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Moving Safety into Types

figure.ink 2017-10-15

Why Coroutines

figure.ink 2017-09-04

Lazy Permutations in Swift

figure.ink 2017-07-30

Update: Matching NSErrors

figure.ink 2017-07-24

Matching NSError in a catch

figure.ink 2017-07-23

Mixing Constant and Literal Strings

figure.ink 2017-05-29

Readable Swift: The Curious Case of Not

figure.ink 2017-05-07

Three Quick Tips

figure.ink 2016-12-30

First and Rest

figure.ink 2016-11-12

Testing UserDefaults

figure.ink 2016-10-15


figure.ink 2016-09-11

First Class Functions in Swift

figure.ink 2016-09-03

Matching with Swift's Optional Pattern

figure.ink 2015-12-06

Custom Menu Items for Table View Cells

Swift Exceptions are Swifty: Part 2

Swift Exceptions are Swifty: Part 1

Clean Optional Parameters

figure.ink 2015-03-21

Stupid Disambiguation Tricks

figure.ink 2015-03-08

Nil Coalescing Operator

Literal Enumerations

enum figure.ink 2015-02-22

Custom Switch Matchers

figure.ink 2015-02-14

Swift State Machines, Part 4: Redirect

figure.ink 2015-02-09

Swift State Machines, Part 3: Follow Up

figure.ink 2015-02-08

Swift State Machines: Part 2

figure.ink 2015-02-01

Swift State Machines: Part 1

figure.ink 2015-01-31

Polymorphism with Return Types

figure.ink 2015-01-25

Functions are Just Named Closures

figure.ink 2015-01-24

Generic Delegate Protocols

figure.ink 2015-01-18

Value Types Are More Valuey Than You Think

figure.ink 2015-01-10

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