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adaptive-tab-bar: Adaptive Tabbar


UINavigationController Inside UITabBarController With Storyboard

iosinsight.com 2017-03-12

#112 Securing TabBar Items Using Protocol Extensions

Swift 3 UITabBarItem Font

iosinsight.com 2016-10-11

Tab Bar Customisation Tutorial

EVTopTabBar: A custom PageViewController for iOS with the tab bar control at the top

github.com/epv44 2016-06-22

animated-tab-bar: RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift module for adding animation to tabbar items

SabBar: Drop-in UITabBarController subclass that shows a sidebar with tabs based on trait collections

TabDrawer: TabDrawer is a customizable TabBar UI element that allows you to run a block of code upon TabBarItem selection, or display a customizable drawer

Extending UITabBarItem with IBInspectable PaintCode icons

codelle.com 2016-03-07

Mobile App with UITabBarController + Sliding Side Menus

Tab Bar Controller Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

Create an Animated TabBar

swiftcast.tv 2014-12-19

Swift Swift: Using Tab Bar Controllers in Swift

hamburger-menu: An elegant UITabBarController subclass

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