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Cmg: Easy image filtering library of using Core Image

Advanced Image Processing with Core Image

CoreImage realm.io 2016-06-10

Swift 3.0 for Core Image Developers

A Core Image Transverse Chromatic Aberration Filter in Swift

Random Numbers in Core Image Kernel Language

Core Image for Swift Version 1.3

BeautifyFaceDemo: It's a simple demo of realtime face beautification based on GPUImage

YUCIHighPassSkinSmoothing: An implementation of High Pass Skin Smoothing

Simulating Depth-of-Field with Variable Bokeh in Core Image

Simulating Bokeh with Metal Performance Shaders

Creating a Lens Flare Filter in Core Image

vImage Histogram Functions Part II: Specification

New Core Image Procedural Noise Generators for Filterpedia

Recreating Kai's Power Tools Goo in Swift

New Custom Core Image Filters

A Look at Perspective Transform & Correction with Core Image

Creating a Custom Variable Blur Filter in Core Image

Core Image for Swift v1.2 Released!

Review: Core Image for Swift: Advanced Image Processing for iOS by Simon J Gladman

SwiftImageProcessing: This project demonstrates how to do pixel operations in swift

Creating a Selective HSL Adjustment Filter in Core Image

Creating a Bulging Eyes Purikura Effect with Core Image

Core Image for Swift: Advanced Image Processing for iOS

Core Image for Swift: Advanced Image Processing for iOS (Simon J Gladman)

Core Image Introduction: Applying Image Filters to Photos

New Custom Core Image Filters Added to Filterpedia

Computational Fluid Dynamics in CoreImage with CIKernel

Creating a Slide Show App with Core Image Transitions

Project 13: Instafilter: Core Image and UISlider

little bites of cocoa: #32: CoreImage Basics

New in iOS 9: Filtering SceneKit Nodes with Core Image Filters

New Core Image Filters in iOS 9

Fast Core Image Filter Chaining in Swift with Shinpuru Image

Shinpuru Image: Syntactic Sugar for Core Image & Accelerate/vImage

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 13 :: CoreImage Detectors

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 19 :: CoreImage Kernels

Core Image Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

Beginning Core Image in Swift

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