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Local Receipt Validation for iOS in Swift From Start to Finish

Finalizing Receipt Validation in Swift – Computing a GUID Hash

Receipt Validation – Parse and Decode a Receipt with Swift

Using an Existing SQLite Store with NSPersistentContainer

Why is it called a “Closure” anyway? A Swift Conceptual Look.

A Swift Implementation of the Core Data Stack Using NSPersistentContainer

What in the World is an “Escaping Closure” in Swift?

Core Data Model Attributes and NSManagedObject Property Types Must Match!

How to Unwrap Multiple Optionals with One If-Let in Swift

Creating the Core Data Stack with Backwards Compatibility in Swift

Swift Tip – Accessing a User’s Documents Directory with URL Extension

Core Data Fundamentals with Swift

Core Data: Solving Ambiguous Type / Redeclaration of Type

Using a Core Data Model in Swift Playgrounds

Force Unwrapping Swift Optionals: Code Smell!

Is Protocol Oriented Swift Better than Object Oriented Swift?

Extracting a PKCS7 Container for Receipt Validation with Swift

Creating Calendar Events with Event Kit and Swift

Swift Cheat Sheet for Dates, Formatters, & Date Components

Parse PFCloud – “JSON text did not start with array or object”

Working with Swift: Adopt a Protocol or Pass a Function?

Listing Calendar Events with Event Kit and Swift

Deploying Parse Dashboard

Adding Buttons to the Navigation Bar with Storyboards

Swift Functions as Types

Fade Views In/Out with Fadeable – A Swift Protocol Extension

Fundamentals of Callbacks for Swift Developers

Swift Framework Woes – Unresolved Identifier? No Member?

Working with Unwind Segues Programmatically in Swift

Get Social With Swift – Posting to Facebook and Twitter

Creating Trust-able Unit Tests in Swift

Loading a Receipt for Validation

Preparing to Test Receipt Validation for iOS

OpenSSL for iOS & Swift the Easy Way

Testability Tip for Swift Developers – Parameterize and Push

Sharing a Core Data Model with a Swift Framework

Analyzing Swift Protocol Extensions and C# Abstract Classes

Setting Up Carthage for the Terminal-Timid

UITableView Swipe to Delete Workflow in Swift

Circular Progress Indicator in Swift

Every Swift Value Type Should Be Equatable

Swift UIColor Extension – Create using RGB Values (Not %)

Creating Calendars with Event Kit and Swift

Tips for Unpacking UINavigationControllers in Swift

Access Sub-Controllers from a UINavigationController in Swift

Sync Table View Data: NSFetchedResultsController and Swift

Swift How-To: Setting up a Table View

Beginner’s Guide to EventKit in Swift – Requesting Permission

Strong, Weak, and Unowned – Sorting out ARC and Swift

Clarifying Swift Access Control (Hint: Swift Isn’t C#)

3 Nuances of Swift Extensions

Testability Tip for Swift Developers – Public Over Private

How Delegation Works – A Swift Developer’s Guide

Enums Instead of Booleans – An Example Implementation

What is Delegation? – A Swift Developer’s Guide

Basics of Pull to Refresh for Swift Developers

An (Almost) TDD Workflow in Swift

Displaying Data With NSFetchedResultsController and Swift

Using Swift to Seed a Core Data Database

Core Data Cheat Sheet for Swift iOS Developers

Custom UITableViewCell for Text Input in Swift

NSNotificationCenter vs Delegation – An Analysis

NSNotificationCenter vs Delegation – A Swift Analysis

Converting Complex Objective-C Macros to Swift Functions

Conveniently Transforming Immutable Types in Swift

Unit Testing Model Layer with Core Data and Swift

Immutable Types with Changing State in Swift

Getting Started with Unit Testing in Swift

Swift Unit Testing – Verifying Method Calls

Swift Unit Testing Resources

Distinguishing Between Multiple UIActionSheets with Swift

Rotate Animation in Swift

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