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Swift Resources

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Getting Started

Tutorial: Collection View Using Swift

Source Code

AnimatedCollectionViewLayout: A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that adds custom transitions/animations to the UICollectionView without effecting your existing code

ArrayDiff: A Swift utility to make updating table views/collection views trivially easy and reliable

SwiftGen: A collection of Swift tools to generate Swift code (enums for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, …)

CKWaveCollectionViewTransition: Cool wave like transition between two or more UICollectionView

DDUtils: a VERY loose collection of individual classes and/or components for OSX/IOS that I find myself reusing 

GPaperTrans: Yet another UICollectionView layout transitions inspired by Facebook Paper App

DragDropCollectionView: A UICollectionView which allows for easy drag and drop to reorder cells. Mimicks the drag and drop on the iOS Springboard when reordering apps (wiggle animation included!).

Persei: Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView

swift_playgrounds: A collection of Swift playgrounds demonstrating language basics, JSON parsing, HTTP networking and File IO

SigmaSwiftStatistics: A collection of functions for statistical calculation in iOS and OS X

FMMosaicLayout: FMMosaicLayout is a mosiac collection view layout

NVActivityIndicatorView: Collection of nice loading animations

SwiftCGRectExtensions: A collection of CGRect, CGPoint and CGSize convenience functions

page-flip-for-UICollectionViewCell: Applying a book flip effect for a UICollectionViewCell to show a detail view


Updated Course: Beginning Collection Views

Collection View iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-10-23

UICollectionView Custom Layout Tutorial: Pinterest

Custom Collection View Layouts with tvOS: Part 2

bignerdranch.com 2017-08-22

Custom UICollectionViewLayout Tutorial With Parallax

Custom Collection View Layouts with tvOS: Part 1

Optimizing Collections

oleb.net 2017-06-12

Screencast: iOS 11 Drag and Drop with Table and Collection Views

Going Without the Flow - Exploring Collection View Layouts

martiancraft.com 2017-05-22

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 8: Custom Collections

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sequence and Collection

realm.io 2017-03-20

Updated Course: Custom Collection View Layout

Swift From Scratch: Collections and Tuples

Why String.CharacterView is not a MutableCollection

oleb.net 2017-02-07

Being a Mutable Collection is not Sufficient to be a MutableCollection

oleb.net 2017-02-06

Smooth Scrolling in UITableView and UICollectionView

medium.com 2017-01-25

Collection Views in macOS Tutorial

SwifterSwift: A handy collection of more than 370 native Swift 3 extensions to boost your productivity

IGListKit Tutorial: Better UICollectionViews

Updated Course: Beginning Collection Views


swiftunboxed.com 2016-11-28

Building a Custom Collection in Swift

little bites of cocoa: #272: Automatic Table View & Collection View Animations with Dwifft

iOS 10 Screencast: Collection View Data Prefetching

UICollectionView raywenderlich.com 2016-09-27 Paywall

What’s in a Collection

oleb.net 2016-09-22

UICollectionView Tutorial: Reusable Views, Selection, and Reordering

UICollectionView Tutorial: Getting Started

Photo Album in Collection View! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

Implementing CollectionType in Swift 2.x

Grokking Lazy Sequences & Collections

video realm.io 2016-07-26

Advanced Collection Views in OS X Tutorial

My Rules for Mutable Foundation Collection Objects

inessential.com 2016-06-30

little bites of cocoa: #242: Pre-loading Images with UICollectionViewDataSourcePrefetching

little bites of cocoa: #241: UICollectionView Cell Pre-fetching

NWSTokenView: NWSTokenView is a flexible UIView subclass that shows a collection of objects in a similar manner to the Messages app.

InfiniteUICollectionView: UICollectionView with infinite scrolling for both vertical and horizontal

UPCarouselFlowLayout: A fancy carousel flow layout for UICollectionView on iOS

Preheat: Automates prefetching of content in UITableView and UICollectionView

github.com/kean 2016-06-21

Video Tutorial: Beginning Realm on iOS Part 4: Collections

raywenderlich.com 2016-06-09 Paywall

Expanding-Collection: ExpandingCollection is a card peek/pop controller

Display Large Collection of Images in UITableView with SDWebImage

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 7: Moving Cells

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 8: Custom Layout

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 6: Deleting Cells

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 5: Subclassing Layout

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 4: Inserting Cells

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 3: Multiple Sections

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 1: Getting Started

Video Tutorial: Collection Views Part 2: Custom Cells

Video Tutorial: Collection Views: Introduction

Going with the flow

SabBar: Drop-in UITabBarController subclass that shows a sidebar with tabs based on trait collections

Sortable-Objects-Controller: A library for sorting custom objects into sections, good for UITableView and UICollectionView

KDRearrangeableCollectionViewFlowLayout: This is a simple implementation of a drag and rearrange collection view through its layout

little bites of cocoa: #234: Queryable, Live Inverse Realm Collections

Collection Data Structures in Swift

DisplaySwitcher: Custom transition between two collection view layouts

Episode #215: Custom Dragging with UICollectionView

Collection Views in OS X Tutorial

SwifterSockets: A collection of socket utilities in Swift for OS-X and iOS

Understanding Collections Types in Swift — Part

medium.com 2016-03-20

Devil is in the details II: immutable collections

ctarda.com 2016-03-15

Understanding Collection Types in Swift Part 2

medium.com 2016-03-13

Swift Collections — Part 1 (Arrays and Sets)

Array Set medium.com 2016-03-05

BTree: Fast ordered collections for Swift using in-memory B-trees

[swift-evolution] What about garbage collection?

lists.swift.org 2016-02-08

Swift Collection Type Array

Array knowstack.com 2016-01-29

Displaying multiple iOS charts with UICollectionView in Swift

little bites of cocoa: #161: UITableView vs. UICollectionView

Generic Collections, SubSequences and Overloading

Collection Indices, Slices, and Generics

Being Swifty with Collection View and Table View Cells

jamesonquave.com 2015-12-28

3. Swift gist: super cool UICollectionView reuse extension

theswiftdev.com 2015-12-23

CollectionView cells with circular images

theswiftdev.com 2015-12-02

Swift Collections

medium.com 2015-12-01

Using Trait Collections for Auto Layout and Size Classes

Building a Grid Layout with UICollectionView and Realm

Putting a UICollectionView in a UITableViewCell in Swift

Swift Hierarchical Selector Component based on UIPickerView & UICollectionView

little bites of cocoa: #104: Interactive Collection View Re-ordering

UITraitCollection Trick

Reordering Collection View Cells Tutorial

Parse + Native UICollectionView + Uploading images — Part 2 of 2

UICollectionView Custom Layout Tutorial: A Spinning Wheel

UICollectionView Custom Layout Tutorial: Pinterest

Swift Expanding Cells in iOS Collection Views

Want your Swift app to scroll in two directions, like Netflix? Here’s how.

Project 10: Names to Faces with UICollectionView

Animated Wave Transition in CollectionView – CKWaveCollectionViewTransition

My great big collection of conformances and associatedTypes

ericasadun.com 2015-07-30

UICollectionViews Now Have Easy Reordering

Swift: Enumerating Collections

ericasadun.com 2015-05-12

Collection Data Structures In Swift

Beginning iOS Collection Views in Swift: Part 1/2

Beginning iOS Collection Views in Swift: Part 2/2

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 7 :: Adaptive Layout and UITraitCollection

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 37 :: Autosizing Collection View Cells

TUTORIAL: Creating custom layouts for UICollectionView

Swift Collection Protocols

UICollectionViewFlowLayout animation timing

Custom Collection View Cell Tutorial in iOS8

ioscreator.com 2014-12-29

UICollectionView Pinterest Layout

Swift from Scratch: Collections and Tuples

Collection View Controller Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

ioscreator.com 2014-11-04

Swift Standard Libraries: Sequence and Collection Functions

Swift Standard Library: Generators, Sequences and Collections

How to create custom cells for UICollectionView using Swift

KDDragAndDropCollectionView: This is a companion to the http://karmadust.com/drag-and-drop-between-uicollectionviews/ tutorial

Changeset: Minimal edits from one collection to another

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