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Swift Resources

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Swift Source Code

ExSwift: A set of Swift extensions for standard types and classes

Source Code

SwiftGen: A collection of Swift tools to generate Swift code (enums for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, …)

Colours: A beautiful set of predefined colors and a set of color methods

Shark: Swift Script that transforms the .xcassets folder into a type safe enum

SerializableData: Swift 2.0 library to get/set json-type data, usable in NSUserDefaults and CoreData

Swiftline: Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications


Setting the NSTextView Line Height in a Beautiful Way

Building automatic `OptionSet` entries

ericasadun.com 2017-11-24

How To Set Corner Radius for UIButtons Using Swift

peterwitham.com 2017-11-21

A Beautifully Elegant way to Set-Match

ericasadun.com 2017-10-25

Using Xcode Configuration (.xcconfig) to Manage Different Build Settings

appcoda.com 2017-10-20

Managing Front-End Assets in Vapor, Part 3: Concatenating Files

bignerdranch.com 2017-08-28

Managing Front-End Assets in Vapor, Part 2: Using a Package Manager

bignerdranch.com 2017-08-07

Video Tutorial: iOS Design Patterns Part 2: Project Setup

How to Import a Large Data Set Using Core Data

How to setup Xcode Swift Project to use LLVM C APIs

medium.com 2017-04-22

Setting the Line Height of a NSTextView

Easier Core Data Setup with Persistent Containers

Setting up a Swift development environment on Raspberry Pi

Easier Core Data Setup with Persistent Containers

useyourloaf.com 2017-01-16

Reducing to Swift sets

ericasadun.com 2016-12-21

#30 Cyclomaticly Complex Settings View Controller

swifting.io 2016-12-11

Swift Holy Wars: To bracket or not in option sets?

sets ericasadun.com 2016-12-06

Fun with Sets

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 3 - Xcode Project Setup

Firebase Tutorial - Ep 2 - Firebase App Setup

Holy War: Enum Hash Values and Option Sets

ericasadun.com 2016-11-07

iOS Settings Bundle – Let Users Save Their Preferences via the iOS Settings App

Thinking from Scratch with Sets in Swift

How To Make an App - Ep 13 - Image Asset Library in Xcode 8

Swift 3 text field magic, part 3: Creating text fields that ban a specific set of characters

globalnerdy.com 2016-10-09

Option Sets in Swift

oleb.net 2016-09-28

Swift 3 text field magic, part 2: Creating text fields that accept only a specific set of characters

globalnerdy.com 2016-09-12

How To Save and Load Your iOS Application Settings Using UserDefaults in Swift 3

peterwitham.com 2016-09-12

Unleashing Build Settings On Your Swift Project

williamboles.me 2016-09-12

Creating a Swarm Chemistry Digital Asset in Houdini

Setting Up Firebase Without Using CocoaPods

Questions: “Can you call super in a setter?”

ericasadun.com 2016-08-08

EasyAbout: A way to easily add Cocoapod licenses and App Version to your iOS App using the Settings Bundle

Removing Bit Flags in Option Sets: or Fun with AVFoundation

ericasadun.com 2016-07-20

Translucid: Lightweight library to set an Image as text background

github.com/Ekhoo 2016-07-11

Privacy Settings in iOS 10

useyourloaf.com 2016-07-04

SwingSet: Quickly convert Swift Playgrounds to SwiftPM packages

CCAnimations: This is a set of custom CAAnimations

xTextHandler: Xcode Source Editor Extension Toolset (Plugins for Xcode 8)

Spots: Spots is a view controller framework that makes your setup and future development blazingly fast

Compass: Compass helps you setup a central navigation system for your application

NGUtilitiesSwift: NGUtilities for Swift is a set of Swift extensions that every Swift project should have

SWMessages: NGUtilities for Swift is a set of Swift extensions that every Swift project should have

Scrollable-GraphView: An adaptive scrollable graph view for iOS to visualise simple discrete datasets

Setting Up Our Own Mobile App Backend Server on Amazon EC2

AVXCAssets-Generator: AVXCAssets Generator takes path for your assets images and creates appiconset and imageset for you in just one click

SwiftyOAuth: A small OAuth library with a built-in set of providers

github.com/delba 2016-05-10

Load assets from bundle resources in Cocoapods

the-nerd.be 2016-04-29

#2 Core Data: Setting up the Core Data Stack

Introducing GPUImage 2, redesigned in Swift

setNeedsDisplay And drawRect Explained

iosinsight.com 2016-04-14

Using Xcode's Schemes to run a subset of your tests

little bites of cocoa: #228: Standard Setup - Authentication with Moya

master: A view that takes a set of images, make transition from one to another by using flipping effects

Parse Migration: How to Setup and Deploy Parse Server on Heroku or AWS

little bites of cocoa: #223: Standard Setup

5 Heuristics for ''I have a complicated nested view controller setup. How do I handle passing data?''

Immutable setters

ericasadun.com 2016-03-24

VIPER by Experience: How to Set Up an iOS Project

How to Use SwiftGen to Generate an Enum From Your Asset Catalog

metova.com 2016-03-15

Using Settings Bundles with Swift

makeapppie.com 2016-03-14

Styling buttons using the Asset Catalog

JGSettingsManager: An easy-to-use settings manager to define, access, and store NSUserDefaults the Swift way

Swift Collections — Part 1 (Arrays and Sets)

Array Set medium.com 2016-03-05

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 4: Photo Extensions: Shared Settings

Setting Up Parse Server On Heroku For iOS

Dealing with Bit Sets in Swift

uraimo.com 2016-02-05

7. Swift gist: UIEdgeInsets + init extension

theswiftdev.com 2016-01-20

Quick Tip: Set Location of Simulator when Requesting Users Location

Setting Up and Using iCloud Key-Value Store

Swift: Public Properties With Private Setters

‪CocoaPods Tutorial - How to install and setup Cocoa Pods for Xcode‬

‪Build a Shopping App with Moltin - Ep 2 - Setting up your store‬

Episode #198: NSSTV Part 1 Project Setup

video nsscreencast.com 2015-11-19 Paywall

Swift + Option Set

medium.com 2015-10-31

Sets vs Dictionaries smackdown in #swiftlang

Swift Tutorial: 2.0 Differences 12 - Option Set Type

‪How To Make an App - Ep 13 - Image Asset Library in Xcode 7 (Swift 2, iOS 9)‬

Episode #184: DZNEmptyDataSet

video nsscreencast.com 2015-08-27 Paywall

little bites of cocoa: #67: CloudKit Assets

4 Xcode Asset Catalog Secrets You Need to Know

krakendev.io 2015-08-10

Load assets from bundle resources in Cocoapods

Setting Up Carthage for the Terminal-Timid

OptionSetType + Swift 2 means no more nil values for animateWithDuration

iphonedev.tv 2015-07-28

iOS: You’re Doing Settings Wrong

Fix UIViewController supportedInterfaceOrientations() to use UIInterfaceOrientationMask and OptionSetType in Swift 2

iphonedev.tv 2015-06-23

Swift 2 error handling in practice

What's New in Swift 2: repeat-while, guard, defer, ErrorType, OptionSetType, multi-payload enums, if-case, for-case, #available, try!

little bites of cocoa: #14: Create Beautiful Empty Data Sets with DZNEmptyDataSet

Setting up Jenkins CI on a Mac

jenkins cimgf.com 2015-05-26

Swift How-To: Setting up a Table View

How to set up different Auto Layout constraints for different screen sizes

Swift + Set

medium.com 2015-04-18

Painless Migration to Swift 1.2: Sets and Touches and Rock and Roll

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 22 :: Linking to Settings App

Particles Set Free! High Performance Particles for Swift Developers

Use Settings with NSUserDefaults in iOS8 with Swift

ioscreator.com 2015-02-23

Swift Set Type in Swift 1.2

Swift 1.2: Let's Talk About Sets, Baby

iOS Swift + Parse.com / Tutorial  -  set up Xcode project (Part 2 of 3)

ParseSDK medium.com 2015-02-06

iOS Swift + Parse.com / Tutorial  -  set up Xcode project (Part 1 of 3)

ParseSDK medium.com 2015-02-06

Setting up backgrounds for UIView

‪How To Make a Soundboard App (Star Wars theme) - Ep 02 Xcode Project Set up‬

Why We're Rewriting Our Robotics Software in Swift

How to localise images using Asset Catalogs

peterfennema.nl 2014-11-16

Lenses in Swift: Combining getters and setters for great glory

‪Swift SpriteKit Tutorial Part 6(Revised): Timers and Resets‬

XCode 6: How To Add Image Assets To Your Playground

Set Type Follow-up

Set natecook.com 2014-08-25

Creating a Set Type in Swift

Set natecook.com 2014-08-20

Exploring Swift using GPUImage

A simple split-flap display for your Swift applications http://cocoadocs.org/docsets/Splitflap

Algorithm: A toolset for writing algorithms and probability models in Swift.

netfox: A lightweight, one line setup, iOS network debugging library

ai2app: Creating AppIcon sets from Adobe Illustrator

Changeset: Minimal edits from one collection to another

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