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ACAnimatedTextField: ACAnimatedTextField is a subclass of UITextField which replaces a text placeholder with an image

LTBouncyPlaceholder: A learning-by-doing UITextField extension

TextFieldEffects: Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops

VMFloatLabel: UITextField subclass with floating labels


How to Use a UIPickerView as Input For a UITextField Using Swift

peterwitham.com 2017-01-24

Swift 3: Custom UITextField with single line input

medium.com 2017-01-12

UITextField Drop Down List In Swift

iosinsight.com 2016-08-11

PLCurrencyTextField: UITextField that support currency in the right way.

UITextField-Navigation: UITextField-Navigation make it easier to navigate between UITextFields

little bites of cocoa: #246: UITextField B-sides

UIKeyboardLikePickerTextField: UITextField with UIPicker instead of keyboard as input view. Same as the Picker when you tap to a dropdown in Safari iOS.

TJTextField: UITextField with underline and left image

SRKControls: A Custom control which turns UITextfield to item-picker & date-picker.

How To Limit Characters in a UITextField w/ Character Counter

How to manage the keyboard for a UITextField

Editable UITextFields inside a UIAlertController

ios-blog.co.uk 2015-12-22

How to get UITextField text editing changed events for user input validation - Swift Tips 1

How to Dismiss UITextField’s Keyboard in your Swift App

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