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Blurable: Apply a Gaussian Blur to any UIView with Swift Protocol Extensions

EasyAnimation: A Swift library to take the power of UIView.animateWithDuration(_:, animations:...) to a whole new level - layers, springs, chain-able animations and mixing view and layer animations together!

Swift2-Protocol-Extension-Example: Playground showing how to use swift2 protocol extensions to render errors in UIViews and UIViewControllers without subclassing

pulsinglayer: Adds a customizable CALayer halo effect to any arbitrary UIView

UIViewXXYBoom: 一个好玩的效果,原谅我在家里网速慢,没有升级到Xcode 7,还是用的swift1.2,回到公司马上改到2.0


Custom UIViewController Transitions: Getting Started

UIView Animation in Swift 3

medium.com 2017-03-15

UIStackView Tricks: Proportional Custom UIViews with ‘Fill Proportionally’

How to Create Animation Chains - UIView.animate (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

Radial Gradients on a UIView (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

video youtu.be 2017-01-19

Animating Constraints Using iOS 10’s New UIViewPropertyAnimator

Using AutoLayout with UIView Subclasses in Playgrounds

Swift: UIView Animation Syntax Sugar

Quick Guide: Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator

thinkandbuild.it 2016-11-20

Create a Circular Transition Animation (Custom UIViewController Transitions)

brianadvent.com 2016-08-26

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 4 :: UIViewPropertyAnimator

Designing Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator in iOS 10 and Swift 3

SaveTheDot: A game developed using UIViewPropertyAnimator

NWSTokenView: NWSTokenView is a flexible UIView subclass that shows a collection of objects in a similar manner to the Messages app.

master: Circular progress UIView subclass with UIProgressView properties

PHExpendableCells: Library to display cells with min and max height like UITableView, it's made with an UIView and UIScrollView

github.com/pi3r0 2016-06-22

A quick look at UIViewPropertyAnimator

TIL: UIViewController.init() might initialize a xib

ctarda.com 2016-05-25

PanGestureView: UIView subclass that allows you to trigger actions based on Pan Gestures

‪IBInspectable UIView Borders Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 7.3 iOS 9.3‬

video youtu.be 2016-04-25

Writing Custom Animations on iOS | Part III

Stretching, Redrawing and Positioning with contentMode

Writing Custom Animations on iOS

SwiftSVG: A single pass SVG parser with multiple interface options (String, NS/UIBezierPath, CAShapeLayer, and NS/UIView

little bites of cocoa: 97: When UIViews Suddenly Disappear

little bites of cocoa: #193: UIView Transition Basics

Enhancing UIViews Using Extensions

holko.pl 2016-02-16

Breakpoints for UIViewController presentation warnings

4. Swift gist: UIViewController hierarchy

theswiftdev.com 2015-12-30

Creating Custom UIViewController Transitions

little bites of cocoa: #151: UIView B-sides

Safer UIViewController Creation When Using Storyboards

medium.com 2015-12-01

UIView Transformations and Animations

Protocol Extensions in Swift 2.0 – Draggable UIViews

Rotatable: A Swift Protocol Extension to Rotate any UIView

Applying Gaussian Blur to UIViews with Swift Protocol Extensions

UIView Fundamentals

Fix UIViewController supportedInterfaceOrientations() to use UIInterfaceOrientationMask and OptionSetType in Swift 2

iphonedev.tv 2015-06-23

little bites of cocoa: #1: UIViewController Initialization in Swift

Swift Swift: Making Background Images, Small Images and Custom UIViews with Autolayout

makeapppie.com 2015-05-03

Curling a UIView Up/Down with Swift

AzamSharp: Learning iOS Development Part 79 (UIView Transitions)

Prototyping UIView Animations in a Swift Playground

UIView Animation with Swift Tutorial

UIView Animation Sequencing and Grouping Techniques

Setting up backgrounds for UIView

Leaner UIViewControllers

bjmiller.me 2014-12-22

Basic UIView Animation with Swift Tutorial

Swift: Let's talk about text (UILabel, CATextLayer, UIView, CoreText, UITextView, UIWebView)

Input Accessorizing with UIViewController

Playing with UIView shadows

UIView mookid.dk 2014-06-16

TransitionTreasury: Easier way to push your viewController

PageView: The PageView class manages a list of content pages (UIView subclasses) and allows infinite scrolling through those. A one-row layout is supported.

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