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ParticleLab: Particle system that's both calculated and rendered on the GPU using the Metal framework

fireworks: Fireworks Graphics Demo (OSX/Metal/Swift)


Primordial Particle System in SideFX Houdini

Particle Emitter iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-09-11

Particle Advection by Gray Scott Reaction Diffusion Revisited

Particle Advection by Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

Creating a Simple Particle Simulation with Go by William Ferguson

Scene Kit Tutorial with Swift Part 5: Particle Systems

Chaos in Houdini! Modeling Strange Attractors with Particles

little bites of cocoa: #247: Particle Effects with CAEmitterLayer

ParticlesLoadingView: A customizable SpriteKit particles animation on the border of a view

Scene Kit Tutorial with Swift Part 5: Particle Systems

Particle Emitter with SpriteKit

iOS Live Camera Controlled Particles in Swift & Metal

Particle Emitter Tutorial in Sprite Kit with Swift

Audio Visualisation for iOS with AudioKit & ParticleLab

Particles Set Free! High Performance Particles for Swift Developers

Mind Blowing Metal - Four Million Particles at Forty Frames per Second on an iPad

Swift & Metal: Four Million Particles on an iPad

Swarm Chemistry: Creating an Advanced GPU Based Particle System with Metal

Two Million Particles at 25 Frames Per Second on an iPad

1,000,000 Particles on an iPad

Computing Particle Systems in Swift with Metal Kernel Functions

‪Swift SpriteKit Tutorial Part 5(Revised): Emitting Particles‬

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