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TIL: CoreSimulator logs

ctarda.com 2017-10-14

TIL: A pleasant surprise when passing closures as parameters

ctarda.com 2017-08-09

Fun with protocols

ctarda.com 2017-05-29

Argument labels and parameter names

ctarda.com 2017-03-09

Tableview datasources and the decorator pattern

ctarda.com 2017-02-19

Generics and specialisation

generics ctarda.com 2016-12-15

How mutability bit my rear this past week

ctarda.com 2016-12-11

Swift’s defaults params, for fun and profit

ctarda.com 2016-11-25

Program to an interface, not an implementation

ctarda.com 2016-11-13

Replacing Type Code with Polymorphism

ctarda.com 2016-10-17

My take on iOS app architecture

ctarda.com 2016-10-15

A journey of thousand miles…

ctarda.com 2016-08-15

The reason why I try to avoid storyboards

ctarda.com 2016-07-15

This is how I parse JSON in Swift

json ctarda.com 2016-06-02

TIL: UIViewController.init() might initialize a xib

ctarda.com 2016-05-25

Swift extensions can be applied to Objective-C types

ctarda.com 2016-05-24

Clarity is more important than brevity. Sometimes you can have both

ctarda.com 2016-05-18


testing ctarda.com 2016-05-08

Polymorphism and protocol extensions

ctarda.com 2016-04-29

Modularity in layman’s terms

ctarda.com 2016-04-19

It’s the open-closed principle!. Duh!

ctarda.com 2016-04-15

Binding custom view properties with RxSwift

ctarda.com 2016-04-07

Building a custom ring

ctarda.com 2016-04-05

Swift Class Clusters

ctarda.com 2016-03-30

Devil is in the details II: immutable collections

ctarda.com 2016-03-15

Devil is in the details: final vars and methods

ctarda.com 2016-03-14

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