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Swift Resources

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Swift Source Code

ExSwift: A set of Swift extensions for standard types and classes

Source Code

Blurable: Apply a Gaussian Blur to any UIView with Swift Protocol Extensions

SKLinearAlgebra: Swift extensions for Linear Algebra with SceneKit

821a0748257dc8d3581f: A Swift String extension that converts a hexadecimal color to a UIColor

DPImageCache: Extension for UIImageView. Help loading image asynchronously and store local file cache.

SwiftSortUtils: Useful functions and extensions for sorting

BusyNavigationBar: A UINavigationBar extension to show loading effects

sweetercolor: A color extension library

Swift2-Protocol-Extension-Example: Playground showing how to use swift2 protocol extensions to render errors in UIViews and UIViewControllers without subclassing

LTBouncyPlaceholder: A learning-by-doing UITextField extension

Timepiece: Intuitive NSDate extensions

SwiftCGRectExtensions: A collection of CGRect, CGPoint and CGSize convenience functions

SwiftSequence: A μframework of extensions for SequenceType in Swift 2.0, inspired by Python's itertools, Haskell's standard library, and other things

945e0f2945a3ffea378a: String extension to find the layout size of a String with specified attributes.

CGRectExtensionsOSX: An Ode to CGRect

DynamicColor: Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily


Expanding Swift through Protocols and Extension

codementor.io 2017-11-17

Useful Swift extensions

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-06

Awesome native Xcode extensions

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-05

Swift: Extensions

Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

video youtube.com 2017-05-25

A Beginner’s Guide to Protocols and Protocol Extensions in Swift

appcoda.com 2017-05-12

The challenge of implementing iOS share extension for end-to-end encrypted messenger

hackernoon.com 2017-04-21

Swift Tip – Accessing a User’s Documents Directory with URL Extension

Today Extension Tutorial: Getting Started

Overriding Swift Protocol Extension Default Implementations

Today Extensions in iOS 10 and Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-20

Swift Protocol Extensions Method Dispatch

medium.com 2017-02-20

Best image download extension library for Swift 3

medium.com 2017-02-08

What's in an EPUB 3 filename? Not much, it's all in the extension ... most of the time.

An Introduction To Extensions

Customizing Notifications with the Service and Content Extensions

makeapppie.com 2017-01-24

XShared: Xcode extension which allows you copying the code with special formatting quotes for social (Slack, Telegram)

Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

Create SiriKit Extensions in iOS 10

#112 Securing TabBar Items Using Protocol Extensions

Xgist: Xcode extension to send code to GitHub's Gist

github.com/Bunn 2016-12-17

SwifterSwift: A handy collection of more than 370 native Swift 3 extensions to boost your productivity

Hiding Your Action and Share Extensions In Your Own Apps

pspdfkit.com 2016-12-07

iOS 10: Notification Service Extensions

little bites of cocoa: #284: More Xcode Source Editor Extensions

little bites of cocoa: #278: Saving Time With Source Editor Extensions

How to Create an Xcode Source Editor Extension

Parsing whitespace in an Xcode extension

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating a SiriKit UI Extension

little bites of cocoa: #266: Notification Service Extensions

Preparing Your iOS App for Extensions

raizlabs.com 2016-09-12

little bites of cocoa: #262: Notification Content Extensions

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating a SiriKit Extension

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 6 :: Notification Content Extensions

How to change the placeholder color using Swift, Extensions or User Defined Runtime Attributes

ios-blog.co.uk 2016-09-01

iOS 10 Screencast: Dynamic Xcode 8 Extensions

raywenderlich.com 2016-09-01 Paywall

iOS 10 Screencast: Creating an Xcode 8 Extension

raywenderlich.com 2016-08-26 Paywall

Today Extension - Getting Started

video youtube.com 2016-08-22

Xcode 8 extensions

theswiftdev.com 2016-08-17 Paywall

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 3 :: Xcode Source Editor Extensions

NSDate-Extensions: Practical real-world dates

github.com/erica 2016-08-09

AspectFillFaceAware: An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image when using AspectFill

UploadImage: Extension helper for UIImageView to Upload an image when post to server

iOS 10 Screencast: Manipulating Push Notifications with Service Extensions

raywenderlich.com 2016-07-20 Paywall

How to Create an Xcode Source Editor Extension

Protocol Extensions: A History

video realm.io 2016-07-08

iOS 10 Screencast: Custom Notification UI with Content Extensions

iOS Extensions: Document Provider Tutorial

#96 Creating Messages Extension in iOS 10 Part 3 - Compact and Expanded Modes

#95 Creating Messages Extension in iOS 10 Part 2

#94 Creating Messages Extension in iOS 10 Part 1

Xcode 8 Extensions

peterwitham.com 2016-06-27

Parsing whitespace in an Xcode extension

little bites of cocoa: #239: Creating an Xcode Source Editor Extension

DynamicColor: Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily

xTextHandler: Xcode Source Editor Extension Toolset (Plugins for Xcode 8)

moa: An image download extension for image view written in Swift for iOS, tvOS and macOS.

NPGradientImage-Swift: UIImage extension which lets you create gradient images

NGUtilitiesSwift: NGUtilities for Swift is a set of Swift extensions that every Swift project should have

SWMessages: NGUtilities for Swift is a set of Swift extensions that every Swift project should have

Potatso: Potatso is an iOS client that implements Shadowsocks proxy with the leverage of NetworkExtension framework in iOS 9.

JimoniKeyboard: It is very handy custom keyboard for ios using extension

Building a Message Sticker App Extension in Xcode 8

Xcode Extensions

Method Dispatch in Protocol Extensions

oleb.net 2016-06-05

Clipy: Clipboard extension app for Mac OSX.

Swift extensions can be applied to Objective-C types

ctarda.com 2016-05-24

Swift extensions

medium.com 2016-05-10

SwiftDevice: UIDevice extension

URLPreview: An NSURL extension for showing preview info of webpages

Polymorphism and protocol extensions

ctarda.com 2016-04-29

Protocol Extensions, Meet List Controllers

realm.io 2016-04-29

Bytes for Beginners: Build your own Int to binary string extension in Swift (also includes other number bases)

Surprises with Swift Extensions

pspdfkit.com 2016-03-24

KYNavigationProgress: Simple extension of UINavigationController to display progress on the UINavigationBar

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 9: Today Extensions: OpenURL

raywenderlich.com 2016-03-04 Paywall

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 8: Today Extensions: Updating

raywenderlich.com 2016-03-03 Paywall

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 7: Today Extensions: Core Data

raywenderlich.com 2016-03-02 Paywall

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 6: Today Extensions: Layout

raywenderlich.com 2016-03-01 Paywall

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 5: Today Extensions: Getting Started

raywenderlich.com 2016-02-29 Paywall

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 4: Photo Extensions: Shared Settings

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 3: Photo Extensions: Loading Data

raywenderlich.com 2016-02-25 Paywall

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 2: Photo Extensions: Saving Data

raywenderlich.com 2016-02-24 Paywall

Fade Views In/Out with Fadeable – A Swift Protocol Extension

iOS App Extensions: Series Introduction

Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 1: Photo Extensions: Getting Started

raywenderlich.com 2016-02-22 Paywall

Enhancing UIViews Using Extensions

holko.pl 2016-02-16

Referencing a weak ‘self’ in Swift Protocol Extensions

How to Create a Safari Content Blocker Extension

ios-blog.co.uk 2016-02-11

little bites of cocoa: #188: Adding a Top Shelf Extension to a tvOS App

UIStoryboard: Safer with Enums, Protocol Extensions and Generics

medium.com 2016-01-23

Protocol Extension and Protocol Oriented Programming

Swift Protocol Extension Weirdness

cjwirth.com 2016-01-20

7. Swift gist: UIEdgeInsets + init extension

theswiftdev.com 2016-01-20

Swift: String Extension to Convert Floating-Point Binary to Double

Advanced Swift: Create Today Widget (Extension)

iOS Cell Registration & Reusing with Swift Protocol Extensions and Generics

medium.com 2015-12-31

3. Swift gist: super cool UICollectionView reuse extension

theswiftdev.com 2015-12-23

Generic type extension by retrofitting protocols in Swift 2

generics medium.com 2015-12-16

Swift Type Constrained Extensions: Express Yourself

cimgf.com 2015-12-14

Swift’s Protocol Extensions

medium.com 2015-11-26

Swift Tutorial: Protocol Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

Protocol Extensions in Swift 2.0 – Draggable UIViews

Getting around iOS9 CoreBluetooth omissions with Swift Extension

Rotatable: A Swift Protocol Extension to Rotate any UIView

Episode #189: Swift 2 Functions and Extensions

little bites of cocoa:#92: Shared Links Extensions

Swift Protocol Extensions as Mixins – And How Do You Test That?

Applying Gaussian Blur to UIViews with Swift Protocol Extensions

Swift Tips & Tricks: Protocol Extensions in Swift

little bites of cocoa: #58: Photo Editing Extensions

Analyzing Swift Protocol Extensions and C# Abstract Classes

Project 16: JavaScript Injection with iOS Safari extensions

Project 24: Swift Extensions

Event Dispatching in Swift with Protocol Extensions

Swift: How To Name Your Extensions

Swift Quickie: MirrorType Extension

russbishop.net 2015-07-23

Protocol Extensions in Swift 2


Empowering Extensions in Swift 2: Protocols, Types and Subclasses

Swift UIColor Extension – Create using RGB Values (Not %)

Protocol extensions and the death of the pipe-forward operator

little bites of cocoa: #19: Protocol Extensions

Living in a Post-OOP world: Protocol Extensions in Swift 2

little bites of cocoa: #10: Creating an Action Extension

3 Nuances of Swift Extensions

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 29 :: Safari Action Extension

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 8 :: Today Extension

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 2 :: Sharing Extension

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 23 :: Photo Extension

Swift Extensions

knowstack.com 2015-03-30



Today Extensions Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

iOS 8 Today Extension Tutorial

Playing with Swift Extensions

kornerstoane.com 2014-08-13

SwiftString: A comprehensive, lightweight string extension for Swift

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