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pulsinglayer: Adds a customizable CALayer halo effect to any arbitrary UIView


CALayer Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started

Swift 3.1 Column Chart Animation using CABasicAnimation and CALayer

knowstack.com 2017-05-22

Swift 3.1 CALayer

Bring Your App To Life with CALayers

CALayer realm.io 2016-09-06

A Beginner’s Guide to CALayer

CALayer appcoda.com 2016-08-29

Creating Gradient Colors Using CAGradientLayer

CALayer appcoda.com 2016-07-26

Quick Bits: Simple Text Label Transition

UILabel calayer.com 2016-06-23

CAShapeLayer in Depth, Part I

Quick Bits: Closure-based CAAnimationDelegate

calayer.com 2016-05-18

CATransaction in Depth

calayer.com 2016-05-18

AnimatablePlayButton: Animated Play and Pause Button written in Swift, using CALayer, CAKeyframeAnimation

CALayer in iOS with Swift: 10 Examples

Notes on the relative positioning and transformation of layers and sublayers (CALayer, frame, bounds, transform, position, Xcode)

A Swift Perambulation through the World of CATransform3D: Translation, Rotation and Scaling (CALayer, iOS, Xcode)

Float Rating View in Swift

CALayer medium.com 2014-09-21

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