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6 Best Practices for Mobile App Search Filtering

UISlider With Fixed Increments For Filtering in Swift

Challenge: Filtering associated value enumeration arrays

ericasadun.com 2017-01-31

Simple Higher Order Functions in Swift 3.0 — Map, filter, reduce and flatMap!

medium.com 2016-10-20

Working with iOS Image Filters in Swift

Image Filters in Swift - Xcode 8 iOS 10

Functional Swift: Using Array filter and forEach functions

Improve your Swift Language Skills with the Map and Filter Functions

BKFilterView: An overlay view to color filter content below

Cmg: Easy image filtering library of using Core Image

A Core Image Transverse Chromatic Aberration Filter in Swift

Swift Guide to Map Filter Reduce

Creating a Lens Flare Filter in Core Image

Loading, Filtering & Saving Videos in Swift

Swift: filter

New Core Image Procedural Noise Generators for Filterpedia

New Custom Core Image Filters

A Look at Perspective Transform & Correction with Core Image

Creating a Custom Variable Blur Filter in Core Image

Creating a Selective HSL Adjustment Filter in Core Image

Core Image Introduction: Applying Image Filters to Photos

Metal Kernel Functions as Core Image Filter Engines

New Custom Core Image Filters Added to Filterpedia

Filterpedia: Core Image Filter Explorer

Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift

Filtering Data with NSPredicate


aymenworks.fr 2015-08-24

Be Cool with CIFilter Animations

Be Mindful of Your Filters

owensd.io 2015-08-09

Project 13: Instafilter: Core Image and UISlider

Generating & Filtering Metal Textures From Live Video

Applying CIFilters to a Live Camera Feed with Swift

Swift 2: “for… in” filtering

New in iOS 9: Filtering SceneKit Nodes with Core Image Filters

New Core Image Filters in iOS 9

Swift and Spreadsheet Sorting: filter() and sort() working together

Fast Core Image Filter Chaining in Swift with Shinpuru Image

Convolution Filters in Swift with Accelerate and vImage

Basic map and filter Examples

Higher Order Functions: Map, Filter, Reduce and more – Part 1

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