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CoreDataPlayground: A Core Data stack built inside a Swift playground

JSQCoreDataKit: A swifter Core Data stack

QueryKit: A simple CoreData query language for Swift

SerializableData: Swift 2.0 library to get/set json-type data, usable in NSUserDefaults and CoreData

AERecord: Super awesome Core Data wrapper in Swift (for iOS and OSX)


A Swift Implementation of the Core Data Stack Using NSPersistentContainer

How to Import a Large Data Set Using Core Data

Real World Example: Creating a Journal Entry App with Core Data in Swift Part 1

CoreData medium.com 2017-04-22

Core Data Fundamentals with Swift

Core Data: Solving Ambiguous Type / Redeclaration of Type

Parsing JSON response and save it in CoreData, step by step.

medium.com 2017-03-06

Easier Core Data Setup with Persistent Containers

Value types in CoreData

medium.com 2017-02-14

Core Data Code Generation

Beginner’s Guide to Core Data in Swift 3

CoreData medium.com 2016-12-28

Core Data 101: Saving and Fetching

#28 Better CoreData with Swift Generics

swifting.io 2016-11-27

Core Data Just Got Better

Multiple Managed Object Contexts with Core Data Tutorial

Lightweight Migrations in Core Data Tutorial

Getting Started with Core Data Tutorial

Using a Core Data Model in Swift Playgrounds

Concurrent Core Data, Now Easier Than Ever

CoreData holko.pl 2016-06-23

The Deprecation of iCloud Core Data

CoreData mjtsai.com 2016-06-17

Data Validation With Core Data: Advanced Constraints

Data Validation With Core Data: Common Constraints

Core Data in Swift: Data Storage and Management for iOS and OS X

#2 Core Data: Setting up the Core Data Stack

Episode #218: Core Data with Swift

CoreData video nsscreencast.com 2016-04-28 Paywall

Core Data Type Safety with Swift

#1 Core Data: Hello Core Data

Pragmatic Core Data

Core Data Lightweight Migration Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 7.2 iOS 9.2

Swift 2 Core Data Tutorial – Part 1

‪Make a List App Using Core Data! (Swift 2 in Xcode)‬

Work with Core Data in Swift Language

Swift 2 Core Data Tutorial – Part 2

Setting Up and Using iCloud Key-Value Store

Swift 2 Core Data – Everything you need to know Part 1

Core Data Threading Demystified

Saving Data in a tvOS App

Filtering Data with NSPredicate

Learning Core Data for iOS with Swift: A Hands-On Guide to Building Core Data Applications

Using Unique Constraints

Generating Core Data Swift

Modeling: From Structured Data Representation to Problem Domain

Core Data and Playgrounds

Ideas to Solve Background Fetching and Saving Race Conditions with Core Data

Core Data Calls Them Contexts for a Reason

Sorting Results with NSSortDescriptor

Using NSFetchedResultsController to Display Data

Transactions and Rolling Back Changes in Core Data with UnitOfWork

Put Usage of a CoreDataFetchRequest out of Your Code and Into ... Where Exactly?

Revisiting the Core Data + Domain Model Architecture

Expressive Domain Model, Core Data, and You

Core Data Migrations Tutorial: Lightweight Migrations

Fixing a broken UITableView linked with Core Data

Core Data Tutorial: Multiple Managed Object Contexts

Getting Started with Core Data Tutorial

Your First Core Data App Using Swift

How to Use NSBatchDeleteRequest in iOS 9

How to Save and Retrieve Files, Part 2

Save Yourself Casting Headaches with a Generic Fetch Request Object

How to Save and Retrieve Files, Part 1

How to Save and Retrieve Data from a Plist

How to Use NSUserDefaults

Sharing a Core Data Model with a Swift Framework


Core Data and Aggregate Fetches In Swift

CoreData cimgf.com 2015-06-25

What’s New in Core Data?

Sync Table View Data: NSFetchedResultsController and Swift

Creating, Retrieving, Updating, and Deleting Data with Core Data

How to Fetch Data

The Core Data Stack

Using Core Data in Swift

Core Data by Tutorials

Using Swift to Seed a Core Data Database

CoreData preparation

Core Data Cheat Sheet for Swift iOS Developers

Core Data Stack: Save and Fetch Entities

RESTKit Tutorial: how to fetch data from a RESTful API into Core Data

CoreData medium.com 2015-02-03

Unit Testing Model Layer with Core Data and Swift

PHImageManager, Core Data and Twitter Integration in Swift

Core Data Migrations Swift Tutorial

Improved Interaction Design for Deleting Items with Swift and Core Data

Updating and Deleting with Swift and Core Data


Swift and Core Data: Saving Data with Thumbnail Previews

Core Data in Swift Tutorial (Part 3)

Core Data in Swift Tutorial (Part 2)

Core Data in Swift Tutorial (Part 1)

CoreData Batch Updates in Swift

Implementing Core Data NSManagedObject Subclasses

Graph: An elegant data-driven framework for CoreData

Core Data (Florian Kugler and Daniel Eggert)

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