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Source Code

Date.swift: A Swift Date Library

Timepiece: Intuitive NSDate extensions


Swift Codable With Custom Dates

useyourloaf.com 2017-11-20

Screencast: IGListKit: Multiple Sections and Updates

Using DateFormatter to Format Dates and Times from APIs

date medium.com 2017-03-15

little bites of cocoa: #287: Relative Date Strings with DateComponents

little bites of cocoa: #286: DateFormatter Basics

Handling Dates with Swift 3.0

dev.iachieved.it 2016-09-20

EmojiTimeFormatter: Format your dates/times as emojis

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 4: Adding Swift syntactic magic

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 3: Date arithmetic

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 2: DateFormatter

How to work with dates and times in Swift 3, part 1: Dates, Calendars, and DateComponents

Being overly clever with dates

date ericasadun.com 2016-08-10

NSDate-Extensions: Practical real-world dates

github.com/erica 2016-08-09

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 2: Background Updates

Swift Cheat Sheet for Dates, Formatters, & Date Components

NSDateFormatter format for JSON dates

json mokacoding.com 2016-05-11

Swift Package Manager Super Updates

Xcode 7.3 updates playground rendering


How to get current day, month and year in NSDate() using Swift?

Updates in Swift 1.2

bjmiller.me 2015-04-17

Stupid Swift Tricks #2: Coalescing Updates

wooji-juice.com 2015-02-06

Swift Swift: Using Dates and the UIDatePicker in Swift

CoreData Batch Updates in Swift

Punctual.swift: Swift dates, more fun. Heavily inspired by ObjectiveSugar

SwiftDates: Elegant date arithmetic in Swift

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