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SiriKit Part 4: Custom UI

bignerdranch.com 2017-10-11

SiriKit Part 3: Finishing Touches

bignerdranch.com 2017-10-03

SiriKit Part 2: Resolve, Confirm, Handle

bignerdranch.com 2017-09-28

SiriKit Part 1: Hey Siri, How Do I Get Started?

bignerdranch.com 2017-09-19

A Beginner’s Guide to SiriKit in Swift

SiriKit appcoda.com 2017-06-05

SiriKit Tutorial for iOS

Hacking SiriKit

realm.io 2017-03-06

Create SiriKit Extensions in iOS 10

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 9 :: SiriKit Intents

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating a SiriKit UI Extension

iOS 10 Screencast: Handling Interactions with SiriKit

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-29 Paywall

Radical Message – Learn to add SiriKit in your messages app

iOS 10 Screencast: SiriKit Resolution & Confirmation

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating a SiriKit Extension

#20 SiriKit – Can you outsmart provided Intents?

swifting.io 2016-07-18

SiriKit Resolutions with Swift 3 and iOS 10 – SiriKit Tutorial (Part 2)

Siri Integration in iOS 10 with Swift – SiriKit Tutorial (Part 1)

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