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Swift Source Code

SwiftyJSON: The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift

Source Code

Decodable: Swift 2 JSON parsing done (more) right

Unbox: Unbox is an easy to use Swift JSON decoder

Genome: A simple, type safe, failure driven mapping library for serializing JSON to models in Swift 2.0

SwiftyJSON: SwiftyJSON

swift_playgrounds: A collection of Swift playgrounds demonstrating language basics, JSON parsing, HTTP networking and File IO

EVReflection: Swift helper library with reflection functions with support for NSCoding, Printable, Hashable, Equatable and JSON

Gloss: A shiny JSON parsing library in Swift http://cocoapods.org/pods/Gloss

JSONHelper: Lightning fast JSON deserialization and value conversion library for iOS & OS X

JSONNeverDie: Auto reflection tool from JSON to Model, user friendly JSON encoder / decoder, aims to never die

LumaJSON: A super simple JSON helper

JSONCodable: Hassle-free JSON encoding and decoding

SerializableData: Swift 2.0 library to get/set json-type data, usable in NSUserDefaults and CoreData

Bridge: Simple Typed JSON HTTP Networking

Argo: Functional JSON parsing library


Swift — Parse JSON like a boss

codementor.io 2017-10-31

Video Tutorial: Beginning Firebase Part 4: JSON Challenge

JSON to Swift with Decoder and Decodable

swiftunboxed.com 2017-07-17

Use of Codable and Coding Key with JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder in Swift 4

ashishkakkad.com 2017-06-29

Swift 4 Codable, JSON Handling Made Easy

peterwitham.com 2017-06-28

JSON with Encoder and Encodable

swiftunboxed.com 2017-06-25

Parsing JSON Request Using Kitura

Parsing JSON with Gloss

Parsing JSON Using Swift

Parsing JSON response and save it in CoreData, step by step.

medium.com 2017-03-06

Swift JSON Tutorial: Working with JSON

All you need to know about JSON

What's Under the Hood? Decoding JSON with Swift

json realm.io 2016-12-26

# 108 Returning JSON from Vapor Server Side Swift

little bites of cocoa: #283: Generating Models from JSON with json2swift

Using Alamofire to Parse JSON! (Part 3 : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

Using Alamofire to Parse JSON! (Part 2 : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

Parsing JSON data with Swift 3

json mav3r1ck.io 2016-10-16

Using Alamofire to Parse JSON! (Swift 3 in Xcode 8 : Part 1)

Working with JSON in Swift

JSONCast: Easily create classes from parsed JSON and conform to NSCopying and NSEncoding

github.com/Houzz 2016-08-09

Alembic: Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON

Atlas: An extremely easy-to-use and lightweight JSON mapping library for iOS and tvOS

JSONExport: A desktop application for Mac OS X which enables you to export JSON objects as model classes with their associated constructors

This is how I parse JSON in Swift

json ctarda.com 2016-06-02

An easy way to convert Swift structs to JSON

json codelle.com 2016-05-24

Parse PFCloud – “JSON text did not start with array or object”

NSDateFormatter format for JSON dates

json mokacoding.com 2016-05-11

JASON: Fast JSON parsing for Swift

How to create a wrapper for Alamofire and SwiftyJSON?

How to parse JSON in Swift?

Introducing PMJSON, a Swift library for JSON encoding/decoding

How I deal with JSON in Swift

json swanros.com 2016-02-11

Introducing Freddy, an Open-Source Framework for Parsing JSON in Swift

Swift Tutorial: Working with JSON

Episode #204: JSON API Client - Part 2

json video nsscreencast.com 2016-01-14 Paywall

Swift 2 Parse JSON (Deserialization)

json ios-blog.co.uk 2016-01-12

Episode #203: JSON API Client

json video nsscreencast.com 2016-01-07 Paywall

Parsing JSON Objects in Swift 2

json medium.com 2016-01-06

‪SwiftyJSON Tutorial - Cocoapod install‬

2. Swift gist: NSData + JSON parser

theswiftdev.com 2015-12-16

Using Mapper to parse JSON in Swift

json eng.lyft.com 2015-12-01

Swift and statically typed JSON

How to parse JSON with Swift 2

How to use Alamofire and SwiftyJSON with Swift? – Swift 2 – iOS 9 – Xcode 7

Because Remy

json ericasadun.com 2015-08-14

Project 7: Whitehouse Petitions: JSON and NSData

Swift 2.0: More crashing and throwing in Aldwych (a JSON Parser)

Updating Aldwych (Part 1): Parsing JSON with recursive enums in Swift

Swift enums for JSON parsing

GroundUp JSON Stringify in Swift

json medium.com 2015-06-30

JSON and Swift

JSON and Swift: Making the Bool magic happen in Aldwych

Working with JSON in Swift Tutorial

Find and Replace with JSON and Aldwych in Swift

In and out of JSONness: Parsing Logic with Swift and Aldwych

Swift JSON Shoot-Out

Parsing JSON


json vluxe.io 2014-11-18

Parsing Embedded JSON and Arrays in Swift

Real World JSON Parsing with Swift

A safer approach to JSON parsing in Swift

Efficient JSON in Swift with Functional Concepts and Generics

Swift Thinking – Operator Overloading & JSON Parsing

JSON Serialization

TRON: Lightweight network abstraction layer, written on top of Alamofire and SwiftyJSON

Freddy: A reusable framework for parsing JSON

OMM: OMM is a one more mapper that helps to map JSON objects to Swift instances

SwiftyJSONAccelerator: A swift model generator like the Objective-C JSONAccelerator

CaesarParser: Simple JSON Model Parser written in Swift

JSONUtilities: Easily load JSON objects and decode them into structs or classes

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