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How to Use NSGlyph in Swift

Setting the NSTextView Line Height in a Beautiful Way

FatSidebar View Component for macOS Released

Non-Obvious Swift: Defer

Setting the Line Height of a NSTextView

How to Make ReSwift Actions Undoable with NSUndoManager

Handle Pending File Changes with ReSwift as Your Backbone

Express Either–Or-Relationships as Enums

How to Unit Test Dispatching ReSwift Actions from RxSwift Observables

Better Swift FileManager File Existence Checks

Refactoring – Extract Objects Horizontally or Vertically

A Look at the ReSwift Event Log During Launch of My Latest Project

How to Save File Changes Using ReSwift Actions

Swipe Transitions and ReSwift

Always Pay Attention to Implications of Technical Advice

Lifting Into a New Type: My first ‘Idiomatic’ RxSwift Unit Test

RocketData is a Uni-Directional UI Compontent Data Source

Debugging NSBeep Error Sound in NSResponder Method Calls

Resolving NSTreeController's ‘Ambiguous use of 'children’ in Swift 3

Breaking NSLocale API Changes Revisited

Magic Numbers Represent Concepts

Swift 2.3 NSLocale UIKit API Changes Break iOS 8 Compatibility

Assertions in Swift Kill Your Code

Switch VS Checkbox in User Interface Design

Putting ReSwift Actions on the Undo Stack Using Middleware

When You Code, You Design Both Structure and Information Flow

Transparent NSTableView Headers

NSDocument Weirdness: Sheet Contents Appear Disabled

Implementing CollectionType in Swift 2.x

Splitting the View Models of TableFlip, a Short Aftermath

TIL: How to Make NSTextView Reject Newlines

Iteratively Improving Your App: Decoupling Components at Module Seams and Adding Facades

I love Swift's Expressiveness

UIStackView For Showing And Hiding User Interface Controls

Conflicting Mental Models in TableFlip's Interface Design

Separating ReSwift Actions from UI Events

Check Boxes in AppKit

Location Matters

Disabling Segments in a NSSegmentedControl in a Toolbar

How to Create a Segmented NSToolbarItem like Apple Mail.app

Coding TableFlip: the Bigger Picture

Principles of Object-Oriented Design in Swift 2.2

TIL You Can Cancel Enqueued GCD Blocks

The Surprising Intricacies of Editing Parts of NSTableView

Custom Enumerated Sequences in Just 1 Line of Code

Swift Depends on Objective-C

Better Sliding Menus

How to Get Started with Swift: Write New Tests in Swift

What I Did When I Found Emojis in Strings Always Lost the Last Byte

Replacing Loops with Mapped Ranges

Type-Safe Storyboard Segues

The Power of Guard

How to Edit NSTableView Headers with a Double-Click

Refactoring to Clean Value Transformations in Swift

Use Xcode Deprecation Warnings to Refactor

Currying and Treating Instance Methods as Curried Functions

5 Heuristics for ''I have a complicated nested view controller setup. How do I handle passing data?''

Swift Selector Syntax Sugar

Translate Optional Delegate Protocol Methods to Swift Block-based Event Handlers Using Nested Objects

Blocks: Useful to Perform Actions In Context

VIPER by Experience: How to Set Up an iOS Project

How I Toggle or Switch 2 NSMenuItems from the Main Menu

Extend View Controllers with Behavior Objects Right from Within Interface Builder

Creating a Cheap Protocol-Oriented Copy of SequenceType (with a Twist!)

How to Create Fixture Files for Unit Tests

Creating a Lens for an Object to Provide a New Public Interface

Featherweight Router

Import Parts of a Module

Ignoring UILocalNotifications When the App is Running

rethrows in Swift

How do You Really Mock Objects You Don't Own? You Replace Them with Adapters

Information Flow and Stateful Buttons

Publish and Subscribe - Decoupling Deep View Hierarchies from Event Handlers

Inline Blocks as Result-Producing Helpers

Extract Private Functions as Collaborators


Always Write Functions to Cope with all Possible Parameter Values

Use and Misuse of Helper Functions

Block-Based API vs. Delegates – a Comparison

Flow Controllers to Replace Segue-based View Transitions

ReSwift, Law of Demeter, and Another Level of Indirection

Extending Types with a Conversion Factory: Where Should You Put It?

Events as Declarative State

Separating State from State Changes

How Closures are a Better Event Handler Protocol Alternative

iRamDisk May Speed Up Your Xcode Compilation Times

Get Your App Indexed by Google

Making Cocoa the Outermost Layer

Encapsulate a Process in a Single Line Using Bind and Good OO Design

Segues: How to Use Them While Saving Lines of Code

Separate Read Model from Write Model to Support Complex Forms

iOS View Architectures and VIPER Explained

Extract UITableView Contents and Configuration Into Helpers

Configuration Objects: Delegate Initialization to a Parameter

Parameter Objects Simplify Your API Versions

Presenter and MVVM for UITableViews?

Tips to Conquer Massive View Controllers

How to Couple UITableView Cell Identifiers and View Models

Jiggle GCD Queues to Find Problems

Modeling: From Structured Data Representation to Problem Domain

Ideas to Solve Background Fetching and Saving Race Conditions with Core Data

Core Data Calls Them Contexts for a Reason

What It Means to Domain-Drive Your Design

Don't Build on El Capitan Without Checking App Transport Security

NSOpenPanel's and NSSavePanel's Block-Based API is Superior

Small Helper Objects Take You Far

How I Solve the Unexpected Error Handling User Experience Problem

Make Custom Debug Build Configurations Play Nicely With CocoaPods

Optional Protocol Methods in Swift using Closures and No Protocol, Actually

Achieve More with a Variety of Value Objects

Decouple UI from Model with View Models and Controls

How to Move Bootstrapping Code Out of AppDelegate

Transactions and Rolling Back Changes in Core Data with UnitOfWork

Put Usage of a CoreDataFetchRequest out of Your Code and Into ... Where Exactly?

Revisiting the Core Data + Domain Model Architecture

Expressive Domain Model, Core Data, and You

How I Now Deal with Collapsible Split View Controllers on the iPhone 6

Universal Deep Linking on iOS: Design Each Scene to Be Remarkable

Swift Protocol Extensions as Mixins – And How Do You Test That?

Testing Shorthand: Use a Subclass of the Real Object Under Test

Using Guard in Unit Tests

Save Yourself Casting Headaches with a Generic Fetch Request Object

Dismissing a Modally Presented Scene on Both iPad and iPhones Using Unwind Segues

How to Create Flexible Components with Two Levels of Service Objects

How to Write Pragmatic, Testable Singletons

Where Instead of Using Functional Bind, I Create an Expressive Model

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