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Swift Documentation Markup Template Generator using SourceKit

ankit.im 2016-06-08

Creating Objective-C and C++ packages using Swift Package Manager

ankit.im 2016-05-21

Playing with llbuild core in swift!

ankit.im 2016-04-22

Creating the $1.4 million TSA Randomizer app in under 4 minutes using swift

ankit.im 2016-04-09

Compiling and interpolating C using the Swift Package Manager

Improving system modules support in swiftpm

Swift Package Manager Super Updates

Swift Abstract Syntax Tree

ankit.im 2016-02-29

The self-hosted Swift Package Manager

Exploring Swift Dictionary's Implementation

Dictionary ankit.im 2016-01-20

Highlights from my first pure swift iOS app - Swiflytics

ankit.im 2016-01-18

Swift's mysterious Builtin module

ankit.im 2016-01-12

Exploring Swift Array's Implementation

Array ankit.im 2016-01-08

Creating value-type generic Stack in swift with pointers and copy-on-write feature

Ship C code with swift packages using swift package manager

Travis build script for swift package manager based packages

Generate swift packages directory structure on the fly

Hacking Atom to create a Swift IDE that runs on Linux and Mac

Developing and Debugging Swift Packages using Swift Package Manager

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