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Use of Codable and Coding Key with JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder in Swift 4

ashishkakkad.com 2017-06-29

Email and password based authentication with Firebase in Swift

ashishkakkad.com 2017-04-28

SwiftGoingFaster by Precompiled Bridging Headers

ashishkakkad.com 2017-01-31

Firebase Remote Config [Swift]

ashishkakkad.com 2016-11-25

Refined API Naming : Migrating to Swift 3!

ashishkakkad.com 2016-10-18

Push Notifications in iOS 10

ashishkakkad.com 2016-09-29

Steps to use Legacy Swift in Xcode 8

ashishkakkad.com 2016-09-21

Bye Bye to NS from Swift!!

ashishkakkad.com 2016-08-05

iOS 10 New Frameworks

ashishkakkad.com 2016-07-12

Create Floating Emoji Button with UIPreviewInteraction – Swift 3 – iOS 10 (AKFloatingMoji)

ashishkakkad.com 2016-07-07

Use of Operator Overloading with Swift

Swift 2.2 Warnings and It’s Solutions – Xcode 7.3

ashishkakkad.com 2016-03-30

How to create a wrapper for Alamofire and SwiftyJSON?

Use of Blocks(Closures) or Completion Handlers with Function in Swift – iOS

ashishkakkad.com 2016-02-27

Create your own CocoaPod – Swift / Objective-C

ashishkakkad.com 2016-01-23

Work with Core Data in Swift Language

Use of constant (#define) in Swift Language – iOS

ashishkakkad.com 2015-12-26

How to use Alamofire and SwiftyJSON with Swift? – Swift 2 – iOS 9 – Xcode 7

Create your own Slider menu (Drawer) in Swift 2 – iOS 9

How to work with IBDesignable and IBInspectable in Swift Language?

Realm – mobile database with Swift

Facebook Login – Swift Language – iOS 8

ashishkakkad.com 2015-05-30

Passing data with Unwind Segue in Swift Language – iOS 8

Work with Unwind Segue in Swift Language – iOS 8

Google Place Autocomplete View With Swift Language through Alamofire networking library

Requesting Access to the Address Book – Swift Language – iOS 8

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