Swifter: Tiny http server engine

ParkedTextField: A text field with a constant text/placeholder

BusyNavigationBar: A UINavigationBar extension to show loading effects

QorumLogs: Swift Logging Utility for Xcode & Google Docs

CozyLoadingActivity: Lightweight Swift loading activity for iOS7+

DGRunkeeperSwitch: Runkeeper design switch control (two part segment control)

GRDB.swift: A versatile SQLite toolkit

SingleLineShakeAnimation: SingleLineShakeAnimation


EventSource.Swift: EventSource.Swift

FayeSwift: Swift Client Library for the Faye Pub-Sub messaging server

ImageLoaderSwift: A lightweight and fast image loader for iOS

Gloss: A shiny JSON parsing library in Swift http://cocoapods.org/pods/Gloss

Ji: Ji (戟) is an XML/HTML parser

PCLBlurEffectAlert: Swift AlertController with UIVisualeffectview

Presentation: Presentation helps you to make tutorials, release notes and animated pages

SwiftCharts: Easy to use and highly customizable charts library for iOS

EasyAnimation: A Swift library to take the power of UIView.animateWithDuration(_:, animations:...) to a whole new level - layers, springs, chain-able animations and mixing view and layer animations together!

SwiftSpinner: A beautiful activity indicator and modal alert. Using blur effects, translucency, flat and bold design

TableCellAnimator.swift: TableCellAnimator

hermes: a simple and robust in-app notification system for iOS

WobbleView: an implementation of a recently popular wobble effect for any view in your app

SwiftAutoLayout: Tiny Swift DSL for Autolayout

swiftrsrc: Resource code generation tool

JSONHelper: Lightning fast JSON deserialization and value conversion library for iOS & OS X

Sprite-Kit-Collisions-Playground: This playground demonstrates how do physics perform collision detection using Swift and Sprite Kit

sweetercolor: A color extension library

UIImageColors: iTunes style color fetcher for UIImage


JSQDataSourcesKit: Type-safe, value-oriented data source objects that keep your view controllers light

JSQCoreDataKit: A swifter Core Data stack

Swift2-Protocol-Extension-Example: Playground showing how to use swift2 protocol extensions to render errors in UIViews and UIViewControllers without subclassing

midnightbacon: midnightbacon: An iOS Reddit client

XCTest-Documentation: Unofficial documentation for XCTest, including UI Testing, introduced in iOS 9.

JSONNeverDie: Auto reflection tool from JSON to Model, user friendly JSON encoder / decoder, aims to never die

Few.swift: React-inspired library for writing AppKit/UIKit UIs which are functions of their state


LumaJSON: A super simple JSON helper

UIStackView-Playground: A playground demonstrating some of the key features of UIStackView

Swiftly-Typed-Resources: A playground showing how Swift makes Strings, Colors, Fonts, Images, etc easier to deal with.

SwiftObjLoader: A wavefront object format loader

Shark: Swift Script that transforms the .xcassets folder into a type safe enum

SmartRouter: A tiny routing library written in Swift 2.0.

swift: mal - Make a Lisp

Swift2.0: A Swift framework for shell scripting

MaterialView: Material Floating Button for iOS

Nuke: Advanced framework for managing images

STPopup: STPopup provides STPopupController, which works just like UINavigationController in popup style, for both iPhone and iPad

Run: A Swift Wrapper for Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) Framework that supports method chaining

pulsinglayer: Adds a customizable CALayer halo effect to any arbitrary UIView

KeychainAccess: wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X

fireworks: Fireworks Graphics Demo (OSX/Metal/Swift)

SpeedLog: Fast Swift debug logs

Mirror: Swift objects Reflection

CryptoSwift: Crypto related functions and helpers for Swift

Natalie: Storyboard Code Generator

CardKit: Model structures for building playable card games in Swift

PathKit: Effortless path operations

QueryKit: A simple CoreData query language for Swift

LTMorphingLabel: Cloning the original Morphing Label of iOS 8 introduced in WWDC 2014

LTBouncyPlaceholder: A learning-by-doing UITextField extension

fallingLetters: Falling Letters Swift Animation

SwiftQRCode: Simple QRCode detector and generator

string-in-chain: convenient and fast approach to create AttributedString

OpenSim: OpenSim is an open source alternative for SimPholders


FlagKit: Beautiful flag icons for usage in apps and on the web

SwiftDate: Easy NSDate Management

Neon: A powerful Swift programmatic UI layout framework.

phonenumberkit: A Swift framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber

TVButton: Recreating the cool parallax icons from Apple TV as iOS UIButtons

Swifter: Twitter Framework

JSONCodable: Hassle-free JSON encoding and decoding

Playdown: Convert Swift Playgrounds to Markdown

Euler: Swift Custom Operators for Mathematical Notation

RMParallax: The way to impress users on the first app launch

454f3ba5c2f575d63cb3: coroutines.swift

0ac60ce46f40e9c825a3: SerializationExperiment.swift

MOJailBrokenDector: It is converted swift language from JailBrokenDector project

SerializableData: Swift 2.0 library to get/set json-type data, usable in NSUserDefaults and CoreData

SwiftA9ChipSource: A Swift version of https://github.com/WDUK/A9ChipSource

Gift: Gift - Swift bindings to libgit2.

ISO8601Formatter: NSFormatter subclass for ISO8601

MABCardsView: A Swift port for https://github.com/zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableView

PhotoSlider: PhotoSlider can a simple photo slider and delete slider with swiping

Timepiece: Intuitive NSDate extensions

SwiftCSV: SwiftCSV

cato: Swift scripts made easy with automatic dependency and Swift version management

ResponseDetective: Sherlock Holmes of the networking layer


Net: Http Request wrapper

PermissionScope: Intelligent iOS permissions UI and unified API

NVActivityIndicatorView: Collection of nice loading animations

Proposer: Make permission request easier

SwiftFilePath: Simple and powerful wrapper for NSFileManager

SwiftCGRectExtensions: A collection of CGRect, CGPoint and CGSize convenience functions

SwiftHamcrest: Hamcrest gives you advanced matchers with better error messages for your Swift unit tests

Swiftline: Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications

SwiftSequence: A μframework of extensions for SequenceType in Swift 2.0, inspired by Python's itertools, Haskell's standard library, and other things

DOFavoriteButton: Cute Animated Button

Kingfisher: A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.

RandomColorSwift: An attractive color generator. Ported from randomColor.js

APNGKit: High performance and delightful way to play with APNG format

ActiveLabel.swift: UILabel drop-in replacement supporting Hashtags (#), Mentions (@) and URLs (http://)

SwiftForms: Swift Forms

MediumMenu: A menu based on Medium iOS app

PKHUD: Reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,...

945e0f2945a3ffea378a: String extension to find the layout size of a String with specified attributes.

FillableLoaders: Completely customizable progress based loaders drawn using custom CGPaths

Pythonic.swift: Pythonic Swift

PathDynamicModal: A modal view using UIDynamicAnimator, like the Path for iOS.

SwiftyUserDefaults: SwiftyUserDefaults

BluetoothKit: Easily communicate between iOS/OSX devices using BLE

TextFieldEffects: Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops

Bridge: Simple Typed JSON HTTP Networking

realm-cocoa: Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for Core Data & SQLite http://realm.io

Pulsar: A versatile solution for displaying pulse animations as known from Apple Maps.

SnappingSlider: A beautiful slider control for iOS

Tempo: Date and time manager for iOS/OSX

Kinder: The basics of a Tinder-like swipeable cards interface controller


ShapeAnimation-Swift: Vector animation framework in Swift for iOS and OSX.

ZMaterialDesignUIButton: Material Design UIButton

Cartography: Declarative Auto Layout in Swift

CGRectExtensionsOSX: An Ode to CGRect

SwiftData: SwiftData is a wrapper around the SQLite3 C API

TrippyBackgrounds: Easy way to create random-trippy background images

SwiftHub: An iOS app for exploring popular Github repositories

Mendel: Swift miliframework for implementing evolutionary/genetic algorithms

SwiftGraphics: SwiftGraphics

watchOS-2-Sampler: Code examples for new features of watchOS 2

iOS-9-Sampler: Code examples for the new features of iOS 9.

Swift_2: Save, Load and Delete from a Swift Playground

32be80e2ebef71dfb793: generate random color

eac3edc7918d0251f366: generate random text

GaugeKit: Kit for building custom gauges + easy reproducible Apple's style ring gauges

tailor: Static analyzer for Swift http://tailor.sh

RNLoadingButton-Swift: An easy-to-use UIButton subclass with an activity indicator

bioswift: Implementing algorithms in my Bioinformatics course

Swift-Radio-Pro: Full Professional Radio Station App, created w/ Swift 2.0

TKSwipeData: Parse credit card stripe data

AERecord: Super awesome Core Data wrapper in Swift (for iOS and OSX)

Kamagari: Simple UIAlertController builder class

EasyTipView: A tooltip view

TFBubbleItUp: Custom view for writing tags, contacts and etc

SwiftRandom: A tiny generator of random data for swift

page-flip-for-UICollectionViewCell: Applying a book flip effect for a UICollectionViewCell to show a detail view

Argo: Functional JSON parsing library

Safe: Modern Concurrency and Synchronization for Swift

tispr-card-stack: Card Stack

TKit: TKit is a simple toolkit full of useful additions and controls

Chirp: The easiest way to prepare, play, and remove sounds in your Swift app


JMEasyTouchID: TouchID used easy on one line in your ViewController

Fakery: Swift fake data generator

iOS-8-Swift-Programming-Cookbook: GitHub repository of O'Reilly's iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook

iOS-9-Swift-Programming-Cookbook: Contains all example codes for O'Reilly's iOS 9 Swift Programming Cookbook (https://goo.gl/yqsWgY)

VMFloatLabel: UITextField subclass with floating labels

Static: Simple static table views

DVR: Network testing

GpxLocationManager: GpxLocationManager is a replacement for CLLocationManager that allows the developer to use GPS data from GPX files or CLLocation arrays for testing

Learning-Core-Audio-in-Swift: Learning Core Audio in Swift

SCLAlertView-Swift: Beautiful animated Alert View

slug-swift-metal: Demo of the Metal graphics framework


Bolt_Swift: Library for the missing bolts in Swift

Watchdog: Class for logging excessive blocking on the main thread

Butterfly: A lightweight library for integrating feedback module elegantly

MusicPlayerTransition: Custom interactive transition like Apple Music iOS App

UIViewXXYBoom: 一个好玩的效果,原谅我在家里网速慢,没有升级到Xcode 7,还是用的swift1.2,回到公司马上改到2.0

Splitflap: A simple split-flap display for your Swift applications

QRCodeReader.swift: Simple QRCode reader

DynamicColor: Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily

UIColor-Hex-Swift: UIColor-Hex-Swift - Convenience method for creating autoreleased color using RGBA hex string.


KYDigitalFontView: KYDigitalFontView is a custom view that displays the character in the digital font style

LiquidFloatingActionButton: Material Design Floating Action Button in liquid state

swift-linechart: LineChart library

Versions: Helping you find inner peace when comparing version numbers in Swift


ZLSwipeableViewSwift: A simple view for building card like interface like Tinder and Potluck

ParksAndRecreation: Various Swift playgrounds, for fun and for profit

Community-supported catalog of iOS and OSX libraries



Patterns Playground

learn-swift: Learn Apple's Swift programming language interactively through these playgrounds


Auto Layout Visual Format Language Tutorial

Honing Your Mobile Apps With Savvy User Research

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Recording ARKit Videos & Animated GIFs Using ARVideoKit

appcoda.com 2017-11-30

Firebase Social Authentication. SignIn with Google Example in Swift.

#48 Locating the Yeti with iOS

swifting.io 2017-11-30

How to run Swift on linux

theswiftdev.com 2017-11-30

iOS 11 Screencast: NLP with Core ML

Airprint iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-11-29

Updated Course: Networking with URLSession

How to Use NSGlyph in Swift

Setting the NSTextView Line Height in a Beautiful Way

Secure Coding With Concurrency in Swift 4

Strings in Swift 4

oleb.net 2017-11-27

watchOS 4 Tutorial Part 1: Getting Started

watchOS 4 Tutorial Part 3: Animation

watchOS 4 Tutorial Part 2: Tables

URLSession Waiting For Connectivity

useyourloaf.com 2017-11-27

Building automatic `OptionSet` entries

ericasadun.com 2017-11-24

Text field actions and NSTextFieldDelegate

How To Set Corner Radius for UIButtons Using Swift

peterwitham.com 2017-11-21

iOS 11 Screencast: NLP with NSLinguisticTagger

Swizzling in iOS 11 with UIDebuggingInformationOverlay

Device-only code: A polite request for help

ericasadun.com 2017-11-20

Dynamic Types iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-11-20

How to Create Your Own Slide-Out Navigation Panel in Swift

Swift Codable With Custom Dates

useyourloaf.com 2017-11-20

Expanding Swift through Protocols and Extension

codementor.io 2017-11-17

Building a Chatbot App for iOS with DialogFlow (API.AI) and Text-to-Speech

appcoda.com 2017-11-15

Tesseract OCR Tutorial for iOS

Updated Course: Beginning Core Data

Styling an optional `Bool`

ericasadun.com 2017-11-13

NSIncrementalStore Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started

ARKit Tutorial: Understanding and Implementing 3D Objects

appcoda.com 2017-11-10

Friday Q&A 2017-11-10: Observing the A11's Heterogenous Cores

mikeash.com 2017-11-10

NSAlert Tutorial

Swift Package Manager tutorial

theswiftdev.com 2017-11-09

Secure Coding in Swift 4

Image Depth Maps Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started

Figuring Out Frame Layouts in Swift

vluxe.io 2017-11-08

View-State Driven Applications

iOS App Development with Swift

codementor.io 2017-11-07

Proof of Concept: Enum with associated function

Copy on Write in iOS 11

medium.com 2017-11-07

Updated Course: Beginning iOS Animations

How to `split` without consuming values

ericasadun.com 2017-11-06

Google Material Design Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started

How to Fix the “Class is not key value coding-compliant for the key” Error

Swift 4 Access Levels

useyourloaf.com 2017-11-06

Learn macOS Development: Develop a Music App with Audio Playback and File Upload Features

appcoda.com 2017-11-03

Custom UIViewController Transitions: Getting Started

Swift — Parse JSON like a boss

codementor.io 2017-10-31

Swift — Handle Rest routes like a Boss

codementor.io 2017-10-31

Updated Course: Scroll View School

iOS Auto Layout tutorial programmatically

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-31

Updating Your App for iOS 11

Swift — Write beautiful Async code, with Promises

codementor.io 2017-10-30

Swift — Write Concise Networking Code with WS☁️

codementor.io 2017-10-30

Swift Nifty TableViewCell Trick

codementor.io 2017-10-30

Yummypets iOS App Stack

codementor.io 2017-10-30

Matching Regular Expressions

ericasadun.com 2017-10-30

Injecting forEach into chained method calls

oleb.net 2017-10-30

Development Tutorial for iPhone X

#46 Locating a snowboarder 🏂 on a slope

swifting.io 2017-10-30

Casting in Swift 4 - Any to Dictionary

youtube.com 2017-10-29

macOS Storyboard Segues

Swift Algorithm Club: October 2017 Digest

Xcode Tips and Tricks to Work with Layout Constraints and Views

Announcing Beginning iOS 11 Programming with Swift

appcoda.com 2017-10-27

Friday Q&A 2017-10-27: Locks, Thread Safety, and Swift: 2017 Edition

mikeash.com 2017-10-27

New Course: Programming in Swift 4

@objc Warnings Upgrading To Swift 4

useyourloaf.com 2017-10-26

A Beautifully Elegant way to Set-Match

ericasadun.com 2017-10-25

10 Essential Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

peterwitham.com 2017-10-25

Core Bluetooth in watchOS Tutorial

Swift Closures Syntax

codementor.io 2017-10-24

Data Detection in Swift

Updated Course: Beginning Collection Views

Audio Recording in watchOS Tutorial


russbishop.net 2017-10-24

SpriteKit best practices

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-24

Deep look: iOS Navigation State

Collection View iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-10-23

How to make a Swift framework?

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-23

Xcode Tips and Tricks to Work with Images

Using Xcode Configuration (.xcconfig) to Manage Different Build Settings

appcoda.com 2017-10-20

Multiple Managed Object Contexts with Core Data Tutorial

Streamlining lots of View Controller interactions with Swift enums.

the-nerd.be 2017-10-19

Lightweight Migrations in Core Data Tutorial

Updated Course: Beginning Auto Layout

Getting Started with Core Data Tutorial

CoreKit framework and tools

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-17

How to Create iOS Screens in Sketch

peterwitham.com 2017-10-16

Using Dynamic Type With Web Views

useyourloaf.com 2017-10-16

Moving Safety into Types

figure.ink 2017-10-15

TIL: CoreSimulator logs

ctarda.com 2017-10-14

Swift enum all values

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-12

SiriKit Part 4: Custom UI

bignerdranch.com 2017-10-11

iOS Animation Tutorial: Custom View Controller Presentation Transitions

UIKit init patterns

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-11

Create a gitIgnore file for Swift and Xcode development

peterwitham.com 2017-10-10

iOS Animation Tutorial: Getting Started

Swift Imports

Swift 4 init patterns

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What’s New in Xcode 9?

Taming SourceKitService for Less Xcode Memory Consumption

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Friday Q&A 2017-10-06: Type-Safe User Defaults

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Useful Swift extensions

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Designing for Size Classes in iOS

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How To Change The iOS Tab Bar Colors

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tvOS Top Shelf Tutorial: Static and Interactive

Awesome native Xcode extensions

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On-Demand Resources in tvOS Tutorial

SiriKit Part 3: Finishing Touches

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New Course: Your Second Swift 4 & iOS 11 App

tvOS Tutorial: Using TVML Templates

UIToolBar and UIBarButtonItem in Swift

Evolution of the Swift language

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Swift Algorithm Club: September 2017 Digest

Easier Swift Layout Priorities

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Cool Codable Coding

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Building a Simple ARKit Demo with SceneKit in Swift 4 and Xcode 9

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Value Types for Simple Difference Detection

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Why I Love ARKit for Apple iOS 11

Modifying the Array - Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structures in Swift 4

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SiriKit Part 2: Resolve, Confirm, Handle

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MagicaVoxel 3D Art Tutorial

Beginning macOS Programming: Learn to Develop an Image Uploader App in Swift

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Mastering iTunes Connect App Analytics Part 2: Understanding Customer Acquisition and Retention

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SQLite Tutorial for Beginners

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Indexed Table View iOS Tutorial

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Augmented Reality and ARKit Tutorial

Updating Strings For Swift 4

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Friday Q&A 2017-09-22: Swift 4 Weak References

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Swift Algorithm Club: Minimum Spanning Tree with Prim’s Algorithm

Encoding, Decoding and Serialization in Swift 4

What's New With Git Support in Xcode 9

Primordial Particle System in SideFX Houdini

SQLite With Swift Tutorial: Getting Started

A Simple Approach to Thread-Safe Networking in iOS Apps

SiriKit Part 1: Hey Siri, How Do I Get Started?

bignerdranch.com 2017-09-19

Creating Digital Signatures With Swift

SceneKit Tutorial Part 1

SceneKit Tutorial Part 1 We are going to start a new serie of...

New Course: Your First Swift 4 & iOS 11 App

New Course: Swift Design Patterns

UICollectionView Custom Layout Tutorial: Pinterest

Supporting iPhone X

useyourloaf.com 2017-09-18

Advanced ReplayKit: Integrating Live Broadcasting Into iOS Apps and Games

appcoda.com 2017-09-15

The Best New Features in Swift 4

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Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 10: Conclusion

The Hashable Protocol - Swift 4 Tutorial

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Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 9: Behaviors

Instruments Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started

Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 8: Code Snippets

Swift Snippet : Map Bool values with Generics in Swift

the-nerd.be 2017-09-13

Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 7: Breakpoints

Particle Emitter iOS Tutorial

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CALayer Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started

Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 6: Storyboards and Visual Debugging

Xcode 9 Vector Images

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Mastering iTunes Connect App Analytics Part 1: Let’s Analyze the Metrics

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Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 5: Schemes and Targets

UX Design Patterns for Mobile Apps: Which and Why

Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 4: Workspaces and Frameworks

Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 3: Preferences and Editing

Using Braintree to Accept Credit Card Payment in iOS Apps

appcoda.com 2017-09-06

This Old App: The Joy of Auto Layout

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Core Graphics Tutorial Part 3: Patterns and Playgrounds

Core Graphics Tutorial Part 2: Gradients and Contexts

Core Graphics Tutorial Part 1: Getting Started

New Course: Xcode Tips and Tricks

Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 2: Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Tutorial: Xcode Tips And Tricks Part 1: Introduction

Introduction to Algorithms in Swift - Overview

youtube.com 2017-09-05

Quadratic Time Complexity - O(n^2)

Why Coroutines

figure.ink 2017-09-04

Carthage Tutorial: Getting Started

iOS Quick tip — How to duplicate a UIButton using Swift

Generic Functions and Type Constraints in Swift

youtube.com 2017-09-03

Understand Search Ads Metrics and Fine Tune Your Ad Campaign

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Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 21: Online User Count Challenge

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 22: Conclusion

Test Driven Development (TDD) in Swift with Quick and Nimble

appcoda.com 2017-08-31

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 18: User Login

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 20: Online Users

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 19: User Login Challenge

MapKit Tutorial: Overlay Views

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 17: Error Handling Challenge

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 16: User Creation

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 14: User Authentication

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 15: Keychain

User Registration, Sign in And Token Based Authentication

Concurrency model in Swift

theswiftdev.com 2017-08-29

Managing Front-End Assets in Vapor, Part 3: Concatenating Files

bignerdranch.com 2017-08-28

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 12: Section Conclusion

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 11: Querying Data

UIGestureRecognizer Tutorial: Getting Started

NSDate Manipulation in iOS 8

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Friday Q&A 2017-08-25: Swift Error Handling Implementation

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Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 10: Deleting Data Challenge

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 9: Updating and Deleting

Swift Algorithm Club: August 2017 Digest

Introduction to ReplayKit: Building a Simple Screen Recording App

appcoda.com 2017-08-24

Detect Long Press Gesture iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-08-24

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 8: Reading Data Challenge

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 7: Reading Data

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 6: Saving Data

This Old App: Another Bug, Another Day

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Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 5: References

Auto Layout Tutorial in iOS 11: Getting Started

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 4: JSON Challenge

Custom Collection View Layouts with tvOS: Part 2

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Add Pull to Refresh iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-08-22

Building NSURLs with NSURLQueryItems

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Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 1: Introduction

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 2: Installing Firebase

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 3: Configuring Firebase

New Course: Beginning Firebase

Tasks and threads in Swift

theswiftdev.com 2017-08-22

Spring Animation iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-08-21

How To Implement A Circular Image Loader Animation with CAShapeLayer

Using Swift Codable With Property Lists

useyourloaf.com 2017-08-21

Screencast: Introduction to ARKit: Error Management

Menus and Popovers in Menu Bar Apps for macOS

Search Ads Explained: How to Create an Ad Campaign to Promote Your Apps

appcoda.com 2017-08-17

Why Associated Type Requirements Become Generic Constraints

bignerdranch.com 2017-08-17

Screencast: Introduction to ARKit: Measuring Distances

Screencast: Introduction to ARKit: Adding 3D Models

HealthKit Tutorial With Swift: Getting Started

HealthKit Tutorial with Swift: Workouts

Screencast: Introduction to ARKit: Getting Started

Storyboards Tutorial for iOS: Part 2

Storyboards Tutorial for iOS: Part 1

UIKit + AppKit = CoreKit

theswiftdev.com 2017-08-14

Using A Custom Font With Dynamic Type

useyourloaf.com 2017-08-14

Friday Q&A 2017-08-11: Swift.Unmanaged

mikeash.com 2017-08-11

UIAlertController with UIImage

stringcode.co.uk 2017-08-11

How to Integrate Google Street View in iOS Apps

appcoda.com 2017-08-09

TIL: A pleasant surprise when passing closures as parameters

ctarda.com 2017-08-09

UISearchController Tutorial: Getting Started

Swift 5 begins: new evolution rules will require implementations for language change review

ericasadun.com 2017-08-08

Swipe Table View Cell for Custom Actions iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-08-08

How to Display UI Components in Xcode Playground

youtube.com 2017-08-08

In App Purchases! (Swift 3 in Xcode : Swifty Store Kit)

youtube.com 2017-08-08

Managing Front-End Assets in Vapor, Part 2: Using a Package Manager

bignerdranch.com 2017-08-07

This Old App: There is Always One More Bug

makeapppie.com 2017-08-07

Design Patterns on iOS using Swift – Part 1/2

Design Patterns on iOS using Swift – Part 2/2

Let's Make Pong! (Pt. 4 : Swift 3 in Xcode : SpriteKit)

youtube.com 2017-08-07

Custom Header View! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

youtube.com 2017-08-07

A Beginner’s Guide to Core ML Tools: Converting a Caffe Model to Core ML Format

appcoda.com 2017-08-04

My Swift Tool Belt (Part 3): Extending UILabel

This Old App: Communicating with Container Views

makeapppie.com 2017-08-03

Screencast: Elegant Transitions with Hero

CwlLayout: a declarative wrapper around Auto Layout

Local Receipt Validation for iOS in Swift From Start to Finish

Finalizing Receipt Validation in Swift – Computing a GUID Hash

tvOS Games, Part 4: Bullets and Explosions

bignerdranch.com 2017-07-31

Adaptive Layout Tutorial in iOS 11: Getting Started

Avoiding Conflicts with System Gestures at Screen Edges

useyourloaf.com 2017-07-31

Creating an Immersive User Experience with Haptic Feedback in iOS 11

appcoda.com 2017-07-30

Lazy Permutations in Swift

figure.ink 2017-07-30

Friday Q&A 2017-07-28: A Binary Coder for Swift

mikeash.com 2017-07-28

Swift Algorithm Club: July Digest 2017

My Swift Tool Belt, Part 2: Extending Date

Receipt Validation – Parse and Decode a Receipt with Swift

iOS Simulator on Steroids: Tips & Tricks in Xcode 9

appcoda.com 2017-07-27

Screencast: Swift Playground Books: Always-On Live Views

Get Started With Firebase Authentication for iOS

Sourcery Tutorial: Generating Swift code for iOS

Building an AR game with ARKit and Spritekit

blog.pusher.com 2017-07-25

Easy And Flexible Forms In iOS With Interface Builder

iosinsight.com 2017-07-25

This Old App:Use Multiple Custom Cells

makeapppie.com 2017-07-25

Update: Matching NSErrors

figure.ink 2017-07-24

Swift Playground Books: : Challenges and Assessments

UIStackView Tutorial: Introducing Stack Views

Reminder About Let Initialization

useyourloaf.com 2017-07-24

Matching NSError in a catch

figure.ink 2017-07-23

Swift Enums and UITableView Sections

medium.com 2017-07-22

Design Basics! (Color, Corners, Shadows : Swift in Xcode)

youtube.com 2017-07-22

Command Line Programs on macOS Tutorial

17. Swift gist: Shortest URL Request logger ever

theswiftdev.com 2017-07-21

MacBook Pro touch bar runner game tutorial

Linting swift code

theswiftdev.com 2017-07-21

Must have build scripts for iOS developers

18. Swift gist: generic allValues for enums

Protocol oriented image picker

theswiftdev.com 2017-07-21

Rotation support in iOS

Server-side Swift

theswiftdev.com 2017-07-21

Working with CoreNFC in iOS 11

appcoda.com 2017-07-20

Customizing the file header comment and other text macros in Xcode 9

oleb.net 2017-07-20

Screencast: Swift Playground Books: Getting Started

ReSwift Tutorial: Memory Game App

Dear Erica: How do I simplify `Swift.print`?

ericasadun.com 2017-07-18

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A View Controller

realm.io 2017-07-18

Swift: Extensions

Getting Started with Deferred

bignerdranch.com 2017-07-17

On-Demand Resources in iOS Tutorial

JSON to Swift with Decoder and Decodable

swiftunboxed.com 2017-07-17

Changing Root View Layout Margins

useyourloaf.com 2017-07-17

ARKit Basics! (Placing Objects : Swift 4 in Xcode 9)

ARKit youtube.com 2017-07-17

Identifying objects in Swift

What’s New In UIKit Animations In Swift 4

Using Vision Framework for Text Detection in iOS 11

appcoda.com 2017-07-13

SpriteKit Basics: Putting It All Together

iOS 11, Privacy and Single Sign On

medium.com 2017-07-13

Screencast: Alternate App Icons: Error Handling

Custom UICollectionViewLayout Tutorial With Parallax

Updated Course: Intermediate iOS Animations

Reclaim 16 GB of Hard Drive Space From Xcode

youtube.com 2017-07-11

Using an Existing SQLite Store with NSPersistentContainer

iOS 11 Brings Improvements to Motion Effect in tvOS

Screencast: Alternate App Icons: Getting Started

The Easiest Way to Get a URL for your Apple Wallet Passkit Pass

Git: Third Party Dependencies with Submodules

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) - Part 7

youtube.com 2017-07-07

Creating a Simple Game With Core ML in Swift 4

CoreML appcoda.com 2017-07-06

Bringing Machine Learning to your iOS Apps 🤖📲

realm.io 2017-07-06

When good people do bad things to `guard`

ericasadun.com 2017-07-05

Result types

ericasadun.com 2017-07-05

Advanced MapKit Tutorial: Custom Tiles

Distributing iOS Apps – An Overview

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) - Part 6

youtube.com 2017-07-05

Pronouncing ‘’Tuple’’

ericasadun.com 2017-07-04

Updated Course: Beginning CloudKit

Introduction to Apple Watch Apps

weheartswift.com 2017-07-04

Custom Collection View Layouts with tvOS: Part 1

Screencast: Git: Dependency Management Using Submodules

Real-Time Communication with Streams Tutorial for iOS

Stack View Custom Spacing

useyourloaf.com 2017-07-03

Faster Logins With Password AutoFill in iOS 11

ARKit Tutorial in Swift 4 for Xcode 9 using SceneKit

jamesonquave.com 2017-06-30

Advanced iOS App Development: Core Motion

makeapppie.com 2017-06-30

Chris Lattner on the Realm WWDC 2017 Swift panel

oleb.net 2017-06-30

Swift Algorithm Club: Boyer Moore String Search Algorithm

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 11: Conclusion

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 10: Visitor

What’s New in Swift 4 by Example

appcoda.com 2017-06-29

Use of Codable and Coding Key with JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder in Swift 4

ashishkakkad.com 2017-06-29

An aside about flatMap and monads

Getting Started With Realm Mobile Platform for iOS

Screencast: Scripting in Swift: Managing Dependencies

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 9: Container Views

Full-Stack Swift in 30 Minutes

realm.io 2017-06-29

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) - Part 5

youtube.com 2017-06-29

Swift 4 Codable, JSON Handling Made Easy

peterwitham.com 2017-06-28

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 8: Composition Over Inheritance

Phased Release

tvOS Games, Part 3: Animations

bignerdranch.com 2017-06-27

Working with optional errors in completion handlers

ericasadun.com 2017-06-27

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 7: Memento

MapKit Tutorial: Getting Started

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 6: Auto Re-Login Authentication

Easy End-to-End Encryption: Introducing ZeroKit for Realm

realm.io 2017-06-27

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) - Part 4

youtube.com 2017-06-27

Snap Behaviour iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-06-26

How To Make an App Like Runkeeper: Part 1

How To Make an App Like Runkeeper: Part 2

Screencast: Scripting in Swift: Writing a Script

Dealing With Asynchrony in a Synchronous Swift World

realm.io 2017-06-26

Safe Area Layout Guide

useyourloaf.com 2017-06-26

JSON with Encoder and Encodable

swiftunboxed.com 2017-06-25

iOS Simulator Power Ups

medium.com 2017-06-24

New Use Cases for Apple's Simplified HomeKit Integration

Securing iOS Data at Rest: Encryption

Swift Algorithm Club: June Digest 2017

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 5: Multicast Closure Delegate

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) - Part 3

youtube.com 2017-06-23

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 4: MVVM

Screencast: Charles Proxy: Troubleshooting Your App

Cool ConstraintLayout

realm.io 2017-06-22

Statements, messages and reducers

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 3: MVC-N

UIScrollView Tutorial: Getting Started

More on SE-0110: Important fallout, please read

ericasadun.com 2017-06-20

'’Sparse Vermiform’’ Rendering of Fluids with Pressure Based Color

New Course: iOS Design Patterns

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 2: Project Setup

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 1: Introduction

What's New in Swift 4

On the SE-0110 Regression (full text)

ericasadun.com 2017-06-19

The startling uniquing of Swift 4 dictionaries

ericasadun.com 2017-06-19

Auto Layout Quickie

ericasadun.com 2017-06-19

This Old App: Container Views and Table Cell Actions

makeapppie.com 2017-06-19

URLSession Tutorial: Getting Started

Screencast: iOS 11 Drag and Drop with Multiple Data Representations and Custom Views

Working with the Trie data structure: Part 4

weheartswift.com 2017-06-19

Top 10 WWDC 2017 Videos

Realm Mobile Database for iOS

Holy War: Mutable copies

ericasadun.com 2017-06-15

Screencast: Charles Proxy: Getting Started

Becoming a Better Battery Citizen

realm.io 2017-06-15

Introduction to Core ML: Building a Simple Image Recognition App

appcoda.com 2017-06-14

The surprising awesomeness of Grouped Dictionaries

ericasadun.com 2017-06-14

Porting Your iOS App to macOS

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) - Part 2

youtube.com 2017-06-14

SpriteKit: Actions and Physics

Updated Course: Intermediate Realm on iOS

Speech Recognition Tutorial for iOS

MLCamera – Vision & Core ML with AVCaptureSession Inceptionv3 model

stringcode.co.uk 2017-06-13

Machine Learning in iOS Using Core ML

bignerdranch.com 2017-06-12

Optimizing Collections

oleb.net 2017-06-12

Screencast: Charts: Format & Style

Core Text Tutorial for iOS: Making a Magazine App

Ray Tsaihong: Swift Chatbots for Fun and Profit

realm.io 2017-06-12

Startup Swift

realm.io 2017-06-12

Working with text output streams

ericasadun.com 2017-06-11

Initializing Typed Arrays

ericasadun.com 2017-06-09

Core ML and Vision: Machine Learning in iOS 11 Tutorial

An Introduction to SpriteKit Part 3: Scaling an Object

appcoda.com 2017-06-08

WWDC 2017: Implementing Apple's Drag and Drop

bignerdranch.com 2017-06-08

The problem with Swift Playground localization

ericasadun.com 2017-06-08

Screencast: IGListKit: Multiple Sections and Updates

WWDC 2017 Swift Panel

realm.io 2017-06-08

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) - Part 1

youtube.com 2017-06-08

WWDC 2017: Large Titles and Safe Area Layout Guides

bignerdranch.com 2017-06-07

Xcode9 + Xcode Server = Comprehensive iOS Continuous Integration

medium.com 2017-06-07

Screencast: iOS 11 Drag and Drop with Table and Collection Views

What’s New in Swift 4?

Why is it called a “Closure” anyway? A Swift Conceptual Look.

Blur Effect iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-06-06

iOS 11: Notable UIKit Additions

medium.com 2017-06-06

A Beginner’s Guide to SiriKit in Swift

SiriKit appcoda.com 2017-06-05

Throws Helps Readability

bignerdranch.com 2017-06-05

Apple open sources key file-level transformation Xcode components

ericasadun.com 2017-06-05

Core ML for iOS Apps in iOS 11

ARKit on iOS 11

This Old App: Custom Table View Cells

Push Notifications Tutorial: Getting Started

Architecting a Robust Color System with Swift

color realm.io 2017-06-05

Introducing ARKit

Writing a binary search tree

ericasadun.com 2017-06-04

simctl: Control iOS Simulators from Command Line

medium.com 2017-06-04

xcodebuild: Deploy iOS app from Command Line

medium.com 2017-06-04

Ensuring Swift version using Fastlane Plugin

medium.com 2017-06-04

iOS: Multiple Selections in Table View

medium.com 2017-06-02

Swift Algorithm Club – Heap and Priority Queue Data Structure

Four Lessons from Circle Intersection

ericasadun.com 2017-06-01

Using memory addresses for hashing

ericasadun.com 2017-06-01

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Perfect: Making a Web App

Equatable and Comparable - Comparing Custom Types in Swift

video youtube.com 2017-06-01

Request Testing in Vapor, Part 2

bignerdranch.com 2017-05-31

Working with the Trie data structure: Part 3

weheartswift.com 2017-05-31

Step by Step: How To Build An App - Dice Roll (for beginners)

Real-time Music Visualization on the iPhone GPU

deezer.io 2017-05-30

Metal video processing for iOS and tvOS Real-time video...

How to Create Delegate in Swift

medium.com 2017-05-30

Updated Course: Beginning Realm on iOS

#43 Bye Bye fileprivate

swifting.io 2017-05-30

Building a Full Screen Camera App Using AVFoundation

appcoda.com 2017-05-29

Fun with protocols

ctarda.com 2017-05-29

Mixing Constant and Literal Strings

figure.ink 2017-05-29

Metal video processing for iOS and tvOS

Metal video processing for iOS and tvOS - Processed from...

Metal video processing for iOS and tvOS - Original from...

Swift CAReplicatorLayer Sample Code

knowstack.com 2017-05-29

Charts: Plotting Data

Getting started with GraphQL & Apollo on iOS

Warning Converting Optional to String

useyourloaf.com 2017-05-29

Using @autoclosure when designing Swift APIs

medium.com 2017-05-28

Visualizing gravity through Einstein’s general relativity: A Swift Playground

cocoaheads.tv 2017-05-27

Tests that don’t crash

ericasadun.com 2017-05-27

Particle Advection by Gray Scott Reaction Diffusion Revisited

Swift Mac OS Animation using Animator Proxy – Part 2

macOS knowstack.com 2017-05-27

Swift Mac OS Animation using Core Animation- Part 1

macOS knowstack.com 2017-05-27

UIKonf 2017

video youtube.com 2017-05-27

Introduction to the Accelerate Framework in Swift

appcoda.com 2017-05-26

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 16: Conclusion

Swift 3.1 URLSession, URLSessionDataTask Sample Code

knowstack.com 2017-05-25

All Thumbs, Why Reach Navigation Should Replace the Navbar in iOS Design

medium.com 2017-05-25

Getting Started with IGListKit

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 15: Hashable Types


ryanipete.com 2017-05-25

Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

video youtube.com 2017-05-25

Introduction to Algorithms in Swift - The Bubble Sort

Swift 3.1 CAShapeLayer

knowstack.com 2017-05-24

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 14: Error Handling

Object Oriented Programming in Swift

tvOS Games, Part 2: SpriteKit Goes Retro

bignerdranch.com 2017-05-23

SpriteKit Basics: Sprites

5 Easy Dispatch Tricks

ericasadun.com 2017-05-23

Randomness and Portability

ericasadun.com 2017-05-23

Swift 3.1 NSTableView – Different Approaches Sample Code

knowstack.com 2017-05-23

Swift 3.1 Concurrency, Operation Queue, Grand Central Dispatch

knowstack.com 2017-05-23

SiriKit Tutorial for iOS

Top 10 Most Popular iOS Tutorials on raywenderlich.com

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 13: Unsafe Memory Access

Request Testing in Vapor, Part 1

bignerdranch.com 2017-05-22

Swift 3.1 Column Chart Animation using CABasicAnimation and CALayer

knowstack.com 2017-05-22

This Old App: Hooking up the Model

makeapppie.com 2017-05-22

Going Without the Flow - Exploring Collection View Layouts

martiancraft.com 2017-05-22

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 12: ARC with Closures

Using Protocol Buffers in Swift

Eureka Tutorial – Start Building Easy iOS Forms

3D Touch: Bring Your Apps to a New Dimension

realm.io 2017-05-22

Stack View Baseline Alignment Issue

useyourloaf.com 2017-05-22

Encoding and Decoding in Swift 4

medium.com 2017-05-21

Getting started with Xcode UI testing in Swift

medium.com 2017-05-21

Securing iOS Data at Rest: Protecting the User's Data

Xcode Autocomplete Frustrations

ericasadun.com 2017-05-19

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 11: ARC with Objects

Swift Animation Basics

Playground: Whatʼs new in Swift 4

oleb.net 2017-05-18

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 10: Types as Documentation

Document Indexing and App Search in iOS

realm.io 2017-05-18

Swift 4 - Class and Subtype Existentials

Quick Tip: Enumerations in Swift

Fun with Unicode Names

ericasadun.com 2017-05-17

Vapor 2: Less code, more power

vapor medium.com 2017-05-17

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 9: Ranges

Custom LLDB Commands in Practice

Windows and WindowController Tutorial for macOS

SpriteKit Basics: Nodes

Swift 3.1 Matrix Screensaver effect

knowstack.com 2017-05-16

Swift 3.1 CALayer

Assembly Register Calling Convention Tutorial

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 8: Custom Collections

A Swift Implementation of the Core Data Stack Using NSPersistentContainer

Overlapping Fragments with VideoViews

digg.com 2017-05-15

Tuple assignments

Swift 3.1 Closures

knowstack.com 2017-05-15

Swift 3.1 Arrays

knowstack.com 2017-05-15

Express Yourself Swift Style

martiancraft.com 2017-05-15

The Two Sides of Writing Testable Code

news.realm.io 2017-05-15

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 7: Custom Sequences

How To Secure iOS User Data: The Keychain and Touch ID

Moving Core Data Files

useyourloaf.com 2017-05-15

Swift 3.1 Algorithms – Part 1

knowstack.com 2017-05-14

UIKit Global Functions

medium.com 2017-05-14

Using lazy properties in Swift

A Beginner’s Guide to Protocols and Protocol Extensions in Swift

appcoda.com 2017-05-12

Holy War: This seems wrong

ericasadun.com 2017-05-12

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 6: Implementing Copy-on-Write

Introduction to the SpriteKit Scene Editor

A Simple Undo/Redo Implementation in Swift

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 5: Values and References

A Neatly Typed Message: Improving Code Readability

video realm.io 2017-05-11

Getting Directions! (MapKit | Swift 3 in Xcode)

youtube.com 2017-05-11

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 4: Protocols and Generics

Rotate Image iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-05-09

CocoaPods Tutorial for Swift: Getting Started

New Course: Advanced Swift 3

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 3: Custom Operators

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 1: Introduction

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 2: Protocol-Oriented Programming

The Responder Chain in iOS & macOS

video youtube.com 2017-05-09

Swift From Scratch: Initialization and Initializer Delegation

Evolving Label-Directed Tuple Assignments

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This Old App: Adding User Interfaces

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Introducing Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering

iBeacon Tutorial with iOS and Swift

Lessons in Swift Error Handling and Resilience

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Interface Builder Tip for Margin Constraints

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Advanced Firebase For The Win

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Readable Swift: The Curious Case of Not

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Quick beforeEach and afterEach behaviour

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#41 Architecture Wars – MVC strikes back & takes a photo with AVFoundation

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All about Concurrency in Swift - Part 1: The Present

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Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 7: Energy

Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 8: Conclusion

Tasting Tests at Cookpad

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Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 16 - Arrays

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 14 - Properties

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 15 - Initializers Part 2 (Designated and Convenience Initializers)

Getting Started with Apple’s ResearchKit

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Swipe Content with Subtle Transition

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Getting Started with fastlane: Creating Screenshots

ResearchStack Tutorial: Getting Started

Errors in Swift

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Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 13 - Optionals

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 12 - Initializers

Learn Swift - Solutions for the Programming Challenges

Swift From Scratch: Access Control and Property Observers

How To Build a Compass App in Swift

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Loading Images in iOS Without Dependencies

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Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 6: Core Animation

Xcode Debugging Demo #1

Introduction to Algorithms in Swift

Using OpenCV in a Swift project

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iPhone UIButton tutorial: Radio Buttons

Charles Proxy Tutorial for iOS

Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 5: Memory

Building a Swift Web API

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Preserves Superview Layout Margins

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Particle Advection by Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

Picking the right way of failing in Swift

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An Update on Swift 3.1.1 For Raspberry Pi Zero/1/2/3

SwiftLint doing its best to ease conflict

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Messaging Sync — Scaling Mobile Messaging at Airbnb

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Email and password based authentication with Firebase in Swift

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tvOS Games, Part 1: Using the Game Controller Framework

Introducing SpriteKit

Swift Terms: arguments, parameters, and labels

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How to Import a Large Data Set Using Core Data

Exploring iOS’s Sandbox

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Swift Algorithm Club: April 2017 Digest

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 11 - UIKit

iOS How to Specify Size Class Specific Constraints

Parsing JSON Request Using Kitura

RWDevCon 2017 Vault Free Tutorial #3: Server Side Swift with Perfect

Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 4: Optimizing Launch

Server Side Swift with Perfect: Beautifying Pages with Skeleton

Writing Your UI Swiftly

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What in the World is an “Escaping Closure” in Swift?

Swift From Scratch: Delegation and Properties

Facebook iOS Tutorial

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iOS Development : Creating a Custom Camera View

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RWDevCon 2017 Vault Free Tutorial #2: Swift Playgrounds in Depth

Getting Started with fastlane: Creating Provisioning Profiles

Overloading Custom Operators in Swift

Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 3: Time Profiler

Mastering Server Side Swift Using Vapor

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#114 Finding Local Businesses Using MKLocalSearchRequest

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Simple iOS Notification Center Demo

GET And POST Requests Using Kitura

A Beginning’s Guide to Lottie: Creating Amazing Animations in iOS Apps

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15 Best Swift App Templates

Holy War Part II: Son of Last Item in a Non-empty Array

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Bad Swift Things We Do Because We Can

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Holy War: Last Item in a Non-empty Array

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Guide To Organizing Your iOS Debug, Development, and Release States With .xcconfig Files

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Swifty Tips

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Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 1: Introduction

Last Year’s RWDevCon 2016 Vault Now Free!

Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 2: Instruments 101

UIAppearance Tutorial: Getting Started

New Course: Practical Instruments

RWDevCon 2017 Vault Free Tutorial #1: Swift Memory Management

Splash Screen for Screencasts

Fetching Data from PostgreSQL Database Using Vapor

Hello React

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Making Accessibility More Accessible, Part 2

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Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition in iOS

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This Old App: Why I Hate PickerViews, but Learned To Love Them.

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In-App Purchases: Auto-Renewable Subscriptions Tutorial

Everything a Swift Dev Ever Wanted to Know About Machine Learning

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Building a React Native App in Two Days

Adding Playgrounds to Xcode Projects

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Introduction to Server Side Swift Using Kitura

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Core Data Model Attributes and NSManagedObject Property Types Must Match!

Caffe2 on iOS – Deep Learning Tutorial

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Functional Swift

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How to setup Xcode Swift Project to use LLVM C APIs

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Real World Example: Creating a Journal Entry App with Core Data in Swift Part 1

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The challenge of implementing iOS share extension for end-to-end encrypted messenger

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Tail Call Elimination in iOS

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Swift Algorithm Club: Depth First Search

Learn Swift for Beginners - Programming Challenges

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Swift From Scratch: Inheritance and Protocols

The opinionated Tao of Optional Mappage

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Collision Detection with UIKit Dynamics iOS Tutorial

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iOS — Identifying Memory Leaks using the Xcode Memory Graph Debugger

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Swift World: Type Erasure

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Swift range containment operator

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Server Side Swift with Perfect: Basic Controllers

iOS — Identifying Memory Leaks using the Xcode Memory Graph Debugger

How to Unwrap Multiple Optionals with One If-Let in Swift

Swift Documentation: Life Pro Tips

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Hamburger Menu on iOS Done Right

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Intro to Generics in Swift 3

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Unit Testing — Network request

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How to Unwrap Multiple Optionals with One If-Let

Swift Enums Are ‘’sum’’ Types. That Makes Them Very Interesting

Parsing JSON with Gloss

FileManager Class Tutorial for macOS: Getting Started with the File System

# 40 How to swiftly dequeue a cell?

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Stupid Swift Tricks: Sleepsort

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Sprite Movement with Actions in Sprite Kit iOS Tutorial

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Detect Shake Gestures iOS Tutorial

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Top 5 Command Line Tools for iOS Developer

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Running XCUITests in Parallel with Fastlane and Bluepill

Bond Tutorial: Bindings in Swift

New Course: Publishing to the App Store

Introduction to Algorithms in Swift - Sum of First N Natural Numbers

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Simple and highly customizable iOS tag list view

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SwiftyBeaver Tutorial for iOS: A Logging Platform for Swift

Server-Side Swift Live Coding

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Building Your Own Tools

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Creating the Core Data Stack with Backwards Compatibility in Swift

Enable slide to delete in UITableView

Revisiting Mitosis in SideFX Houdini

What is the value of iOS code signing?

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How to Make a Game Like Stack

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 17 - Dictionaries

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 10 - Classes Part 2 – Inheritance

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Create a Blackjack Game in Swift 3 and SpriteKit

Never listen to Xcode regarding optionals

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Server Side Swift with Perfect: CRUD Database Operations with StORM

Making Mock Objects More Useful

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An Introduction to SpriteKit Part 2: Actions, Sequences and Gesture Recognizers

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Parsing JSON Using Swift

Updated Course: Beginning iOS Animations

Swift Tip – Accessing a User’s Documents Directory with URL Extension

Bridging Swift Generics with Darwin Calls

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How To Use Git Source Control with Xcode 8

FatSidebar View Component for macOS Released

Swift Package Manager macOS deployment target override

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RxSwift: Transforming Operators in Practice

Implementing Push Notifications on iOS with Firebase

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RWDevCon 2017 Post-Mortem

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Perfect: Persisting Models with StORM

Style this: Image Name

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Picker View iOS Tutorial

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Background Promises in PromiseKit

RxSwift: Transforming Operators


Dear Erica: Working synchronously with asynchronous calls

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Attributed Strings iOS Tutorial

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Swift + Attributes

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Updated Course: Saving Data in iOS

Swift tip: A better way to get references to container child view controllers

How to Fade Out Content Using Gradients

Swift From Scratch: Closures

Musings on Partial Application

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How to Convert a full ObjectiveC app to Swift

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Easily Secure your Perfect Server Side Swift code with HTTPS

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Writing tests in iOS apps

testing medium.com 2017-04-03

Boost Smooth Scrolling with iOS 10 Pre-Fetching API

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Stop weak-strong dance

merowing.info 2017-04-03


mokacoding.com 2017-04-03

Dependency Management Using Git Submodules

Introducing RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift!

Git at Scale: Managing Swift/Obj-C Code & Coders

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Swift Quick Tip —How to save time building your UI

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Core Data Fundamentals with Swift

Grand Central Dispatch

medium.com 2017-04-02

Stack View Background Color

Swift Lazy Initialization with Closures

Swift for cross platform client & server side development

medium.com 2017-04-01

The Inheritance Curse

medium.com 2017-04-01

Ruin Your Day and Improve Your Code with SwiftLint

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Dear Erica: Creating a conditional assignment operator

ericasadun.com 2017-03-31

How to test a Swift package on Linux using Docker

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The Right Way to Share State Between Swift View Controllers

Xcode Tricks: API Changes

ericasadun.com 2017-03-30

Why I Love SnapKit, and You Can Too

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Keeping XCTest in sync on Linux

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Tutorial: Build iOS App from Scratch

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Swift's Pointy Bits: Unsafe Swift & Pointer Types

realm.io 2017-03-30

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 16 - Arrays

An Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift

Generate User Password in Swift

Core Data: Solving Ambiguous Type / Redeclaration of Type

Introduction to Bezier Paths and Shape Layers

appcoda.com 2017-03-28

10 Tips for Mastering the Focus Engine on tvOS

You Probably Don't Want enumerated

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Dismiss ViewControllers Presented Modally Using Swipe Down

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Swift snippet #12 — Using standard library names for your types

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Simple Update on App Store Ratings and Reviews in iOS 10.3

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Updated Course: Scroll View School

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 15 - Initializers Part 2 (Designated and Convenience Initializers)

Creating User and Credentials Model for Vapor Authentication

New Course: Go Further With Swift

TDD in Xcode Playgrounds

m.pardel.net 2017-03-27

This Old App: Models in the Playgrounds

makeapppie.com 2017-03-27

Swift Package Manager Basics

medium.com 2017-03-27

Avoiding primitive obsession in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-27

What’s New in Swift 3.1?

Today Extension Tutorial: Getting Started

Rotation support in iOS

theswiftdev.com 2017-03-27

Loading Resources From A Framework

useyourloaf.com 2017-03-27

Non-Obvious Swift: Defer

Swift: Alternative to Default Implementations in Protocols

Swift Retention Cycle in Closures and Delegate

Testing Swift code that uses system singletons in 3 easy steps

testing medium.com 2017-03-24

Swift: When to use guard vs if

Swift: Why You Shouldn’t Use Default Implementations in Protocols

Swift Algorithm Club: March 2017 Digest

Introduction to Algorithms in Swift - Overview

Quadratic Time Complexity - O(n^2)

Why you should co-locate your Xcode tests

Hello x Cool Swift 3 Transition Framework

Did you know this about defer in Swift?

defer medium.com 2017-03-23

Intro to Higher Order Functions in Swift 3

CallKit Tutorial for iOS

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Perfect: Templating with Mustache

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 14 - Properties

Build Log Groveling for Fun and Profit, Part 2: Even More Manual Swift

bignerdranch.com 2017-03-22

Swift From Scratch: An Introduction to Classes and Structures

Bluetooth Lessons II: Characteristics

ericasadun.com 2017-03-22

OptimizationTips.rst: Writing High-Performance Swift Code

Swift 3.0.1 — Access Control

medium.com 2017-03-22

Ambient Occlusion in Metal

Metal metalkit.org 2017-03-22

XCTest closure based expectations

mokacoding.com 2017-03-22

Updated Course: Networking with URLSession

macOS View Controllers Tutorial

Getting Started with PromiseKit

Server-Side Swift: Comparing Vapor and Perfect

vapor sitepoint.com 2017-03-22

iOS Speech APIs Tutorial

sitepoint.com 2017-03-22

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 13 - Optionals

Linear Interpolation and Fading Hairlines

raizlabs.com 2017-03-21

Today's iOS sample no.1551 wave line block

Bluetooth Lessons I: Manager and Scanning

ericasadun.com 2017-03-20

Swift snippet #11 — RawRepresentable

medium.com 2017-03-20

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sequence and Collection

realm.io 2017-03-20

Four Tips and Tools for iOS Testing in Swift

Variable Height Table View Header

useyourloaf.com 2017-03-20

Today's iOS sample no.1549 slide block

Tampa iOS Meetup: The dreaded tip calculator, part 2

globalnerdy.com 2017-03-18

Simple Swift dependency injection with functions

medium.com 2017-03-18

How to write storyboard-free views in Swift with SnapKit

medium.com 2017-03-18

Swift Capture List in Closures

medium.com 2017-03-18

Swift Needs a Scope Keyword

System Level Breakpoints in Swift

Deploying Server Side Swift to Linode

medium.com 2017-03-17

Introducing Plank: Immutable model generation for iOS

medium.com 2017-03-17

GameplayKit Tutorial: Entity-Component System, Agents, Goals, and Behaviors

Life without Interface Builder

blog.zeplin.io 2017-03-16

TIL: My Philosophy on developing views in Storyboards vs Programmatically

medium.com 2017-03-16

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Perfect: Deploying with Perfect Assistant

Passing Data Between View Controllers

Today's iOS sample no.1546

Build Log Groveling for Fun and Profit: Manual Swift Continued

bignerdranch.com 2017-03-15

Swift From Scratch: Function Parameters, Types, and Nesting

Using DateFormatter to Format Dates and Times from APIs

date medium.com 2017-03-15

UIView Animation in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-03-15

Accessibility For Blind Users

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 12 - Initializers

Design Textfields! (TextFieldEffects : Swift 3 in Xcode)

Faux Grain / Fluid Interaction in Houdini

Swift Optionals

hackernoon.com 2017-03-14

Twitter iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-03-14

How to run SwiftLint autocorrect on each Git commit

medium.com 2017-03-14

A Quick Look at Semaphores in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-14

Detecting the first launch of the iOS application — the wrong and the right way

medium.com 2017-03-14

IB Free in Practice 1: Managing a Modal

raizlabs.com 2017-03-14

Updated Course: How To Make A Game Like Flappy Bird

Today's iOS sample no.1544 snake line

Getting Started with Server Side Swift: 1.2

medium.com 2017-03-13

Testing in Xcode for iOS Tutorial

Extra Space When Embedding Table Views

useyourloaf.com 2017-03-13

Working with the Trie data structure: Part 2

weheartswift.com 2017-03-13

The problem with macOS and Drawing

UINavigationController Inside UITabBarController With Storyboard

iosinsight.com 2017-03-12

Getting Started with Server Side Swift: 1.1

medium.com 2017-03-12

Grab your Shovel and Pail, There’s a Better Kind of Playground in Xcode

medium.com 2017-03-12

Architecting for Features

March 2017: The Current State Of Swift

Fetching Data from PostgreSQL Database Using Vapor

vapor youtube.com 2017-03-12

Why I Don’t Use Storyboard

medium.com 2017-03-11

Swift From Scratch: An Introduction to Functions

Improving Swift compile times

medium.com 2017-03-10

How To Create iOS 10 Local Notifications Using Swift 3

peterwitham.com 2017-03-10

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Breadth First Search

UI and Snapshot Testing

realm.io 2017-03-10

Argument labels and parameter names

ctarda.com 2017-03-09

Dear Erica: Playground Support Folder

Metal Tutorial with Swift 3 Part 4: Lighting

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Perfect: Introduction to Perfect Assistant

Pass Data with Delegation in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-08

Safeguarding Equatable Implementations

oleb.net 2017-03-08

UIKeyCommand: Defining Keyboard Shortcuts

Localized Pluralization with Stringsdict

raizlabs.com 2017-03-07

Updated Course: Custom Collection View Layout


weheartswift.com 2017-03-07

Customizing Navigation Bar iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-03-06

That One Optional Property

khanlou.com 2017-03-06

Parsing JSON response and save it in CoreData, step by step.

medium.com 2017-03-06

Enums, Equatable, and Exhaustiveness

oleb.net 2017-03-06

Parse Server Tutorial with iOS

Hacking SiriKit

realm.io 2017-03-06


#37 iOS Application Security Basics

swifting.io 2017-03-06

Unofficial Pokemon Board Game – Data Models

Overriding Swift Protocol Extension Default Implementations

UITableView – Tutorial For Beginners

Completion Handlers in Swift with Bob

medium.com 2017-03-04

Setting the Line Height of a NSTextView

6 Best Practices for Mobile App Search Filtering

Integrating Mixpanel Analytics into iOS App for Tracking User Events

appcoda.com 2017-03-02

Striking a Balance with UI Tests

Hashable Protocols in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-02

Working with TapGestures in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-02

Intermediate Debugging with Xcode 8

Metal Tutorial with Swift 3 Part 3: Adding Texture

How to Make ReSwift Actions Undoable with NSUndoManager

Add Shadow to a Button iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-03-01

Network Layers in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-01

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Perfect: Getting Started

Swift Generics Tutorial: Getting Started

Case Study: Toonie. Coding UI Animation

uxplanet.org 2017-03-01

Looking at Model-View-Controller in Cocoa

Copy Xib To Storyboard

iosinsight.com 2017-02-28

Introduction to Protocols in Swift 3

protocol medium.com 2017-02-28

The Secret of Storing and Loading UIImage(s)

medium.com 2017-02-28

How to use dependency injection for classes in Swift

mokacoding.com 2017-02-28

New Course: Beginning iOS 10 Part 2 – Checklists

Core Graphics, Part 4: A Path! A Path!

bignerdranch.com 2017-02-27

Short Repeating Notifications in iOS

makeapppie.com 2017-02-27

Array and ArraySlice in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-27

My ‘almost’ efficient Xcode development workflow with Carthage

medium.com 2017-02-27

Intro to Swift Functional Programming with Bob

The curious case of Optionals — #1 Emptiness

medium.com 2017-02-27

Getting Started With Simulator Testing

How To Make An App Like Pokemon Go

Container View Controllers

useyourloaf.com 2017-02-27

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 11 - UIKit

Easier Core Data Setup with Persistent Containers

The weirdest subclass I've ever written

Getting Started with Fastlane for Automating Beta Testing and App Deployment

20 Best Practices for Mobile App Search

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 10 - Classes Part 2 - Inheritance

Handle Pending File Changes with ReSwift as Your Backbone

Swift From Scratch: Optionals and Control Flow

UIButton With Right Arrow Disclosure Indicator

iosinsight.com 2017-02-23

From Apple’s Mapkit to GoogleMaps

medium.com 2017-02-23

Little Snippets #1: Group By in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-23

Metal Tutorial with Swift 3 Part 2: Moving to 3D

Persisting Data with Vapor and PostgreSQL

vapor medium.com 2017-02-22

macOS Development for Beginners: Part 3

macOS Development for Beginners: Part 2

macOS Development for Beginners: Part 1

3D Touch: Peek And Pop

Fade In and Fade Out Music iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-02-21

XCTest and Optional Unwrapping

raizlabs.com 2017-02-21

Updated Course: Custom Controls in iOS

Must have build scripts for iOS developers

theswiftdev.com 2017-02-21

Swift From Scratch: Collections and Tuples

Today Extensions in iOS 10 and Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-20

Introduction to Closures in Swift 3

closures medium.com 2017-02-20

Develop iOS Apps Faster… 20x Faster

medium.com 2017-02-20

Swift Protocol Extensions Method Dispatch

medium.com 2017-02-20

Swift JSON Tutorial: Working with JSON

Pushing the Boundaries of Swift to the Server

realm.io 2017-02-20

Swift at Scale

realm.io 2017-02-20

A UIStackView Hack for Stacking Child Views Compactly

Swift Integer Quick Guide

useyourloaf.com 2017-02-20

Building iOS App With VIPER Architecture

Tableview datasources and the decorator pattern

ctarda.com 2017-02-19

Loading custom fonts programmatically in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-19

Create Unwind Segues in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-19

I developed an app for my wedding

medium.com 2017-02-19

NearMe Augmented Reality

Intro to Generics in Swift with Bob

medium.com 2017-02-18

How To Use GitHub with Xcode

peterwitham.com 2017-02-18

Swift 4: Release Process and Phase 2

ericasadun.com 2017-02-17

Dependency Injection in Swift — Part 1

medium.com 2017-02-17

How To Make a Game Like Cut the Rope Using SpriteKit and Swift

Stylish Developers Guide to Unit Testing in Swift

testing realm.io 2017-02-17

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 9 - Classes Part 1

Swift 3: Easy Gradients

medium.com 2017-02-16

Swift snippet #10 — remove(d)

medium.com 2017-02-16

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Authentication with Turnstile

Metal Tutorial with Swift 3 Part 1: Getting Started

A Beginner’s Guide to iOS Provisioning Profiles

theodo.fr 2017-02-16

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 8 - Functions Part 2

The Complete Guide to Lean Controllers in iOS

Handling errors with ErrorType in Swift 2.1

medium.com 2017-02-15

Working with the Trie data structure: Part 1

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 7 - Functions Part 1

Bridging Swift Types to Objective-C

Prototype Cells in Table View iOS Tutorial

Introducing Core Motion: Make A Pedometer

Value types in CoreData

medium.com 2017-02-14

#36 ObjectiveC2Swift Review

swifting.io 2017-02-14

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 6 - Loops Part 2

Swift 3 Syntax Highlighting

ericasadun.com 2017-02-13

Grand Central Dispatch Tutorial for Swift 3: Part 2/2

Grand Central Dispatch Tutorial for Swift 3: Part 1/2

New Course: Mastering Auto Layout

Data Consistency in an Unpredictable World

realm.io 2017-02-13

3D Touch Quick Actions

Swift Hashable

useyourloaf.com 2017-02-13

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 5 - Loops Part 1

Refactoring singleton usage in Swift

jessesquires.com 2017-02-12

Isolating tasks in Swift, or how to create a testable networking layer.

medium.com 2017-02-12

Using Swipe to Trigger Contextual Actions

nngroup.com 2017-02-12

How to get images from the camera and photo library

weheartswift.com 2017-02-12

Today's iOS sample no.1514 bounce shape

Express Either–Or-Relationships as Enums

Swift + Keywords (V 3.0.1)

medium.com 2017-02-11

SpriteKit Introduction Part 1: Scenes, Nodes, Labels and Points

Using Xcode Storyboard for UI Building and Testing

bitbar.com 2017-02-10

MapKit iOS Tutorial

little bites of cocoa: #295: Building an API client with Sourcery Key/Value Annotations

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Merge Sort

Network Testing

testing realm.io 2017-02-10

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 4 - Switch Statements

swift-linq-examples: C#'s 101 LINQ Samples translated to Swift

github.com/mythz 2017-02-09

Creating Web Pages with Vapor and Swift

vapor medium.com 2017-02-09

Meta Programming Swift with Sourcery

medium.com 2017-02-09

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Registering Users over SSL

All you need to know about JSON

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 3 - If Statements

little bites of cocoa: #294: Annotations with Sourcery

API.AI in Swift 3: Build a bot like a boss

medium.com 2017-02-08

Best image download extension library for Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-08

A Sorted Array Implementation in Swift

oleb.net 2017-02-08

iOS scaling carousel component in Swift

Using Atom for Web Development with Swift

Merge Sort In Swift

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 2 - Data Types

How to Unit Test Dispatching ReSwift Actions from RxSwift Observables

Setting up a Swift development environment on Raspberry Pi

Improving completion blocks in Swift

medium.com 2017-02-07

Getting to Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-07

Implementing delegates in Swift, step by step.

medium.com 2017-02-07

Why String.CharacterView is not a MutableCollection

oleb.net 2017-02-07

New Course: Beginning Auto Layout

Realm Cocoa Tutorial: Encryption with Realm

realm.io 2017-02-07

UIStackView Tricks: Proportional Custom UIViews with ‘Fill Proportionally’

Auto-Resizing Table View Cells! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

Learn Swift for Beginners - Ep 1 - Variables

Stepper iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-02-06

little bites of cocoa: #293: Modern Attributed Strings with Attributed

Core Data is Invasive. You Can Hide It, Or You Can Embrace It

medium.com 2017-02-06

Each time you ask the NSBundle or NSNib class to load a nib file

medium.com 2017-02-06

Promise Internals

medium.com 2017-02-06

Swift snippet #9 — then

medium.com 2017-02-06

Being a Mutable Collection is not Sufficient to be a MutableCollection

oleb.net 2017-02-06

Introduction to Protocol Buffers on iOS

MVVM with Coordinators and RxSwift

realm.io 2017-02-06

Swift Equatable and Comparable

useyourloaf.com 2017-02-06

SpriteKit Text Disintegration

#35 Structs Alternative: Using Swift Protocols to Enhance Safety of Core Data Access

swifting.io 2017-02-05

UITableView: Automatic Row Height

Tampa iOS Meetup: The dreaded tip calculator, part 2

globalnerdy.com 2017-02-04

Develop a Swift Framework

medium.com 2017-02-04

Make Memory Management Great Again

medium.com 2017-02-04

Building a LISP from scratch with Swift

uraimo.com 2017-02-04

Fun Animations with CGAffineTransform (Scale, Rotate, Reposition) Tutorial (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

How to Use Apple's CloudKit for Push Notifications

UISlider With Fixed Increments For Filtering in Swift

Mastering Server Side Swift Using Vapor

#114 Finding Local Businesses Using MKLocalSearchRequest

How to Create Animation Chains - UIView.animate (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

Compile Time Errors Are Good

realm.io 2017-02-02

Swift at Scale

blog.caramba.io 2017-02-01

Classes That Conform To Protocols

chris.eidhof.nl 2017-02-01

Swift: Optionals Without Conditionals

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Our Favorite Xcode Shortcuts

Xcode medium.com 2017-02-01

Master Functions in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-01

sketch medium.com 2017-02-01

An Introduction to the Swift Package Manager

iOS Animations by Tutorials – Updated with Four New Chapters!

Swift Talk: Comparing RxSwift and ReactiveSwift

Firebase Tutorial for iOS - Ep 8 - Authentication using an Email Login Page

SwiftGoingFaster by Precompiled Bridging Headers

ashishkakkad.com 2017-01-31

Embedding in scrollviews

Challenge: Filtering associated value enumeration arrays

ericasadun.com 2017-01-31

How to Repeat Local Notifications

makeapppie.com 2017-01-31

Updated Course: Intermediate Core Data

What's in an EPUB 3 filename? Not much, it's all in the extension ... most of the time.

A Guide to Interacting with iBeacon using Swift

Non-contiguous raw value enumerations

enum ericasadun.com 2017-01-30

Getting started with Vapor

vapor medium.com 2017-01-30

IAP: Non-Renewing Subscriptions Tutorial

Operators and Strong Opinions

realm.io 2017-01-30

Cleaning up Core Data Fetch Requests

useyourloaf.com 2017-01-30

Snippet of the Week: Prototyping Views in Playgrounds

Using 'swift package fetch' in an Xcode project

Two Useful Log Messages

Better Swift FileManager File Existence Checks

Firebase Authentication II

firebase medium.com 2017-01-28

Using Firebase to Integrate Facebook Login in iOS Apps

appcoda.com 2017-01-27

Swift from Scratch: Variables and Constants

Swift Algorithm Club: January Digest

Refactoring – Extract Objects Horizontally or Vertically

iOS Keyboard Blocks Text Field

Using the Speech Recognition API in iOS 10

Store a non-optional or an optional to an optional

ericasadun.com 2017-01-25

Mocking Classes You Don't Own

masilotti.com 2017-01-25

Waiting in XCTest

The Complete Understanding of Access Control in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-01-25

Smooth Scrolling in UITableView and UICollectionView

medium.com 2017-01-25

Lessons learned working on danger-switling selective linting

mokacoding.com 2017-01-25

Fun with String Interpolation

oleb.net 2017-01-25

macOS Controls Tutorial: Part 2/2

macOS Controls Tutorial: Part 1/2


An Introduction To Extensions

Play Local GIFs! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

Swift Idioms

ericasadun.com 2017-01-24

Parametric Fibonacci Spheres in Houdini

Customizing Notifications with the Service and Content Extensions

makeapppie.com 2017-01-24

Swift: Any can bite

medium.com 2017-01-24

How to Use a UIPickerView as Input For a UITextField Using Swift

peterwitham.com 2017-01-24

Updated Course: Beginning Core Data

The Objective-C Runtime & Swift Dynamism

realm.io 2017-01-24

How to Keep Your Style Code Clean

Swift from Scratch: Introduction

Safe Programming: Optionals and Hackintoshes

ericasadun.com 2017-01-23

XShared: Xcode extension which allows you copying the code with special formatting quotes for social (Slack, Telegram)

Traits: Modify your native iOS app in real time

Hero: Elegant transition library for iOS

Display Date with Date Picker iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-01-23

Locating the source of a memory leak

testing medium.com 2017-01-23

Augmented Reality iOS Tutorial: Location Based

Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

Refactoring to Clarity in Swift

bignerdranch.com 2017-01-22

Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift – Part 1

protocol leakka.com 2017-01-22

Intro to Error Handling in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-01-22

Swift REPL Targets

russbishop.net 2017-01-22

Xcode: Frameworks

Monetizing Your Apps with Apple's In-App Purchases

little bites of cocoa: #292: Metaprogramming with Sourcery

SpriteKit Tutorial: Create an Interactive Children’s Book with Sprite Kit and Swift 3

Improving Optionals

russbishop.net 2017-01-20

A Look at the ReSwift Event Log During Launch of My Latest Project

Scale Images with Pinch Gesture iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-01-19

little bites of cocoa: #291: Running Multiple UI Tests at Once with Bluepill

Working with Asynchronous Objective-C APIs in Swift

oleb.net 2017-01-19

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Sibling Relations

Ready for Realtime and Scale: Announcing Realm Mobile Platform 1.0

realm.io 2017-01-19

Protocol oriented image picker

theswiftdev.com 2017-01-19

Radial Gradients on a UIView (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

video youtu.be 2017-01-19

How to Save File Changes Using ReSwift Actions

Display Background with SpriteKit iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-01-17

little bites of cocoa: #290: Monitoring Performance with GDPerformanceView

Concurrency in Swift 3

pluralsight.com 2017-01-17

Testing in Swift: Protocols & View Models

realm.io 2017-01-17

Learn iOS 10, WatchOS 3 Programming | Tutorial #14 - Grouped UITableView Basics

WatchKit youtu.be 2017-01-17

little bites of cocoa: #289: Displaying Log Messages in Apps with TinyConsole

Alamofire Tutorial: Getting Started

Property-Based Testing with SwiftCheck

testing realm.io 2017-01-16

#33 Security – implement your own encryption schema

swifting.io 2017-01-16

Easier Core Data Setup with Persistent Containers

useyourloaf.com 2017-01-16

Understanding memory leaks in closures

UIStackView: A Field Guide

Swift 3: Migrating a large project

Avoiding Modal Transitions By Thinking Horizontally

williamboles.me 2017-01-14

Houdini Grain Solver with Custom VEX Forces

Swift: Conventions are good, strings are bad

medium.com 2017-01-13

Swift Algorithm Club: Graphs with Adjacency List

Customize Alert Views! (PCLBlurEffectAlert | Swift 3 in Xcode)

#113 Integrating SQLite with Vapor Framework (Server Side Swift)

Adopting Cocoapods in your iOS app

codementor.io 2017-01-12

Swift 3: Custom UITextField with single line input

medium.com 2017-01-12

Mix and Match: Objective-C and Swift

medium.com 2017-01-12

Swipe Transitions and ReSwift

10 Basic Swift Interview Questions to Practice with

codementor.io 2017-01-11

little bites of cocoa: #288: DateComponentsFormatter Basics

Xcode: Markup For Playgrounds

Display Alert iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-01-10

little bites of cocoa: #287: Relative Date Strings with DateComponents

Design Patterns — Creational Patterns — Factory Pattern in Swift

medium.com 2017-01-10

Updated Course: Beginning SpriteKit

Let's Make Pong! (Pt. 4 : Swift 3 in Xcode : SpriteKit)

Bringing Wide Color to Instagram

Holy War: Type aliases

TensorSwift: A lightweight library to calculate tensors in Swift, which has similar APIs to TensorFlow's

Use Context Menu with Table View Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-01-09

Actions in Push Notifications

makeapppie.com 2017-01-09

Bring Magic To Your Mobile App With Deep Learning

medium.com 2017-01-09

Accessing Dictionaries with Key Paths

oleb.net 2017-01-09

fastlane Tutorial: Getting Started

‘’Watch Your Language!’’: The Road to Cleaner Code with SwiftLint

testing realm.io 2017-01-09

Swift 3 and Comparing Optionals

useyourloaf.com 2017-01-09

Scrollviews and stack views

#32 Errorify String

swifting.io 2017-01-08

Create SiriKit Extensions in iOS 10

Forced Unwrapping URLs

ericasadun.com 2017-01-06

Easy struct initialization in Swift

medium.com 2017-01-06

UIGestureRecognizer and UIButtons: Reconciling Compatibility

medium.com 2017-01-06

What's New in iOS 10? Find Out in This Short Course

Dear Erica: Singletons and Static Property Side Effects

ericasadun.com 2017-01-05

OPML File Type on Macs

inessential.com 2017-01-05

18. Swift gist: generic allValues for enums

theswiftdev.com 2017-01-05

Animating Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in SideFX Houdini

Request Behaviors

khanlou.com 2017-01-04

Handling Fonts in iOS Development, a Simpler Way

medium.com 2017-01-04

Most common memory leak trap in Swift

medium.com 2017-01-04

Fixing Controls in Scroll Views on iOS

Unsafe Swift: Using Pointers And Interacting With C

Mastering Swift: Enumerations, Closures, Generics, Protocols and High Order Functions

appcoda.com 2017-01-03

Swift & Objective-C: How to Use 2 Languages in Your Project

codementor.io 2017-01-03

Basic Push Notifications in iOS 10 and Swift

makeapppie.com 2017-01-03

Swift build time reanalysis & optimisations

medium.com 2017-01-03

 Camera Frames Extraction

medium.com 2017-01-03

Custom Controls: button action with confirmation through 3D Touch

thinkandbuild.it 2017-01-03

Firebase Tutorial: iOS A/B Testing

MVVM with RxSwift

RxSwift realm.io 2017-01-02

Core Data Code Generation

Expanding & editable iOS table cell in Swift

medium.com 2017-01-01

Expanding & editable iOS table cell in Swift

No Fear Closure in Swift 3 with Bob

closures medium.com 2016-12-31

In App Purchases! (Swift 3 in Xcode : Swifty Store Kit)

A key-value observing wrapper

Three Quick Tips

figure.ink 2016-12-30

Why I Prefer Protocol-Oriented-Programming in Objective-C to Swift

inessential.com 2016-12-30

Protocols are more than Bags of Syntax

oleb.net 2016-12-30

Faking Toroidal Eddies in Side FX Houdini

Swift Algorithm Club: December Digest

Swift 3.0.2 For Raspberry Pi Zero/1/2/3

Linux uraimo.com 2016-12-29

Using AsyncDisplayKit to Develop Responsive UIs in iOS

Beginner’s Guide to Core Data in Swift 3

CoreData medium.com 2016-12-28

SIGTRAP: Decoding A Cryptic Objective-C + Swift Crash

raizlabs.com 2016-12-28

Collection Views in macOS Tutorial

What's New in Swift 3?

Realm Mobile Platform: Chat Demo

realm.io 2016-12-27

Today's iOS sample no.1467 mountain wagara

Peculiar inheritance of enum

Reference counted releases in Swift

Swisp: A simple Scheme (Lisp dialect) interpreter written in Swift

VeloxDownloader: File downloading library for Swift 3

Swift 3: Expandable Table View Cells

medium.com 2016-12-26

Getting Started with PromiseKit

What's Under the Hood? Decoding JSON with Swift

json realm.io 2016-12-26

UIPageViewController. Create and Skip App Tutorial Pages.

Solving Snakes and Ladders Using Graph Theory

Swift 3 Value & Reference Types

youtu.be 2016-12-25

Today's iOS sample no.1465 stripe circle

mizusima youtu.be 2016-12-25

Swift 3 Value & Reference Types

youtube.com 2016-12-25


medium.com 2016-12-23

How To Make A Game Like Color Switch with SpriteKit and Swift

Supporting Accessibility: Larger Text in iOS

Learn Swift: Enums and Closures

codementor.io 2016-12-22

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Parent-Child Relations

Reducing to Swift sets

ericasadun.com 2016-12-21

Store UIColor with UserDefaults in Swift 3

medium.com 2016-12-21

Introducing RIGImageGallery

raizlabs.com 2016-12-21

SwiftLint 0.14 is out: CocoaPods installs, Linux support, and more!

realm.io 2016-12-21

#112 Securing TabBar Items Using Protocol Extensions

MapKit Beginner’s Guide: Polylines, Polygons, and Callouts

MapKit appcoda.com 2016-12-20

8 Free Apple Game Framework Tutorials Updated For Swift 3

Proxy design pattern in iOS

devmonologue.com 2016-12-19

Parsing Strings from Time and Fractions to Doubles

makeapppie.com 2016-12-19

Emoji 4.0

oleb.net 2016-12-19

Updated Course: Beginning iOS Unit & UI Testing

AsyncDisplayKit 2.0 Tutorial: Automatic Layout

Building a Production Server Swift App: Lessons Learned

realm.io 2016-12-19

iOS custom keyboard dismissal with Swift

Xgist: Xcode extension to send code to GitHub's Gist

github.com/Bunn 2016-12-17

New features in Xcode 8.2 Simulator

medium.com 2016-12-17

New features in Xcode 8.2 Simulator

medium.com 2016-12-17

Pass Data with NSNotification in Swift 3

medium.com 2016-12-17

Build a Universal Framework for iOS using Swift

medium.com 2016-12-16

Animating Constraints Using iOS 10’s New UIViewPropertyAnimator

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Stack Data Structure

Generics and specialisation

generics ctarda.com 2016-12-15

Unexpected precedence issues with try? and as?

ericasadun.com 2016-12-15

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Custom Validation

Throwing Auto Layout Out the Window

AutoLayout realm.io 2016-12-15

Buy a book: Swift Style

ericasadun.com 2016-12-14

SwifterSwift: A handy collection of more than 370 native Swift 3 extensions to boost your productivity

Imagining Dependency Injection via Initializer with Storyboards

holko.pl 2016-12-14

Kickstarter: Open sourcing our Android and iOS apps!

Attributed String in Swift: the right way

Swift 3 on Ubuntu 16.04 linux inside VirtualBox

Building User Interfaces with ConstraintLayout

Create an iOS App With Swift 3: Variables, Constants, and Optionals


regex nshipster.com 2016-12-13

Swift Style Guide Updated for Swift 3

Always Pay Attention to Implications of Technical Advice

Extending your Composite Validators - Part 2

Data Entry with UIPickerView

makeapppie.com 2016-12-12

medium.com 2016-12-12

iOS Location Tracking

medium.com 2016-12-12

Cleaner Credit Card Detection in Swift

raizlabs.com 2016-12-12

IGListKit Tutorial: Better UICollectionViews

Updated Course: Beginning Collection Views

Batch Updating of Constraints

Working with Auto Layout Visual Format Language and Programmatically Creating Constraints

How mutability bit my rear this past week

ctarda.com 2016-12-11

Enter the Python: Peeking at a language

ericasadun.com 2016-12-11

#30 Cyclomaticly Complex Settings View Controller

swifting.io 2016-12-11

Core Data 101: Saving and Fetching

UI & Networking Like a Boss in Swift 3

medium.com 2016-12-09

Achieve Resolution Independence in Your iOS App Using SVGs

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Basic Validation

Ridiculous Playground Things: Displaying animated gifs

ericasadun.com 2016-12-07

Mixing Fluids in Houdini

Eject: An eject button for Interface Builder to generate swift code

PlayAlways: Create Xcode playgrounds from your menu bar

Using AutoLayout with UIView Subclasses in Playgrounds

My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts Part 3/3

Xcode medium.com 2016-12-07

My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts Part 2/3

Xcode medium.com 2016-12-07

Swift snippet #7 — Optional?

medium.com 2016-12-07

My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts (Part 1/3)

medium.com 2016-12-07

Optionals and String Interpolation

oleb.net 2016-12-07

Hiding Your Action and Share Extensions In Your Own Apps

pspdfkit.com 2016-12-07

Introducing Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift 3

Swift Holy Wars: To bracket or not in option sets?

sets ericasadun.com 2016-12-06

Don’t assume that safety comes for free: a Swift case study

lemire.me 2016-12-06

Swift: UIView Animation Syntax Sugar

Method Dispatch in Swift

raizlabs.com 2016-12-06

Method Dispatch in Swift

raizlabs.com 2016-12-06

Updated Course: iOS Concurrency with GCD & Operations

Custom Header View! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

Strong Reference Cycles in Swift

youtube.com 2016-12-06

Guarding Against Long Compiles

khanlou.com 2016-12-05

Add Actions and Categories to Notification in Swift

makeapppie.com 2016-12-05

Sweet & Swifty Animations for iOS

medium.com 2016-12-05

Introducing Firebase with Swift 3: Login and Sign Up

#29 An alternative to if let and guard let

swifting.io 2016-12-04

Stack View Constraint Conflicts When Hiding Views

Lifting Into a New Type: My first ‘Idiomatic’ RxSwift Unit Test

Extending your Composite Validators

Intro to Grand Central Dispatch in Swift 3 with Bob

medium.com 2016-12-03

Server-Side Swift with Vapor

How To Prevent Memory Leaks In Swift Closures

Firebase: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Making a Web App

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 15: Conclusion

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-30 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 14: Making a Game, Part 2

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-30 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 13: Creating a Game, Part 1

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-30 Paywall

macOS NSTableView Tutorial


swiftunboxed.com 2016-11-30

Manual Swift: Understanding the Swift/Objective-C Build Pipeline

bignerdranch.com 2016-11-29

A Journey Through Sound Synthesis with AudioKit by Colin Eberhardt

Use New Awesome iOS Features While Maintaining Backward Compatibility

medium.com 2016-11-29

GameplayKit Tutorial: Artificial Intelligence

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Beautifying Pages with Skeleton

Snowflake: SVG in Swift

Basic Tap, Pinch and Rotate Gestures

Where is Update Frames in Xcode 8.1?

Swift snippet #1 — preferredStatusBarStyle

medium.com 2016-11-28

Creating a Marvel iOS App from scratch.. Part 2 Tests, coverage and more

medium.com 2016-11-28

AudioKit Tutorial: Getting Started

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 11: Ambient Lighting

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-28 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 12: Diffuse and Specular Lighting

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-28 Paywall

Deep Linking Using Custom URL Scheme


swiftunboxed.com 2016-11-28

Refresh Control Changes in iOS 10

useyourloaf.com 2016-11-28

CwlSignal, a library for reactive programming

Animating Gravitational Tides with Houdini FLIP Fluids

#28 Better CoreData with Swift Generics

swifting.io 2016-11-27

#27 Localize your strings swiftly

swifting.io 2016-11-27

Creating iMessages and Stickers Apps in iOS 10 Using Swift 3

Wrapping C Code Within a Single Swift Package

bensnider.com 2016-11-26

Introduction to Delegate in Swift

medium.com 2016-11-26

Some Practical Uses for Xcode Build Schemes and Build Configurations

medium.com 2016-11-26

How to use Protocols and Delegates in Segues Swift 3

systeen.com 2016-11-26

Firebase Remote Config [Swift]

ashishkakkad.com 2016-11-25

Swift’s defaults params, for fun and profit

ctarda.com 2016-11-25

noescape + Swift

medium.com 2016-11-25

noescape + Swift

medium.com 2016-11-25

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 10: Instancing

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-25 Paywall


swiftunboxed.com 2016-11-25

iOS Spellbook Part I: Fundamentals

weheartswift.com 2016-11-25

Fun with Sets

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 5 - How Firebase Data is Stored

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 6 - Write Data to Firebase Database

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 7 - Read Data from Firebase Database

AdMob Tutorial: Displaying Banner Ads in iOS Apps with Swift 3

admob appcoda.com 2016-11-23

The RawRepresentable Protocol in Swift

enum oleb.net 2016-11-23

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 9: Model I/O

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-23 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 8: Depth

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-23 Paywall

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 4 - Building the User Interface

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 3 - Xcode Project Setup

iOS: Custom Modality

medium.com 2016-11-22

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: RESTful Controllers

# 110 Configuring SQLite with Vapor

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 1 - Introduction

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 2 - Firebase App Setup

Houdini FLIP Fluid & Radial Gravity

Swift 3 Tutorial – Fundamentals

jamesonquave.com 2016-11-21

What are Closures in Swift 3? (Part 2)

closures medium.com 2016-11-21

Unidirectional Data Flow Architecture (Redux) in Swift

medium.com 2016-11-21

Creating a Marvel iOS App from scratch.. Tools, pods, tricks of the trade and more .. Part 1

medium.com 2016-11-21

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 7: Matrices 2D to 3D

raywenderlich.com 2016-11-21 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 6: Textures

iOS Accessibility Tutorial: Getting Started

Scalable Swift

splinter.com.au 2016-11-21

Zork – Interaction

Fun With Date Calculations

Making video chat with Skype for business SDK and Swift3 : Part 1

Manage, Delete and Update Notifications in iOS 10

makeapppie.com 2016-11-20

Quick Guide: Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator

thinkandbuild.it 2016-11-20

Better Routing for IOS Applications with Router in Swift

medium.com 2016-11-19

10 Tips to become a better Swift Ninja

medium.com 2016-11-19

# 109 Posting Data Using Vapor Server Side Swift

Understanding Data Race Detection by Implementing it in Swift

Protocol Oriented Programming is Not a Silver Bullet

Eject from Interface Builder

A simple Swift wrapper for libgd

Handling Internet Connection Using Reachability With ReachabilityManager in Swift

medium.com 2016-11-18

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Queue Data Structure

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 5: Shaders

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-18 Paywall

Peak Finding

weheartswift.com 2016-11-18

Brain Warmers – Part 1

weheartswift.com 2016-11-18

Holy Wars: Namespacing Hygiene

ericasadun.com 2016-11-17

How to Calculate a Date in Swift 3 Using Calendar Components

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Basic Controllers

Using Fastlane for Continuous Delivery of iOS Apps

bitbar.com 2016-11-16

Core Data Just Got Better

How to Create Delegates in Swift

codementor.io 2016-11-16


ericasadun.com 2016-11-16

Composite Validator

10 Tips to become a better Swift Developer

medium.com 2016-11-16

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 4: Indices and Constants

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-16 Paywall

Realm Issues with Xcode 8 and Swift 3.0

youtube.com 2016-11-16

Kicking Off App Security

Introducing BonMot 4: Now With Dynamic Type

raizlabs.com 2016-11-15

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Deploying to Heroku with PostgreSQL

6 Free macOS Tutorials Now Updated For Swift 3

Defer; defer; defer

ericasadun.com 2016-11-14

Using Date, TimeInterval, and DateComponents in Swift 3

date makeapppie.com 2016-11-14

New Course: Beginning Metal

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 3: Triangles

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-14 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 2: Getting Started

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-14 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Beginning Metal Part 1: Introduction

metal raywenderlich.com 2016-11-14 Paywall

WebSockets on iOS with Starscream

Incremental Swift

realm.io 2016-11-14

How to Use UISearchController to Add Search Your UITableViews

Zork – Items & Inventory

Adding Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts

useyourloaf.com 2016-11-14

Working with MapKit: Annotations and Shape Rendering

MapKit appcoda.com 2016-11-13

Refactoring an MVVM App To Swift 3

bensnider.com 2016-11-13

RocketData is a Uni-Directional UI Compontent Data Source

Program to an interface, not an implementation

ctarda.com 2016-11-13

# 108 Returning JSON from Vapor Server Side Swift

Debugging NSBeep Error Sound in NSResponder Method Calls

First and Rest

figure.ink 2016-11-12

Mu: It's a Swift playground explaining how to create a tiny programming language named Mu

Using Swift Enumerations Makes Segues Safer

iOS 10: Notification Service Extensions

A few interesting things about iOS Swift Playgrounds

UI Testing Cheat Sheet and Examples

XCTest Documentation

Better Unit Testing with Swift

Custom Helpers in XCTest

Combining Colors

Some iOS Table View Patterns

lanza.io 2016-11-10

Yammer iOS App ported to Swift 3

medium.com 2016-11-10

7 IOS Localization Troubles To Avoid

phraseapp.com 2016-11-10

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: CRUD Database Options

Saving Lives with iBeacons

ibeacon realm.io 2016-11-10

Quick: Easy DispatchTime

russbishop.net 2016-11-10

Mixing Initializers

russbishop.net 2016-11-10


A Swift Introduction to Algorithms – Part 2

weheartswift.com 2016-11-10

How To Make an App - Xcode 8.1 Update Frames

Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

little bites of cocoa: #286: DateFormatter Basics

Building a Custom Collection in Swift

Server-side Swift

theswiftdev.com 2016-11-09

Swift By Emoji: A considered approach

ericasadun.com 2016-11-08

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Persisting Models

Creating a Backend for Your iOS App Using Firebase

sitepoint.com 2016-11-08

Getting started with Swift 3 on Linux

Firebase 101

Spotify Search! (Finale : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

For, While, & Repeat Loops! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and Dispatch Queues in Swift 3

Holy War: Enum Hash Values and Option Sets

ericasadun.com 2016-11-07

Dragging Views with Gestures Tutorial

little bites of cocoa: #285: Generating Random Data with RandomKit

Beginning Auto Layout

Better Xcode Run Script Build Phases

mokacoding.com 2016-11-07

Firebase Remote Config Tutorial for iOS

Mastering TextKit

Zork – Navigation

Completion Handlers as an Alternative to Delegation

useyourloaf.com 2016-11-07

Animating Planet Engulfment in Houdini

Better Xcode Run Script Build Phases

mokacoding.com 2016-11-06

iOS Settings Bundle – Let Users Save Their Preferences via the iOS Settings App

Date Math is Hard, Let's Do it Tomorrow

date atomicbird.com 2016-11-05

Swift 3 Migration

splinter.com.au 2016-11-05

little bites of cocoa: #284: More Xcode Source Editor Extensions

Practical Autolayout For Xcode 8

Learn How to Build an iMessage App with Swift

medium.com 2016-11-04

Building a Better Language App with Swift

realm.io 2016-11-04

Upgrade Your App to iOS 10

Swift Holy War: Comments are not an Anti-pattern

ericasadun.com 2016-11-03

Any vs. AnyObject in Swift 3.0

medium.com 2016-11-03

iOS 10 Screencast: Editing Live Photos

27 Free iOS Tutorials Now Updated For Swift 3

A Swift Introduction to Algorithms – Part 1

weheartswift.com 2016-11-03

Building a Barcode and QR Code Reader in Swift 3 and Xcode 8

appcoda.com 2016-11-02


khanlou.com 2016-11-02

little bites of cocoa: #283: Generating Models from JSON with json2swift

How to Use NSTouchBar on macOS

Let Make Pong! (Part 3 : Swift 3 in Xcode : SpriteKit)

#107 Server Side Swift Using Vapor - Part 1

How Not to Crash #1


frenchkit.fr 2016-11-01

Swift: UserDefaults protocol

medium.com 2016-11-01

Swift: UserDefaults Protocol

medium.com 2016-11-01

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Configuring a Database

How to Deploy Vapor Apps to Heroku

vapor twilio.com 2016-11-01

Spotify Search! (Finale : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

Creating a Simple Particle Simulation with Go by William Ferguson

StopWatch Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2016-10-31

little bites of cocoa: #282: Taming the Keyboard with Typist

Firebase Tutorial: Real-time Chat

Swift Algorithm Club: October Digest

Zork – Actions

Local Notifications with iOS 10

useyourloaf.com 2016-10-31

Overriding the iOS Dynamic Type font family

codelle.com 2016-10-30

Simulating Accretion with Houdini's Grains Solver

Clean Code for Multiple Storyboards

Swift Eye for the Stringly Typed API

realm.io 2016-10-30

Refactoring at Scale – Lessons Learned Rewriting Instagram’s Feed

realm.io 2016-10-30

MacBook Pro touch bar runner game tutorial

theswiftdev.com 2016-10-30

Using Alamofire to Parse JSON! (Part 3 : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

CGAffineTransform constructors and transformers

ericasadun.com 2016-10-28

little bites of cocoa: #281: Touch Bar Basics

Should I use struct in Swift?

How to Read the Swift Standard Library Source

oleb.net 2016-10-28

How to Make a Waiting Game Like Farmville with SpriteKit and Swift

Using Alamofire to Parse JSON! (Part 2 : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

Resolving NSTreeController's ‘Ambiguous use of 'children’ in Swift 3

Concatenate got your tongue?

ericasadun.com 2016-10-27

Chaotic Magnetic Pendulum with Custom Radial Forces in Houdini

Passing an Array of Strings from Swift to C

oleb.net 2016-10-27

iOS 10 Screencast: Capturing Live Photos

Unowned or Weak? Lifetime and Performance

uraimo.com 2016-10-26

Functional Swift Conference 2016

From sketches to the iMessage App Store: How I got my stickers published in 8 days (Part 1 of 2)

Testing actions over time

Structs and NSCoding

khanlou.com 2016-10-25

little bites of cocoa: #280: Flowing Text Around Images With Exclusion Paths

39 Open Source Swift UI Libraries For iOS App Development

Useful details about underscore keyword in Swift

rainsoft.io 2016-10-25

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Templating with Leaf

#26 SwiftLint, SonarQube and CheckMarx… what else?

swifting.io 2016-10-25


yudiz.com 2016-10-25

A Rubyist's Perspective on Testing in Swift

bignerdranch.com 2016-10-24

little bites of cocoa: #279: Swiftier Forms with FormValidatorSwift

Swift iPad Playgrounds:Not Just A Cool Toy

makeapppie.com 2016-10-24

Denver Swift Heads Presentation (Swift Game Development: iOS | OSX | tvOS)

What’s New in Xcode 8.1 GM

medium.com 2016-10-24

The metalkit.org website is up and running

metal mhorga.org 2016-10-24

Background Modes Tutorial: Getting Started

Zork – Targeting

Enum Raw Values and Failable Initializers

useyourloaf.com 2016-10-24

Animating letters into place

ericasadun.com 2016-10-23

Turn and face the strange: Using a C function to merge (or stable) sort in Swift (Swift 3, Xcode 8)

We started testing our Swift Sandbox!

weheartswift.com 2016-10-23

More Chaos in Houdini: Simulating a Double Pendulum

Using Monads and Other Functional Paradigms in Practice

How to use C in Swift 3

youtu.be 2016-10-22

How to use C in Swift 3

youtube.com 2016-10-22

Multiple Storyboards in Swift - Xcode 8 iOS 10

This one weird trick for drawing dashes

ericasadun.com 2016-10-21

little bites of cocoa: #278: Saving Time With Source Editor Extensions

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Trie Data Structure

iOS Animation Tutorial: Custom View Controller Presentation Transitions

Whole-Module Optimization in Swift 3

swift.org 2016-10-21

Let's Make 4 Pics 1 Word! (Pt. 1 : Swift 3 in Xcode)

Which code style reigned supreme? Unswifty Procedural vs Swifty Functional Results

ericasadun.com 2016-10-20

Three Ways UI Testing Just Made Test-Driven Development Even Better

masilotti.com 2016-10-20

Simple Higher Order Functions in Swift 3.0 — Map, filter, reduce and flatMap!

medium.com 2016-10-20

iOS 10 Screencast: Capturing Photo Thumbnails

iOS Animation Tutorial: Getting Started

SwiftCasts, The Full 3-Part Series

realm.io 2016-10-20

Working with iOS Image Filters in Swift

A Beginner’s Guide to Automated UI Testing in iOS

testing appcoda.com 2016-10-19

What's New in watchOS 3: Background Tasks

What's New in watchOS 3?

Kickstart Your iOS Career With These 4 Courses

Create an iMessage App in iOS 10

How to Create an Xcode Source Editor Extension

Holy war: Unswifty Procedural vs Swifty Functional

Reusable View Controllers

# 106 Creating RSVP iMessages App in iOS 10 Using Swift 3.0

Switch Cases! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

Refined API Naming : Migrating to Swift 3!

ashishkakkad.com 2016-10-18

What's New in Xcode 8

What to Expect From Swift 3

Draw Gradients with Core Graphics Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2016-10-18

Segmented Control Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2016-10-18

little bites of cocoa: #277: MeasurementFormatter Basics

Screencast: Server Side Swift with Vapor: Getting Started

#105 Creating RSVP iMessages App in iOS 10 Using Swift 3.0 Part 2

youtube.com 2016-10-18

Let's Make Pong! (Pt. 2 : Swift 3 in Xcode : SpriteKit)

Parsing whitespace in an Xcode extension

Updating Cocoa with Love for Swift 3

Values and errors, part 2: eight languages compared

Values and errors, part 1: 'Result' in Swift

Design patterns for safe timer usage

Exponential time complexity in the Swift type checker

Random number generators in Swift

Mutexes and closure capture in Swift

Comparing Swift to C++ for parsing

Presenting unanticipated errors to users

Indent with tabs or spaces? I wish I didn't need to know.

Breaking Swift with reference counted structs

Errors: unexpected, composite, non-pure, external.

iOS 10: Creating Custom Notification Interfaces

Rapid, Interactive Prototyping With Xcode Playgrounds

Replacing Type Code with Polymorphism

ctarda.com 2016-10-17

little bites of cocoa: #276: Measurement Basics

Custom Table View Cells in Swift 3

makeapppie.com 2016-10-17

Thinking from Scratch with Sets in Swift

Scene Kit Tutorial with Swift Part 4: Render Loop

Scene Kit Tutorial with Swift Part 5: Particle Systems

Getting Started With RxSwift and RxCocoa

Zork – Interpreter

#103 Creating Sticker Pack App Using Swift 3.0

#104 Creating RSVP iMessages App in iOS 10 Using Swift 3 Part 1

The Joys of iOS 10 UIKit Drawing

ericasadun.com 2016-10-16

Creating a Geometric Structure from Mitosis

Parsing JSON data with Swift 3

json mav3r1ck.io 2016-10-16

Testing Asynchronous Code in Swift 3

youtu.be 2016-10-16

Testing Asynchronous Code in Swift 3

testing youtube.com 2016-10-16

My take on iOS app architecture

ctarda.com 2016-10-15

Testing UserDefaults

figure.ink 2016-10-15

Specifying function execution contexts

iOS Tableview with MVC

medium.com 2016-10-14

Getting Started with Mobile Analytics

Scene Kit Tutorial with Swift Part 3: Physics

For, While, & Repeat Loops! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

Introducing Auto-Code for Animation Design

Generic Range Algorithms

oleb.net 2016-10-13

Scene Kit Tutorial with Swift Part 2: Nodes

iOS 10 Screencast: Providing Haptic Feedback

Playing Audio + Background Play! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

One Weird Trick to Fix Autocomplete in Xcode

medium.com 2016-10-12

Availability Attributes in Swift

Scene Kit Tutorial with Swift Part 1: Getting Started

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 9 :: SiriKit Intents

Getting Auto Layout to Work in a UITableView

Let's Make Pong! (Swift 3 in Xcode : SpriteKit)

Working with SQLite Databases in iOS with FMDB Library

fmdb appcoda.com 2016-10-11

Host a Parse SDK Backend for Your iOS App on back{4}app

Local Notification Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2016-10-11

Swift 3 UITabBarItem Font

iosinsight.com 2016-10-11

iOS 10 Screencast: Taking Photos

raywenderlich.com 2016-10-11 Paywall

Intermediate Swift 3 Course Now Available

raywenderlich.com 2016-10-11 Paywall

SpriteKit Swift 3 Tutorial for Beginners

How To Make an App - Ep 15 - Using Arrays in Swift 3

How To Make an App - Ep 17 - Keeping Score

How To Make an App - Ep 16 - Using IF statements in Swift 3

Image Filters in Swift - Xcode 8 iOS 10

If Statements! (Swift Basics : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

How To Make an App - Ep 11 - Swift IBOutlet Properties

How To Make an App - Ep 12 - Methods and Button Taps

How To Make an App - Ep 13 - Image Asset Library in Xcode 8

How To Make an App - Ep 14 - Randomizing the cards

Parameterized/Data-Driven Tests

elliot.land 2016-10-10

Using Tableviews in Subviews

Optional Non-Escaping Closures

closures oleb.net 2016-10-10

UIPresentationController Tutorial: Getting Started

Zork – Data Manager

Updating Strings for Swift 3

Face Detection in Swift - Xcode 8 iOS 10

How To Make an App - Ep 10 - More Swift and UIKit

How do I: Cast an optional string to NSString

ericasadun.com 2016-10-09

Swift 3 text field magic, part 3: Creating text fields that ban a specific set of characters

globalnerdy.com 2016-10-09

Creating Sticker and iMessage Apps in iOS 10 Using Swift 3.0

Extending Xcode 8

realm.io 2016-10-08

How To Make an App - Ep 9 - Building Blocks of Swift Programming

ConstraintLayout vs Auto Layout: How Do They Compare?

Just Keep Scrolling... Scrolling, Scrolling!

Converting optionals to thrown errors

ericasadun.com 2016-10-07

Tab Bar Customisation Tutorial

little bites of cocoa: #275: Adding Imports from Anywhere

Multiple Managed Object Contexts with Core Data Tutorial

Lightweight Migrations in Core Data Tutorial

Drawing Shapes with Core Graphics Tutorial

little bites of cocoa: #274: Swifty Attributed Strings with SwiftyAttributes

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating a SiriKit UI Extension

Getting Started with Core Data Tutorial

How To Make an App - Ep 5 - Your First App

How To Make an App - Ep 2 - Playgrounds and Swift

How To Make an App - Ep 6 - Auto Layout and Size Classes

How To Make an App - Ep 7 - Stack Views

How To Make an App - Ep 8 - Completing the User Interface

How To Make an App - Ep 1 - Introduction (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10)

How To Make an App - Ep 4 - App Anatomy

How To Make an App - Ep 3 - Xcode 8 Tutorial

Firebase Anonymous Login in Swift - Xcode 8 iOS 10

Video: Cleaning Up Messy Chaining in Swift

Prefer Bare Enum Tags When That's All You Need

Fixed floating point strides

ericasadun.com 2016-10-05

little bites of cocoa: #273: Automatically Generating Swift Initializers

Mastering Swift: essential details about strings

string rainsoft.io 2016-10-05

Cocoa Bindings on macOS

watchOS 3 Tutorial Part 3: Animation

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 8 :: Speech

Swiftly changing a UISearchBar’s clear icon color

Introduction to User Notifications Framework in iOS 10

appcoda.com 2016-10-04

Responding to bad errors with bug reporting

ericasadun.com 2016-10-04

little bites of cocoa: #272: Automatic Table View & Collection View Animations with Dwifft

Smooth Scrolling in Buffer for iOS: How (and Why) We Implemented AsyncDisplayKit

Writing Libraries for Swift 2.x and 3.0 Compatibility

raizlabs.com 2016-10-04

iOS 10 Screencast: Introducing UIPreviewInteraction

watchOS 3 Tutorial Part 2: Tables

watchOS 3 Tutorial Part 1: Getting Started

little bites of cocoa: #271: Beautiful Alerts with PMAlertController

Introducing Table Views in Swift 3

makeapppie.com 2016-10-03

CareKit Tutorial for iOS: Part 1

Zork – Game Screen

Split View Controller Display Modes

useyourloaf.com 2016-10-03

Iterating through the product of two sequences

ericasadun.com 2016-10-02

Xcode 8: Mixing Auto Layout and Autoresizing Masks

Functional Swift Conference 2016

[Swift] How to Asynchronously Download and Cache Images without Relying on Third-Party Libraries

sweettutos.com 2016-10-01

Functional Swift: Using Array filter and forEach functions


playground oleb.net 2016-09-30

How to Make a Game Like Can Knockdown

tvOS Top Shelf Tutorial: Static and Interactive

Getting started with Socket.io in Swift on iOS

twilio.com 2016-09-30

Push Notifications in iOS 10

ashishkakkad.com 2016-09-29

View2ViewTransition: Custom interactive view controller transition from one view to another view

Disabling Activity Tracing in Xcode 8

Change the Color of the Status Bar Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2016-09-29

little bites of cocoa: #270: Implementing Theming with CostumeKit

Using MetalKit part 2*3^2

metal mhorga.org 2016-09-29

How to Calculate a Future Date in Swift

iOS 10 Screencast: Handling Interactions with SiriKit

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-29 Paywall

On-Demand Resources in tvOS Tutorial

It's all about: UIKit framework

theswiftdev.com 2016-09-29

Loading and Caching Images! (SDWebImage : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

The Complete Guide to Creating Your Own CocoaPods in Swift

appcoda.com 2016-09-28

Khanlou | Swifty Delegates

khanlou.com 2016-09-28

Option Sets in Swift

oleb.net 2016-09-28

tvOS Tutorial: Using TVML Templates

The 5 Best YouTube Channels For iOS Developers

SwiftConf '16: @JensRavens — Server Side Swift

youtu.be 2016-09-28

Breaking NSLocale API Changes Revisited

little bites of cocoa: #269: Taptic Engine Basics

Migration of an iOS app to Xcode 8 Swift 3 and iOS 10

peterfennema.nl 2016-09-27

iOS 10 Screencast: Collection View Data Prefetching

UICollectionView raywenderlich.com 2016-09-27 Paywall

An Introduction to the UserNotifications Framework

What Do you do with Any?

makeapppie.com 2016-09-26

UI Testing in Xcode 7

Creating a Framework for both iOS and watchOS

How to Reuse Paging Interface Controllers in watchOS

React Native Tutorial: Integrating in an Existing App

Zork – Intro

Swift 3 Access Controls

useyourloaf.com 2016-09-26

Magic Numbers Represent Concepts

Simulating Mitosis in Houdini

Stripy Viscous Fluid Impacts in Houdini

#25 Core Data in iOS10: NSPersistentContainer

swifting.io 2016-09-25

Linting swift code

theswiftdev.com 2016-09-25

#102 Creating Stickers Pack App in iOS 10 in 30 Seconds

youtu.be 2016-09-25

Swift 3 & CocoaPods

Literal Oddities

ericasadun.com 2016-09-23

PhotoCropEditor: Framework written in Swift for Cropping Images easily

Updating NSURLSession Calls to Swift 3.0

Network Reachability in Swift

invasivecode.com 2016-09-23

little bites of cocoa: #268: What's New in Tab Bar Customization

Why do we need Delegates in iOS and WatchOS?

makeapppie.com 2016-09-23

Using MetalKit part 17

metal mhorga.org 2016-09-23

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Linked List Data Structure

Swift 3.1 – prefix(while:) and drop(while:)

rosslebeau.com 2016-09-23

Radical Message – Learn to add SiriKit in your messages app

What Use are Swift Access Modifiers?

bignerdranch.com 2016-09-22

Style: How would you fold this?

ericasadun.com 2016-09-22

Memory Graph Debugger Tips

inessential.com 2016-09-22

A Practical Example of FlatMap

little bites of cocoa: #267: Using the mapItem Property on NSUserActivity

What’s in a Collection

oleb.net 2016-09-22

iOS 10 Screencast: SiriKit Resolution & Confirmation

Steps to use Legacy Swift in Xcode 8

ashishkakkad.com 2016-09-21

Optimizing a copy-on-write double-ended queue in Swift

Optimizing a copy-on-write double-ended queue in Swift

Command Line Swift

russbishop.net 2016-09-21

Email Address Validation in Swift

Use TensorFlow and BNNS to Add Machine Learning to your Mac or iOS App

bignerdranch.com 2016-09-20

Handling Dates with Swift 3.0

dev.iachieved.it 2016-09-20

Swift 3.0 Refactoring Cues

Swift 2.3 NSLocale UIKit API Changes Break iOS 8 Compatibility

My terrible no good horrible updating day

ericasadun.com 2016-09-19

Firebase Tutorial: Getting Started

Pushing the Envelope with iOS 10 Notifications

realm.io 2016-09-19

openURL Deprecated in iOS10

useyourloaf.com 2016-09-19

A Beginner’s Guide to Auto Layout with Xcode 8

appcoda.com 2016-09-18

playgroundbook: Tool for Swift Playground books

CloudKit: What is it good for?

Xcode Code Snippets Library. Creating and Customizing Xcode Snippets.

Embedding a Whole Screen Into a UIScrollView Subsequently

UITableView Customization and Custom UITableViewCell

Xcode 8 Document Coding Enhancements

ericasadun.com 2016-09-16

iOS-10-Sampler: Code examples for new APIs of iOS 10.

little bites of cocoa: #266: Notification Service Extensions

XСode: A Better Way to Deal with Storyboards

medium.com 2016-09-16

Swift Tutorial Part 3: Flow Control

Using Framer to Prototype iOS Animations

Continuous Delivery for iOS & Mac Apps

realm.io 2016-09-16

Passing Data Between Controllers in Swift

little bites of cocoa: #265: Fading Audio with AVAudioPlayer

Swift Tutorial Part 2: Types and Operations

Easy, Beautiful Typography with BonMot

realm.io 2016-09-15

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 7 :: Measurement

Updating Cocoa with Love for Swift 3

Using Houdini VOPs to Deform Geometry

little bites of cocoa: #264: Keep Xcode Project Folders Organized with Synx

Ranges in Swift 3

Ranges oleb.net 2016-09-14

ARC and Memory Management in Swift

How To Implement a Sticky View While Table View Scrolls; Like App Store app [Swift 3]


Swift 3 migration pitfalls

codelle.com 2016-09-13

little bites of cocoa: #263: Changing the Color of the Status Bar

Why you should care about your Swift compile time

medium.com 2016-09-13

iOS 10 Screencast: GCD & Core Graphics in Swift 3

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-13 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: Foundation in Swift 3

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-13 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: Swift 3 API Design Guidelines

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-13 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: Swift 3 in 3 Minutes

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-13 Paywall

Background Thread Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 8 iOS 10

youtu.be 2016-09-13

Using Alamofire to Parse JSON! (Swift 3 in Xcode 8 : Part 1)

Disable Xcode 8 iOS Simulator Activity Tracing

video youtu.be 2016-09-13

Building Your First Web App in Swift Using Vapor

appcoda.com 2016-09-12

Working with JSON in Swift

2b73c367ff4746c40f4174634e1d5420: TreeView

Swift 3 text field magic, part 2: Creating text fields that accept only a specific set of characters

globalnerdy.com 2016-09-12

Secret Project Diary #4: MUM

inessential.com 2016-09-12

Requesting Permission in Core Location Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2016-09-12

Understand and Use Closures in Swift

makeapppie.com 2016-09-12

Working with icon fonts in iOS. Code example in Swift 3

medium.com 2016-09-12


medium.com 2016-09-12

How To Save and Load Your iOS Application Settings Using UserDefaults in Swift 3

peterwitham.com 2016-09-12

Preparing Your iOS App for Extensions

raizlabs.com 2016-09-12

Geofencing Tutorial with Core Location

Introducing Perform: Easy dependency injection for storyboard segues

Ideal week method (calendar & productivity)

stringcode.co.uk 2016-09-12

CompliCal – Customise calendar appearance in  watch complications

stringcode.co.uk 2016-09-12

Adding Swift Convenience Initializers

useyourloaf.com 2016-09-12

Unleashing Build Settings On Your Swift Project

williamboles.me 2016-09-12


figure.ink 2016-09-11

Migrating Code Signing Configurations to Xcode 8

Structuring UITableViews by Using Enums

Building an Entire iPhone App in an Hour (/dev/world/2016)

youtu.be 2016-09-11

Creating a Swarm Chemistry Digital Asset in Houdini

little bites of cocoa: #262: Notification Content Extensions


russbishop.net 2016-09-09

Swarm Chemistry in SideFX Houdini

Adding a Notification Observer in Swift Using a Name Defined in Objective-C

inessential.com 2016-09-08

little bites of cocoa: #261: Rich Notifications

Escaping and Nonescaping Closures in Swift 3

SwiftyConfiguration: Modern Swift API for Plist.

little bites of cocoa: #260: New Notifications Capabilities

Simulate GPS Position in Xcode for iOS Application Development

peterwitham.com 2016-09-07

Unit Testing on macOS: Part 2/2

Unit Testing on macOS: Part 1/2

Taming NSDocument and Understanding Who's Boss: Creating a Simple macOS Text Editor (Swift 3, Xcode 8 beta 6)

Animation in iOS: native solutions and third-party frameworks

stfalcon.com 2016-09-07

Inline UIDatePicker or DateCell Example in Swift

#24 Architecture Wars – A New Hope

swifting.io 2016-09-07

Sorting Arrays in Swift

Face Detection in iOS Using Core Image

appcoda.com 2016-09-06

iOS Subscriptions Primer

Guarding with diagnostics

ericasadun.com 2016-09-06

Dear Erica: How do you create `Never` callbacks?

ericasadun.com 2016-09-06

It’s Now or Never…

ericasadun.com 2016-09-06

little bites of cocoa: #259: Notification Triggers

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating a SiriKit Extension

Bring Your App To Life with CALayers

CALayer realm.io 2016-09-06

Optional Flappity Mappity

ericasadun.com 2016-09-05

Swift 3 text field magic, part 1: Creating text fields with maximum lengths [Updated]

globalnerdy.com 2016-09-05

little bites of cocoa: #258: User Notifications Framework Basics

An introduction to Size Classes for Xcode 8

makeapppie.com 2016-09-05

How To Use Swift 2 in Xcode 8

peterwitham.com 2016-09-05

UICollectionView Tutorial: Reusable Views, Selection, and Reordering

UICollectionView Tutorial: Getting Started

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 6 :: Notification Content Extensions

17. Swift gist: Shortest URL Request logger ever

theswiftdev.com 2016-09-05

Auto Layout and Alignment Rectangles

SwiftGen 3

Optionals, Optionals, Optionals: Introducing Precedence

ericasadun.com 2016-09-04

Retain Cycles, Weak and Unowned in Swift

Fixing Storyboard Segues: Only Apple Can Do This

dzombak.com 2016-09-03

First Class Functions in Swift

figure.ink 2016-09-03

Randomly Transforming Scattered Cones in Houdini

SwiftMessages: A very flexible message bar for iOS

Segmentio: Animated top/bottom segmented control

SnapTimer: Implementation of Snapchat's stories timer

PredicateEditor: A GUI for dynamically creating NSPredicates at runtime to query data in your iOS app.

ReadabilityKit: Preview extractor for news, articles and full-texts

github.com/exyte 2016-09-03

ComplimentaryGradientView: Create complementary gradients generated from dominant and prominent colors in supplied image. Inspired by Grade.js

github.com/gkye 2016-09-03

EmojiTimeFormatter: Format your dates/times as emojis

How to generate haptic feedback with UIFeedbackGenerator

Swift: Custom Fonts. Slightly Less Awful

fonts medium.com 2016-09-03

iOS Metal Tutorial with Swift Part 5: Switching to MetalKit

What's New in watchOS 3: Background Tasks

How to change the placeholder color using Swift, Extensions or User Defined Runtime Attributes

ios-blog.co.uk 2016-09-01

iOS 10 Screencast: Dynamic Xcode 8 Extensions

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-01 Paywall

How To Completely Customise Your Map Annotations Callout Views

Custom Table View Cells! (XIB Files : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

A (mostly) comprehensive list of Swift 3.0 and 2.3 changes

buildingvts.com 2016-08-31

little bites of cocoa: #257: Property Observers on Local Variables

Strings in Swift 3

oleb.net 2016-08-31

Optional Equality

ericasadun.com 2016-08-30

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 4: Adding Swift syntactic magic

Interactive View Animations in iOS 10

invasivecode.com 2016-08-30

little bites of cocoa: #256: UIPasteboard Revisited

iOS 10 Screencast: Introducing DateInterval

raywenderlich.com 2016-08-30 Paywall

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 5 :: User Notifications

A Beginner’s Guide to CALayer

CALayer appcoda.com 2016-08-29

Transformative Streams

ericasadun.com 2016-08-29

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 3: Date arithmetic

little bites of cocoa: #255: Creating a ColorConvertible Protocol

Make a Watch OS Haptic Catalog with a Picker

The Model I/O framework

macOS mhorga.org 2016-08-29

IB Free: Living Without Interface Builder and Loving It

raizlabs.com 2016-08-29

IB Free: Living Without Interface Builder and Loving It

raizlabs.com 2016-08-29

Introduction to Google Cardboard for iOS

WWDC 2016: The 7 Best Talks

UITableViewRowAction Example in Swift

Melting Geometry in Houdini

Swift + Consuming & Transforming Arrays

medium.com 2016-08-27

Swift 3.0 Array Algorithms

youtube.com 2016-08-27

Create a Circular Transition Animation (Custom UIViewController Transitions)

brianadvent.com 2016-08-26

Screencast: Creating a CocoaPod

raywenderlich.com 2016-08-26 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating an Xcode 8 Extension

raywenderlich.com 2016-08-26 Paywall

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Binary Search Tree Data Structure

Concurrent Code In Playgrounds

Snap Behavior! (UIKitDynamics : Swift 3 in Xcode)

NSDataDetector Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 7.3 iOS 9.3

video youtube.com 2016-08-25

A quicky: Bezier shapes

ericasadun.com 2016-08-24

OpenCV and Swift

OpenCV medium.com 2016-08-24

How do you beautify guard-else conditions?

ericasadun.com 2016-08-23

iOS 10 Screencast: Custom Units

raywenderlich.com 2016-08-23 Paywall

CloudKit JS Tutorial for iOS

UIActivityViewController - Getting Started

video youtube.com 2016-08-23

Assertions in Swift Kill Your Code

Values and errors, part 2: eight languages compared

Swift Nostalgia: Letting go doesn’t mean saying goodbye

ericasadun.com 2016-08-22

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 2: DateFormatter

Accessing the Digital Crown in WatchOS

Measurements and Units with Phantom Types

oleb.net 2016-08-22

CloudKit Tutorial: Getting Started

Turning UIKit Inside Out

realm.io 2016-08-22

#23 Notifications in iOS 10

swifting.io 2016-08-22

Xcode: Treat Warnings As Errors

Today Extension - Getting Started

video youtube.com 2016-08-22

Simulating Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction in Houdini

Using Swift’s Enums for Quick Actions

medium.com 2016-08-21

Optional protocol methods without @objc

nshint.io 2016-08-21

Values and errors, part 1: 'Result' in Swift

Scroll View w/ Images! (Image Literals : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

Create the iOS Home Screen Parallax Motion Effect

brianadvent.com 2016-08-19

Kid-fu: Pay for play

ericasadun.com 2016-08-19

Creating a Framework

Switch VS Checkbox in User Interface Design

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 1: Dates, Calendars, and DateComponents

Introducing BentoMap

raizlabs.com 2016-08-18

iOS 10 Screencast: Live Speech Recognition

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 4 :: UIViewPropertyAnimator

Putting ReSwift Actions on the Undo Stack Using Middleware

Chaos in Houdini! Modeling Strange Attractors with Particles

Swift: Typecasing

medium.com 2016-08-17

Pattern Matching in Swift

#22 Swift 3 Access Control (Xcode 8 Beta 6)

swifting.io 2016-08-17

Xcode 8 extensions

theswiftdev.com 2016-08-17 Paywall

Structs and mutation in Swift

chris.eidhof.nl 2016-08-16

Canonical Hex

ericasadun.com 2016-08-16

21 Amazing Open Source iOS Apps Written in Swift

iOS 10: Getting your Widget ready in 2 simple steps

Upload Image to AWS S3 Bucket. In Swift.

iOS 10 Screencast: Visual View Debugging

testing videos.raywenderlich.com 2016-08-16 Paywall

Data in Swift 3 parsing a Doom WAD File

appventure.me 2016-08-15

Create an Animated Control – Stacked Menu

brianadvent.com 2016-08-15

A journey of thousand miles…

ctarda.com 2016-08-15

TestFlight Tutorial: iOS Beta Testing

Futures and Promises, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the GCD

Use High Contrast For Legibility

useyourloaf.com 2016-08-15

Custom Refresh Control! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

Swift Protocols and the Law of Unintended Consequences

apokrupto.com 2016-08-14

Enum-based Queue Factory for GCD

basememara.com 2016-08-14

Experimenting with Impacts in SideFX Houdini

Setting Up Firebase Without Using CocoaPods

When You Code, You Design Both Structure and Information Flow

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 3 :: Xcode Source Editor Extensions

UITextField Drop Down List In Swift

iosinsight.com 2016-08-11

Swift + Initialization with Closures

medium.com 2016-08-11

iOS 10 Screencast: Audio File Speech Transcription

Managing Consistency of Immutable Models

video realm.io 2016-08-11

All about errors, functors, monads and promises

theswiftdev.com 2016-08-11

More fun with sequences!

Being overly clever with dates

date ericasadun.com 2016-08-10

little bites of cocoa: #254: Dynamically Mocking Network Requests with Kakapo

Creating a ‘’smart’’ Xcode file template

medium.com 2016-08-10

Drag and Drop Tutorial for macOS

Building a Speech-to-Text App Using Speech Framework in iOS 10

appcoda.com 2016-08-09

Video: Cross-Platform Game Templates in Xcode 8

bignerdranch.com 2016-08-09

Dear Erica: Taking the NS off

ericasadun.com 2016-08-09

StyleKit: A powerful & easy to use styling framework

github.com/146BC 2016-08-09

JSONCast: Easily create classes from parsed JSON and conform to NSCopying and NSEncoding

github.com/Houzz 2016-08-09

PrismaSimpleImagePicker: This is a copy of the Prisma APP. Reproduce Prisma custom camera, image picker and picture editor

PixPic: PixPic, a Photo Editing App

NSDate-Extensions: Practical real-world dates

github.com/erica 2016-08-09

KZFileWatchers: A micro-framework for observing file changes, both local and remote

MYTableViewIndex: A pixel perfect replacement for UITableView section index

little bites of cocoa: #253: Watching Files with KZFileWatchers

iOS 10 Screencast: Measurement Formatter

Migrating an App to Swift 3

#21 iOS Security 101

swifting.io 2016-08-09

Questions: “Can you call super in a setter?”

ericasadun.com 2016-08-08

little bites of cocoa: #252: Compiling Swift from Source

How to Make Local Notifications in iOS 10

makeapppie.com 2016-08-08

The Conciseness of Swift

medium.com 2016-08-08

Investing time into developer tools

merowing.info 2016-08-08

Implicitly vs Force Unwrapping Swift Optionals

mokacoding.com 2016-08-08

UIActivityViewController Tutorial: Sharing Data

What the Functor is a Monad

Self sizing cells with rotation support in Swift 3

theswiftdev.com 2016-08-08

How to create a New Single View Application in Xcode

ios-blog.co.uk 2016-08-07

Ray tracing in a Swift playground part 6

Bye Bye to NS from Swift!!

ashishkakkad.com 2016-08-05

Auto Layout Constraints in Code

PMHTTP, a REST networking library for Swift/Obj-C

iOS Playgrounds: Where is my print output?

Cleaning up single if-case use

ericasadun.com 2016-08-05

How to Make a Game Like Monster Island Tutorial

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 2 :: Thread Sanitizer

Photo Album in Collection View! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

Idiomatic Swift: conditional unwrapping initialization

ericasadun.com 2016-08-04

little bites of cocoa: #251: Face Aware Image Views with AspectFillFaceAware

Asynchronous Testing

testing medium.com 2016-08-04

iOS 10 Screencast: Memory Graph Debugger

testing raywenderlich.com 2016-08-04 Paywall

My name is Bond…SwiftBond

video realm.io 2016-08-04

Using Stack Views in Table Cells

atomicbird.com 2016-08-03

Transparent NSTableView Headers

little bites of cocoa: #250: Improvements to C APIs in Swift 3

Enums as configuration: the anti-pattern

little bites of cocoa: #249: Enums in Swift 3

iOS 10 Screencast: Measurements & Units

Measurements raywenderlich.com 2016-08-02 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: Property Animators: Working Together

Displaying Facebook Ads in Your iOS Apps

appcoda.com 2016-08-01

PNG optimisation

bjango.com 2016-08-01

NSDocument Weirdness: Sheet Contents Appear Disabled

Create an iMessage App in iOS 10

Geomapping the Swift Change Log

ericasadun.com 2016-08-01

IBLocalizable: Localize your views directly in Interface Builder with IBLocalizable

Kakapo: Dynamically Mock server behaviors and responses

SwiftyAvatar: A UiimageView class for creating circular avatar images, IBDesignable to make all changes via storyboard

EZYGradientView: Create gradients and blur gradients without a single line of code

Postal: A swift framework for working with emails

little bites of cocoa: #248: Installing a Swift Toolchain

Using Observers and Delegates on the Model

makeapppie.com 2016-08-01

Interactive Messages in iOS 10

medium.com 2016-08-01

How To Create an Uber Splash Screen

Swift 3 Warning of Unused Result

Swift MapKit Annotation

How To Make Expandable UITableViewCells For Dynamic Text Height With Auto Layout

MapView – Display User’s Current Location and Drop a Pin

Metal Performance Shaders for the iPad playground

Create a Simple iOS and Web App with CloudKit and CloudKit JS

brianadvent.com 2016-07-29

Design patterns for safe timer usage

Pentominoes, part seven: Dropping with intent

Chris Lattner on wrapping up Swift 3, starting Swift 4

ericasadun.com 2016-07-29

Putting the Physics Into Measurements and Units

Measurements and Units, Part 3

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS Part 5: Migrations Part 2

realm raywenderlich.com 2016-07-29 Paywall

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS Part 6: Conclusion

realm raywenderlich.com 2016-07-29 Paywall

Dear Erica: How do I mimic Objective-C’s delegate inheritance pattern?

ericasadun.com 2016-07-28

The curious case of the “optional requirement” in the night

ericasadun.com 2016-07-28

Swift: What are Protocols with Associated Types?

Measurements and Units in Foundation

oleb.net 2016-07-28

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS Part 4: Migrations Part 1

realm raywenderlich.com 2016-07-28 Paywall

Making A Mac App Scriptable Tutorial

Swift 3 and Synchronization

youtube.com 2016-07-28

Flexible UI Design with UIStackView

End of Source Breaking Changes for Swift 3

ericasadun.com 2016-07-27

MacOS Storyboard Segues and NSPopoverDelegate

How to build an iOS application with SQLite and GRDB.swift

medium.com 2016-07-27

Amazing Physically Based Rendering Using the New iOS 10 SceneKit

SceneKit medium.com 2016-07-27

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS Part 3: Encrypted Realm Files

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Index

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 1 :: Messages

Creating Gradient Colors Using CAGradientLayer

CALayer appcoda.com 2016-07-26

Implementing CollectionType in Swift 2.x

Replacing ranges in Strings

ericasadun.com 2016-07-26

EasyAbout: A way to easily add Cocoapod licenses and App Version to your iOS App using the Settings Bundle

NXDrawKit: NXDrawKit is a simple and easy but useful drawing kit for iPhone

Swift-Intro: Swift auto layout with basic animation

Objective-C To Swift Migration – Illustrated With A Demo App

iosinsight.com 2016-07-26

Swift 3: What You Need to Know About Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals

Changing Function Argument Names Magically

peterwitham.com 2016-07-26

NSScanner Tutorial for OS X

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS Part 2: Multiple Realm Files

realm raywenderlich.com 2016-07-26 Paywall

Grokking Lazy Sequences & Collections

video realm.io 2016-07-26

The Guide to Open Source Swift

realm.io 2016-07-26

Creating Gradient Colors Using CAGradientLayer

Complex table view state changes made easy

Very last second Swift 3 reviews: big changes, little time

ericasadun.com 2016-07-25

AspectFillFaceAware: An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image when using AspectFill

UploadImage: Extension helper for UIImageView to Upload an image when post to server

d5f0a8730ad601bcccae97e8398e25b2: A composable pattern for pure state machines with effects

PLCurrencyTextField: UITextField that support currency in the right way.

CodelessComponents-Swift: iOS UI Components to use with no code at all.

Podcasts: This is a list of podcasts of interest to iOS developers

Migrating to Swift 3

jessesquires.com 2016-07-25

What is Model-View-Controller?

makeapppie.com 2016-07-25

Metal tutorials updated to Swift 3 and Xcode 8

metal mhorga.org 2016-07-25

Why implicitly unwrapping Swift Optionals is dangerous

mokacoding.com 2016-07-25

Implementing Equatable for Protocols in Swift

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS: Introduction

Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS Part 1: Bundled Realm Files

realm raywenderlich.com 2016-07-25 Paywall

Reactive Programming with RxSwift

video realm.io 2016-07-25

Xcode Visual Memory Debugger

Closures Capturing Semantics, Part 1: Catch them all!

Generics and the Art of Inference Part 3 of 3

Magical View Rotation with StackView

The Easy Button: A Fancy Animation with StackView

ActionSheet Example in Swift

#101 Swift 3.0: Foundation and Camel Casing

#100 Swift 3.0: Omit Needless Words

#98 Swift 3: Function Parameters Label

Firebase Forgot Password Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 7.3 iOS 9.3

video youtube.com 2016-07-23

Error Handling in Swift

andybargh.com 2016-07-22

Improve your Swift Language Skills with the Map and Filter Functions

New Swift Evolution Reviews

ericasadun.com 2016-07-22

Devolving your projects

ericasadun.com 2016-07-22

CocoaBar: A flexible and simple to use SnackBar view for iOS

UITextField-Navigation: UITextField-Navigation make it easier to navigate between UITextFields

AURUnlockSlider: Simple Unlock Slider View

ATScrollingNumbers: Scrolling number control with circular progress

Episode #229: Let's Build Activity++ - Part 7

nsscreencast.com 2016-07-22 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: Thread Sanitizer

raywenderlich.com 2016-07-22 Paywall

Swift: NSURLSession in the Playground (iOS 9.2.1, Swift 2.1, Xcode 7.2)

Upload and Retrieve From Firebase! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

Bridging Existentials & Generics in Swift 2

Splitting the View Models of TableFlip, a Short Aftermath

PopupDialog: A simple, customizable popup dialog for iOS written in Swift. Replaces UIAlertControllers alert style

ZoomTransitioning: ZoomTransitioning provides a custom transition with image zooming animation

EmojiTextView: Tap to swap out words with emojis. Inspired by Messages.app on iOS 10

ImageOpenTransition: Beautiful and precise transitions between ViewControllers images

ASCalendar: A calendar control for iOS written in swift with mvvm pattern

Introducing EmojiTextView

holko.pl 2016-07-21

Contributing to Swift: From Proposal to Shipped

video realm.io 2016-07-21

Proterozoic-Oriented Programming: Swift Evolution

ericasadun.com 2016-07-20

Removing Bit Flags in Option Sets: or Fun with AVFoundation

ericasadun.com 2016-07-20

Swift : Syntax cheat codes

medium.com 2016-07-20

iOS 10 Screencast: Manipulating Push Notifications with Service Extensions

raywenderlich.com 2016-07-20 Paywall

UIKit layouts in Swift Playgrounds for iPad

saltpigmedia.com 2016-07-20

Stateful loops and sequences

ericasadun.com 2016-07-19

A quick look at Grand Central Dispatch and Swift 3

medium.com 2016-07-19

Advanced Collection Views in OS X Tutorial

Dear Erica: No-case Enums?

ericasadun.com 2016-07-18

Live: Demonstrate how to build a live broadcast app


owensd.io 2016-07-18

iOS 10 Screencast: Collaborative Messaging in iOS 10

raywenderlich.com 2016-07-18 Paywall

Swift Scripting Redux: Localization

video realm.io 2016-07-18

#20 SiriKit – Can you outsmart provided Intents?

swifting.io 2016-07-18

Slow App Startup Times

useyourloaf.com 2016-07-18

Swift Classes to Be Non Publicly Subclassable by Default

mjtsai.com 2016-07-17

Swift Either enum

mokacoding.com 2016-07-17

Closures with Swift { () -> () in }

mav3r1ck.io 2016-07-16

Objective-C in Swift

youtube.com 2016-07-16

iOS Swift Tutorial: How to convert your projects to Swift 3.0

brianadvent.com 2016-07-15

TIL: How to Make NSTextView Reject Newlines

The reason why I try to avoid storyboards

ctarda.com 2016-07-15

Paleogene Therapy: What’s up in Swift Evolution

ericasadun.com 2016-07-15

Announcement: Swift 3 Endgame and Swift 4 Kickoff

ericasadun.com 2016-07-15

iOS 10 Screencast: Property Animators: Pause, Scrub & Reverse

Custom Camera View! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

Iteratively Improving Your App: Decoupling Components at Module Seams and Adding Facades

The names of things

ericasadun.com 2016-07-14

What is *your* Swift name?

ericasadun.com 2016-07-14

NightView: Dazzling Nights on iOS

little bites of cocoa: #247: Particle Effects with CAEmitterLayer

How to Make a Tab Bar Controller in Swift 3.0 Code

makeapppie.com 2016-07-14

Reference and Value Types in Swift

medium.com 2016-07-14

Episode #228: Let's Build Activity++ - Part 6

nsscreencast.com 2016-07-14 Paywall

Magical Error Handling in Swift

How (Not) to Write an iOS SDK

video realm.io 2016-07-14

Dear Erica: Why this Swift gotcha?

ericasadun.com 2016-07-13

little bites of cocoa: #246: UITextField B-sides

WWDC16 – What’s New in Swift 3

peterwitham.com 2016-07-13

iOS 10 Screencast: Interactive Custom Notifications

raywenderlich.com 2016-07-13 Paywall

iOS 10 New Frameworks

ashishkakkad.com 2016-07-12

Isometric Projectile Trajectory in Swift and SpriteKit

Exponential time complexity in the Swift type checker

Convolutional Neural Networks in iOS 10 and macOS

invasivecode.com 2016-07-12

little bites of cocoa: #245: Masking Views with Text Using CATextLayer

Introducing Anchorage: Readable Auto Layout Code for iOS

How to Create an Xcode Source Editor Extension

Pentominoes, part six: Gestures

Translucid: Lightweight library to set an Image as text background

github.com/Ekhoo 2016-07-11

Localide: Localide is an easy helper to offer users a personalized experience by using their favorite installed apps for directions

facebook-sdk-swift: Integrate your iOS apps in Swift with Facebook Platform

Pokemon-Go-Controller: play pokemon go safely or at unavailable area

Cribble: Swifty tool for visual testing iPhone and iPad apps

SparkButtonDemo: Demonstrates the Like button animation

little bites of cocoa: #244: Grand Central Dispatch in Swift 3

Programmatic Navigation View Controllers in Swift 3.0

makeapppie.com 2016-07-11

Protocol oriented loading of resources from a network service in Swift

The secret life of types in Swift

medium.com 2016-07-11

iOS 10 Screencast: Property Animators: Timing Functions

Swift Algorithm Club: Swift Tree Data Structure

Cross-Platform Swift

video realm.io 2016-07-11

Pro Swift and Swift Algorithms

useyourloaf.com 2016-07-11

Using a Core Data Model in Swift Playgrounds

How to Generate PDF using HTML Templates and UIPrintPageRenderer in iOS

appcoda.com 2016-07-10

Why Does Apple Need Delegates?

makeapppie.com 2016-07-10

Firebase Login Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 7.3 iOS 9.3

video youtube.com 2016-07-09

iOS Swift Tutorial: Use live rendering with Xcode

brianadvent.com 2016-07-08

What to Expect From Swift 3

The perils of fallthrough

ericasadun.com 2016-07-08

Build Tic Tac Toe with AI Using Swift

medium.com 2016-07-08

Build Tic Tac Toe with AI Using Swift

medium.com 2016-07-08

iOS 10 Screencast: Sending Custom Messages in iMessage

Swift Compiler Integration in LLDB

video realm.io 2016-07-08

Protocol Extensions: A History

video realm.io 2016-07-08

Dive into Swift Ecosystem

video realm.io 2016-07-08


video realm.io 2016-07-08

Three Stories of Error Handling in Swift

video realm.io 2016-07-08

Motivation-based Library Abstraction

video realm.io 2016-07-08

WWDC diary – Custom stickers message app in iOS

vormlab.com 2016-07-08

Create Floating Emoji Button with UIPreviewInteraction – Swift 3 – iOS 10 (AKFloatingMoji)

ashishkakkad.com 2016-07-07

Hannibal #selector

bignerdranch.com 2016-07-07

I love Swift's Expressiveness

The Cretaceous Period of Swift Evolution

ericasadun.com 2016-07-07

Dear Erica: Help me guard for nil variable

ericasadun.com 2016-07-07

Musing: Extending literals

ericasadun.com 2016-07-07

Apple open sources Swift Playground Support

ericasadun.com 2016-07-07

Episode #227: Let's Build Activity++ - Part 5

nsscreencast.com 2016-07-07 Paywall

Styling Localized Strings with BonMot

raizlabs.com 2016-07-07

Core Plot Tutorial: Getting Started

SourceKit and You

realm.io 2016-07-07

Issue #29

Parsing XML Tutorial

xml ioscreator.com 2016-07-06

Tab Bar Controllers in Xcode 8 Storyboards

makeapppie.com 2016-07-06

Writing your own Swift ''if let''

mokacoding.com 2016-07-06

Swift Playgrounds for iPad

Efficient iOS Version Checking

pspdfkit.com 2016-07-06

iOS 10 Screencast: Custom Notification UI with Content Extensions

Conventions for Xcode

theswiftdev.com 2016-07-06

Universal Framework Run Script - Xcode 7.3 iOS 9.3

video youtube.com 2016-07-06

Throwing this here

ericasadun.com 2016-07-05

Accessing complete stdlib module declarations

ericasadun.com 2016-07-05

Implementing Dictionary In Swift

Using Attributed Strings in Swift 3.0

makeapppie.com 2016-07-05

Splitting up a storyboard in an ObjC/Swift mixed legacy project

medium.com 2016-07-05

Using MetalKit part 16

metal mhorga.org 2016-07-05

iOS Extensions: Document Provider Tutorial

The Open World of Swift 3

realm.io 2016-07-05

#97 Creating and Embedding Framework in iOS Application

An Update on Custom Modal Presentations

cocoanetics.com 2016-07-04

iOS 10 Screencast: Dynamic Sticker Packs in iMessage Apps

Privacy Settings in iOS 10

useyourloaf.com 2016-07-04

#96 Creating Messages Extension in iOS 10 Part 3 - Compact and Expanded Modes

#95 Creating Messages Extension in iOS 10 Part 2

UIStackView For Showing And Hiding User Interface Controls

Swift 3 sherlocked my library

jessesquires.com 2016-07-03

Conflicting Mental Models in TableFlip's Interface Design

#94 Creating Messages Extension in iOS 10 Part 1

SpriteKit Save Files in Swift 3

iOS Swift Tutorial: Get started with Firebase and an App like Twitter

brianadvent.com 2016-07-01

Separating ReSwift Actions from UI Events

What's New in Xcode 8

raytracinginoneweekend: The source for the ebook Ray Tracing in One Weekend by Peter Shirley

Xcode 8: How To Create an Animated iMessage Sticker

Episode #226: Let's Build Activity++ - Part 4

nsscreencast.com 2016-07-01 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: User Notification Management

Card Game Mechanics in Sprite Kit with Swift

Swift 3 - Selection Sort Challenge

Dear Erica: How do I create a visible, non-mutable array?

ericasadun.com 2016-06-30

Delay Function in Swift 3.0

NSLondon: Swift Package Manager

My Rules for Mutable Foundation Collection Objects

inessential.com 2016-06-30

Copy vs. Strong NSArray Properties

inessential.com 2016-06-30

WWDC2016: Swift 3.0 and the Playgrounds for iOS

makeapppie.com 2016-06-30

Adding Modal Views and Popovers in Swift 3.0

makeapppie.com 2016-06-30

Swift 3 + #keyPath()

medium.com 2016-06-30

Self-sizing Table View Cells

Super Spectacular Server-Side Swift!

realm.io 2016-06-30

TNSwiftyCheckboxGroup, create checkbox groups in Swift

the-nerd.be 2016-06-30

Neural Networks in iOS 10 and macOS

bignerdranch.com 2016-06-29


en.swifter.tips 2016-06-29

Holocene and heard: What’s up in Swift Evolution

ericasadun.com 2016-06-29

little bites of cocoa: #243: The Great Swift 3 Rename

Swift build time optimizations — Part 2

medium.com 2016-06-29

What is an optional value in Swift

mokacoding.com 2016-06-29

iOS 10 Screencast: iMessage Sticker Packs

16. Swift gist: String+Localized.swift

theswiftdev.com 2016-06-29

Depedency Injection in Swift - Artsy Engineering

artsy.github.io 2016-06-28

Open-Sourcing LayoutKit

That Integer Literal Thing

ericasadun.com 2016-06-28

Make it Swifter Challenge

ericasadun.com 2016-06-28

Generics and the Art of Inference Part 2 of 3

FlightAnimator: Natural Blocks Based Core Animation Framework

JDSlider: An iOS Slider

Swift-Koans: Learn Swift by making tests pass

Fischer: A cross-platform chess library for Swift

github.com/nvzqz 2016-06-28

Designing Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator in iOS 10 and Swift 3

little bites of cocoa: #242: Pre-loading Images with UICollectionViewDataSourcePrefetching

How to Use UIImagePickerController for a Camera and Photo Library in Swift 3.0.

makeapppie.com 2016-06-28

How to Submit An App to Apple: From No Account to App Store – Part 2

How to Submit An App to Apple: From No Account to App Store – Part 1

Swift and State management

How to Ditch Storyboards and Nibs Forever

davidnix.io 2016-06-27

Dear Playgrounds Santa: Playgrounds

little bites of cocoa: #241: UICollectionView Cell Pre-fetching

Using Segues and Delegates for Navigation Controllers in Swift 3.0

makeapppie.com 2016-06-27

Maintainable Swift Mocks

masilotti.com 2016-06-27


oleb.net 2016-06-27

Xcode 8 Extensions

peterwitham.com 2016-06-27

iOS 10 Screencast: The UserNotifications Framework

Auto Adjusting Fonts for Dynamic Type

useyourloaf.com 2016-06-27

Swift Type Aliases: Use Early and Often - Artsy Engineering

artsy.github.io 2016-06-26

Notify everything and everybody with NSNotification

Check Boxes in AppKit

Update Notice: Swift 3 and Storyboards

Loading View Controllers

video talk.objc.io 2016-06-25

GraphQL for iOS Developers - Artsy Engineering

artsy.github.io 2016-06-24

Parsing whitespace in an Xcode extension

Rapid, Interactive Prototyping With Xcode Playgrounds

Playgrounds 6: Focusing Interaction

Playgrounds 7: In w