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Primordial Particle System in SideFX Houdini

'’Sparse Vermiform’’ Rendering of Fluids with Pressure Based Color

Particle Advection by Gray Scott Reaction Diffusion Revisited

Particle Advection by Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

Revisiting Mitosis in SideFX Houdini

Faux Grain / Fluid Interaction in Houdini

Parametric Fibonacci Spheres in Houdini

Houdini Grain Solver with Custom VEX Forces

Animating Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in SideFX Houdini

Faking Toroidal Eddies in Side FX Houdini

Mixing Fluids in Houdini

Animating Gravitational Tides with Houdini FLIP Fluids

Houdini FLIP Fluid & Radial Gravity

Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

Animating Planet Engulfment in Houdini

Simulating Accretion with Houdini's Grains Solver

Chaotic Magnetic Pendulum with Custom Radial Forces in Houdini

More Chaos in Houdini: Simulating a Double Pendulum

Creating a Geometric Structure from Mitosis

Simulating Mitosis in Houdini

Stripy Viscous Fluid Impacts in Houdini

Using Houdini VOPs to Deform Geometry

Creating a Swarm Chemistry Digital Asset in Houdini

Swarm Chemistry in SideFX Houdini

Randomly Transforming Scattered Cones in Houdini

Melting Geometry in Houdini

Simulating Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction in Houdini

Chaos in Houdini! Modeling Strange Attractors with Particles

Experimenting with Impacts in SideFX Houdini

Chaos in Swift! Visualising the Lorenz Attractor with Metal

Swift 3.0 for Core Image Developers

A Core Image Transverse Chromatic Aberration Filter in Swift

Random Numbers in Core Image Kernel Language

Core Image for Swift Version 1.3

Nodality for AudioKit: Node Based Synth for iPad

Histogram Equalisation with Metal Performance Shaders

A Histogram Display Component in Swift for iOS

Simulating Depth-of-Field with Variable Bokeh in Core Image

Simulating Bokeh with Metal Performance Shaders

Creating a Lens Flare Filter in Core Image

Loading, Filtering & Saving Videos in Swift

vImage Histogram Functions Part II: Specification

Histogram Functions in Accelerate vImage

New Core Image Procedural Noise Generators for Filterpedia

Recreating Kai's Power Tools Goo in Swift

Creating Procedural Normal Maps for SceneKit

New Custom Core Image Filters

A Look at Perspective Transform & Correction with Core Image

Creating a Custom Variable Blur Filter in Core Image

Core Image for Swift v1.2 Released!

Creating a Selective HSL Adjustment Filter in Core Image

Creating a Bulging Eyes Purikura Effect with Core Image

Core Image for Swift: Advanced Image Processing for iOS

Properly Typed Selectors in Xcode 7.3 beta 4

Playing with Interpolation Functions in Swift

Metal Kernel Functions as Core Image Filter Engines

New Custom Core Image Filters Added to Filterpedia

Computational Fluid Dynamics in CoreImage with CIKernel

Creating a Slide Show App with Core Image Transitions

Filterpedia: Core Image Filter Explorer

CartoonEyes: Compositing Cartoon Eyes over Face from Front Camera in Swift

Apple Pencil Controlled Christmas Tree Bowling with SceneKit

BristlePaint: Embossed Painting with Individual Bristles using SpriteKit Normal Mapping

Scribe: A Handwriting Recognition Component for iOS

MercurialPaint: Globular Embossed Painting with Metal & Core Image

MercurialText: Embossed Type using SceneKit and CIShadedMaterial

FurrySketch: Hirsute Drawing with an Apple Pencil

Smooth Drawing for iOS in Swift with Hermite Spline Interpolation

Introducing Image Processing in Metal

Swift Hierarchical Selector Component based on UIPickerView & UICollectionView

The Plum-O-Meter: Weighing Plums Using 3D Touch in Swift

3D Touch in Swift: A Retrospective

3D ReTouch: An Experimental Retouching App Using 3D Touch

ForceZoom: Popup Image Detail View using 3D Touch Peek

Globular: Colourful Metaballs Controlled by 3D Touch

ForceSketch: A 3D Touch Drawing App using CIImageAccumulator

DeepPressGestureRecognizer - A 3D Touch Custom Gesture Recogniser

Rotatable: A Swift Protocol Extension to Rotate any UIView

ChromaTouch: a 3D Touch Colour Picker

3D Touch in Swift: Implementing Peek & Pop

A First Look at Metal Performance on the iPhone 6s

Applying Gaussian Blur to UIViews with Swift Protocol Extensions

Advanced Touch Handling in iOS9: Coalescing and Prediction

A Swift Node Based User Interface Component for iOS

Using an iPhone as a 3D Mouse with Multipeer Connectivity in Swift

A Swift Nixie Tube Display Component

CoreMotion Controlled 3D Sketching on an iPhone with Swift

iOS Live Camera Controlled Particles in Swift & Metal

Metal Performance Shaders & Fallback Copy Allocators

Event Dispatching in Swift with Protocol Extensions

Hybrid Marking Menu / Radial Slider Swift Component for iOS

A First Look at Model I/O's Sky Cube Texture

Controlling Metal Reaction Diffusion Systems with the iPad Camera

Generating & Filtering Metal Textures From Live Video

Applying CIFilters to a Live Camera Feed with Swift

A First Look at Metal Performance Shaders in iOS 9

Using MetalPerformanceShaders on Images with MTKTextureLoader

A Marking Menu Component for iOS in Swift

New in iOS 9: Filtering SceneKit Nodes with Core Image Filters

New Core Image Filters in iOS 9

A First Look at UIStackView in Swift 2.0

Fast Core Image Filter Chaining in Swift with Shinpuru Image

Easy Image Histograms in Swift with Shinpuru Image

Shinpuru Image: Syntactic Sugar for Core Image & Accelerate/vImage

Convolution Filters in Swift with Accelerate and vImage

Animated Layout for Swift with Shinpuru

A Test Driven Custom Swift Zip Function Using Generics

Zip, Map and Generics: The Evolution of a Swift Function

Easy Group Based Layout for Swift with Shinpuru Layout

Depth of Field in SceneKit

WheelTone: Music from Friction Gears in Swift & AudioKit

SnapSwift: Open Source Popup Menu / Numeric Slider for iOS

Painless Migration to Swift 1.2: Sets and Touches and Rock and Roll

Audio Visualisation for iOS with AudioKit & ParticleLab

Particles Set Free! High Performance Particles for Swift Developers

Mind Blowing Metal - Four Million Particles at Forty Frames per Second on an iPad

AudioKit Reaches Version 2.0

Swift & Metal: Four Million Particles on an iPad

Radiating Visual Pulses: Visualising AudioKit Sounds in SpriteKit with SKAction

Physics Based Computer Generated Music With AudioKit and SpriteKit

Two New Swift / iOS Apps Released

Creating Custom Gesture Recognisers in Swift

Swifter Swift Image Processing With GPUImage

Swift 1.2: Let's Talk About Sets, Baby

Launching Parametrised Swift Applications from Links with Custom URL Schemes

Adding a User Interface to my Swarm Chemistry App on an iPad

Swarm Chemistry: Creating an Advanced GPU Based Particle System with Metal

Functional vs Imperative: Creating a Multiline UISegmentedControl in Swift

A Simple SceneKit Material Editor in Swift

Two Million Particles at 25 Frames Per Second on an iPad

1,000,000 Particles on an iPad

Computing Particle Systems in Swift with Metal Kernel Functions

Sound Synthesis in Swift Revisited with AudioKit

Creating a PHImageManager Browser/Picker in Swift

PHImageManager, Core Data and Twitter Integration in Swift

Scaling, Resizing and Orienting Images to a Bounding Square

Improved Interaction Design for Deleting Items with Swift and Core Data

Updating and Deleting with Swift and Core Data

London Swift Dev Community Talk: Whistle Stop Swift

Swift and Core Data: Saving Data with Thumbnail Previews

Swift & Metal: 1,000 Reaction Diffusion Solver Iterations per Second

Sound Synthesis in Swift: A Core Audio Tone Generator

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