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Swift Resources

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Getting Started

Project 1: Storm Viewer: an introduction to Swift

Swift for Complete Beginners


How to generate haptic feedback with UIFeedbackGenerator

What's new in Swift 2.2

Project 10: Names to Faces with UICollectionView

Project 9: Grand Central Dispatch

Project 8: 7 Swifty Words

Project 11: Pachinko with SpriteKit

Project 20: Fireworks Night with NSTimer and color blending

Project 12: NSUserDefaults, NSCoding and more

Project 13: Instafilter: Core Image and UISlider

Project 14: Whack-a-Penguin: SKCropNode and SKTexture

Project 15: Core Animation

Project 16: JavaScript Injection with iOS Safari extensions

Project 7: Whitehouse Petitions: JSON and NSData

Project 6: Auto Layout

Project 5: Word Scramble

Project 4: Easy Browser with WKWebView

Project 3: Social Media with UIActivityViewController

Project 2: Guess the Flag

Project 33: What's that Whistle: CloudKit by example

Project 35: Generating random numbers with GameplayKit

Project 32: SwiftSearcher: Core Spotlight and SFSafariViewController

Project 17: Swifty Ninja: SKShapeNode, AVAudioPlayer

Project 31: Multibrowser with UIStackView

Project 18: iAd and Debugging

Project 19: Capital Cities: MKMapView and more

Project 34: Four in a Row: GameplayKit and GKMinmaxStrategist

Project 30: Instruments

Project 21: Local Notifications with UILocalNotification

Project 22: Detect-a-Beacon with CLLocationManager and CLBeaconRegion

Project 23: Space Race: Per-pixel collision for SKSpriteNode

Project 24: Swift Extensions

Project 36: Crashy Plane

Project 25: Selfie Share: MCBrowserViewController and MCSession

Project 26: Marble Maze with Core Motion

Project 27: Core Graphics

Project 28: Secret Swift: Touch ID

Project 29: Exploding Monkeys

Generating random numbers with GameplayKit: GKRandomSource

Twitter and Facebook: SLComposeViewController

Generating random numbers in iOS 8 and earlier

Commercial Resources

Hacking with Swift

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