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Let it throw, Let it throw!

Error Handling in Swift


Swift Error Throwing and Catching

Swift Error Handling

Let it throw, Let it throw!

Implementing printing versions of “try?” and “try!” — on steroids! in #swiftlang

How I Solve the Unexpected Error Handling User Experience Problem

‪London Swift - Do Try Catch in Swift 2.x‬

guard & defer

‪Swift Tutorial: 2.0 Differences 09 - Optional Error Handling‬

‪Swift Tutorial: 2.0 Differences 08 - Error Handling‬

‪Swift Tutorial: 2.0 Differences 07 - Do Try Catch‬

Using Guard in Unit Tests

Alternatives to try? #swiftlang

Good Errors #swiftlang

Tropical Storm Error-ca #swiftlang

Capturing context #swiftlang

Swift 2.0: Let’s try?

Optional throw via try? in Swift 2 beta 6

Naming Errors #swiftlang

How to “try?” (Yoda alert) #swiftlang (hint: beta 6)

Swift + Guard: Syntactical Sugar Pt.2

Nils vs Throws in #swiftlang Part II

Swift 2.0: throwing vs failing vs crashing vs bool

Nil vs throws #swiftlang

Using Guard In Unit Tests

Error Handling in Swift 2.0

Swift + Defer: Syntactical Sugar Pt.1

Swift 2.0: Why Guard is Better than If

Swift Exceptions are Swifty: Part 2

Swift Exceptions are Swifty: Part 1


The Guard Statement in Swift 2

Throw What Don't Throw

Keep your Swift Exceptions clean, easy to update and future proof

Lets try! Swift(version: Swift.2)

Some Initial Thoughts on Guards

Swift 2 error handling in practice

Swift 2: Test Driving the Error Handling

Swift Guard Statement

Closures that Throw: Rethrows in Swift 2.0

Swift: Why Try and Catch don’t work the way you expect

Swift 2.0: Day One (do-try-catch)

Try, Option Or Either?

Exception Handling in Swift

Error Handling in Swift: Might and Magic

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