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Swift Resources

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Source Code

KeychainAccess: wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X


FatSidebar View Component for macOS Released

ATScrollingNumbers: Scrolling number control with circular progress

Potatso: Potatso is an iOS client that implements Shadowsocks proxy with the leverage of NetworkExtension framework in iOS 9.

Introducing The ''How do I Auto Layout'' Cheatsheet

Swift-CheatSheet: Swift Cheat Sheet

swiftstats: Statistics for Swift

Swift: Caveats for Structs as data models

structs medium.com 2016-03-17

Breakpoints for UIViewController presentation warnings

little bites of cocoa: #141: App Transport Security Basics

Don't Build on El Capitan Without Checking App Transport Security

Xcodebuild Destination Cheatsheet

GKRandomDistribution, GKShuffledDistribution and the GKGaussianDistribution

Swift: Revisiting printing with string formats

Compressed Texture Formats in Metal

Birds, Cats and Dogs

weheartswift.com 2014-11-28

ATSketchKit: A Drawing Framework for iOS

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