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Persei: Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView

Static: Simple static table views


Swift Enums and UITableView Sections

medium.com 2017-07-22

Enable slide to delete in UITableView

UITableView – Tutorial For Beginners

Prototype Cells in Table View iOS Tutorial

UITableView: Automatic Row Height

Smooth Scrolling in UITableView and UICollectionView

medium.com 2017-01-25

Learn iOS 10, WatchOS 3 Programming | Tutorial #14 - Grouped UITableView Basics

WatchKit youtu.be 2017-01-17

How to Use UISearchController to Add Search Your UITableViews

Getting Auto Layout to Work in a UITableView

Using Tableviews in Subviews

UITableView Customization and Custom UITableViewCell

How To Implement a Sticky View While Table View Scrolls; Like App Store app [Swift 3]

Structuring UITableViews by Using Enums

UITableViewRowAction Example in Swift

MYTableViewIndex: A pixel perfect replacement for UITableView section index

How To Make Expandable UITableViewCells For Dynamic Text Height With Auto Layout

PHExpendableCells: Library to display cells with min and max height like UITableView, it's made with an UIView and UIScrollView

github.com/pi3r0 2016-06-22

Preheat: Automates prefetching of content in UITableView and UICollectionView

github.com/kean 2016-06-21

Registerable Views

Building a Custom Content View with UITableView and MapKit

appcoda.com 2016-06-05

Display Large Collection of Images in UITableView with SDWebImage

UITableViewCell Separator. Hide Separator or Change Left Side Spacing

Table View Controllers in Swift

Sortable-Objects-Controller: A library for sorting custom objects into sections, good for UITableView and UICollectionView

Upgrade your TableViews with Loading State in Swift

Feedback to “The best table view controller”

MartyJunior: You can change tab contents with swipe gesture on middle of UITableView

The best table view controller (Mar 2016 edition)

EECellSwipeGestureRecognizer: Clean and easy way to implement swipe actions to UITableViewCell

Table View Cell to Multiple Views! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

little bites of cocoa: #206: UITableView Cookbook

Table View – Completed (Part 6 of 6)

iOS 9: How to Peek & Pop A Specific View Inside a UITableViewCell

Self-sizing UITextView in a UITableView using Auto Layout (like Reminders.app)

Episode #206: More TableView Customization

UITableView video nsscreencast.com 2016-01-28 Paywall

The Most Common Mistake In Using UITableViews

Episode #205: TableView Customization

UITableView video nsscreencast.com 2016-01-22 Paywall

Using Generics to improve TableView cells

Typed, yet Flexible Table View Controller

little bites of cocoa: #161: UITableView vs. UICollectionView

iOS: Downloading Images Asynchronously (And Making Your UITableView Scroll Fast) is HARD

little bites of cocoa: #152: UITableView & UITableViewCell B-sides

How to Use Custom Table Cells in a UITableView

Extract UITableView Contents and Configuration Into Helpers

Presenter and MVVM for UITableViews?

How To Make a YouTube Video App - Ep 02 - Adding the UITableView

How To Create an Expandable Table View in iOS

How to Couple UITableView Cell Identifiers and View Models

Putting a UICollectionView in a UITableViewCell in Swift

UITableView Custom Edit Button In Each Row

cellForRowAtIndexPath in Four Lines

How to Make Drill-Down Tables

A different approach to UITableView delegate methods: a cool use of Swift’s enums.

Fixing a broken UITableView linked with Core Data

Animated TableView Pull to Refresh Loading – PullToBounce

How to properly do buttons in table view cells

Parallax UITableView header with Auto Layout

Parallax runmad.com 2015-08-30

Structure your UITableView better with structs and enums

Automatically resizing UITableViewCells with dynamic text height using Auto Layout

UISegmentedControl with UITableView example in Swift. Part 1

UISegmentedControl with UITableView example in Swift. Part 2

Use Context Menu with Table View Tutorial

HTML Rendering in Swift with Dynamic UITableViewCells

Want your Swift app to scroll in two directions, like Netflix? Here’s how.

little bites of cocoa: #50: Expanding UITableViewCells

Outsource your UITableViewDataSource

UITableView Swipe to Delete Workflow in Swift

Custom Menu Items for Table View Cells

iOS: Using the Wrong dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier!

Dynamic UITableView Row Height for Downloaded Images

Indexed Table View Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

Tutorial: Swipe Actions for UITableViewCell in Swift

UITableView Delegate and Datasource in Swift

Two Basic Ways To Populate Your UITableView

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 5 :: Auto-sizing table view cells

Swift Swift: Making Colorful Table views

Dynamic UITableViewCell Height

Basics of Pull to Refresh for Swift Developers

Swift iOS Tutorial: Taming UITableView Visual Blur and Autolayout

‪AzamSharp: Learning iOS Development Part 77 (Custom CheckBox in UITableView)‬

How to Build a Simple iOS Chat App - Ep 5 - Hooking up the UITableView

How to display parse.com images in a table view. iOS, Swift, Parse.com

Custom UITableViewCell for Text Input in Swift

Segue from UITableViewCell Taps in Swift

Add Search to Table View Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

Dynamic Table View Cell Height in iOS 8 and Swift

Getting Started With UITableView in Swift

UITableView and UITableViewCell Customization in Swift

Using UITableView and FooterView to Implement Commenting System: Building Yik Yak Clone Part 3

Reordering Rows from Table View in iOS8 with Swift

Parse Backed UITableView in iOS 8 : Build Yik Yak Clone Part 2

Xcode 6 Tutorial : Grouped UITableView

Swift iOS UITableView

Swift iOS Custom UITableViewCell

Customizing Header and Footer of Table View in iOS8 with Swift

All about table views

Add Rows to Table View Tutorial in iOS8

Delete Rows from Table View in iOS8

iOS: How to Change UITableViewCell’s Selection Color App Wide

How to Add Table View Search in Swift

Filling Table Views

Swift Table View Animations Tutorial: Drop-In Cards

Dequeueing Table Cells

UITableView: Deleting, Moving, and Viewing Rows

TableView Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

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