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Introducing The ''How do I Auto Layout'' Cheatsheet

Fastest way to use Auto Layout in code

candycode.io 2016-06-10

Swift Optionals Demystified

candycode.io 2016-06-03

How to properly do buttons in table view cells using Swift closures

candycode.io 2016-05-22

A practical MVVM example in Swift – Part 2 (featuring RxSwift)

candycode.io 2016-05-15

A practical MVVM example in Swift – Part 1

MVVM candycode.io 2016-05-02

Supporting links in text

candycode.io 2016-04-24

How can intrinsic content size help make my layouts cleaner?

Self-sizing UITextView in a UITableView using Auto Layout (like Reminders.app)

UISlider with steps (snapping to values)

Fixing a broken UITableView linked with Core Data

How to properly do buttons in table view cells

Animating Auto Layout Constraints

Hiding views with Auto Layout

Automatically resizing UITableViewCells with dynamic text height using Auto Layout

Dynamic UITableView Row Height for Downloaded Images

How to set up different Auto Layout constraints for different screen sizes

Sharing data between view controllers and other objects

candycode.io 2015-05-03

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