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Swift Resources

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Swift Source Code

clock-saver: Simple clock screensaver

Source Code

swift-chess: A simple chess game built for OSX using Swift 2.0


Learn macOS Development: Develop a Music App with Audio Playback and File Upload Features

appcoda.com 2017-11-03

macOS Storyboard Segues

Beginning macOS Programming: Learn to Develop an Image Uploader App in Swift

macOS appcoda.com 2017-09-25

Menus and Popovers in Menu Bar Apps for macOS

Command Line Programs on macOS Tutorial

MacBook Pro touch bar runner game tutorial

Porting Your iOS App to macOS

Swift Mac OS Animation using Animator Proxy – Part 2

macOS knowstack.com 2017-05-27

Swift Mac OS Animation using Core Animation- Part 1

macOS knowstack.com 2017-05-27

Windows and WindowController Tutorial for macOS

The Responder Chain in iOS & macOS

video youtube.com 2017-05-09

FileManager Class Tutorial for macOS: Getting Started with the File System

FatSidebar View Component for macOS Released

Swift Package Manager macOS deployment target override

oleb.net 2017-04-07

macOS View Controllers Tutorial

The problem with macOS and Drawing

macOS Development for Beginners: Part 3

macOS Development for Beginners: Part 2

macOS Development for Beginners: Part 1

macOS Controls Tutorial: Part 2/2

macOS Controls Tutorial: Part 1/2

Collection Views in macOS Tutorial

macOS NSTableView Tutorial

6 Free macOS Tutorials Now Updated For Swift 3

How to Use NSTouchBar on macOS

Cocoa Bindings on macOS

Unit Testing on macOS: Part 2/2

Unit Testing on macOS: Part 1/2

Taming NSDocument and Understanding Who's Boss: Creating a Simple macOS Text Editor (Swift 3, Xcode 8 beta 6)

The Model I/O framework

macOS mhorga.org 2016-08-29

Drag and Drop Tutorial for macOS

Transparent NSTableView Headers

Making A Mac App Scriptable Tutorial

MacOS Storyboard Segues and NSPopoverDelegate

NSScanner Tutorial for OS X

Advanced Collection Views in OS X Tutorial

Convolutional Neural Networks in iOS 10 and macOS

invasivecode.com 2016-07-12

Neural Networks in iOS 10 and macOS

bignerdranch.com 2016-06-29

Check Boxes in AppKit

moa: An image download extension for image view written in Swift for iOS, tvOS and macOS.

XEasyMotion: keynav for macOS ( OS X ) , using keyboard control mouse

MOSwitch: A UISwitch clone for macOS

TinyPNG4Mac: TinyPNG client for Mac

Kanna: Kanna(鉋) is an XML/HTML parser for macOS / iOS / tvOS

Disabling Segments in a NSSegmentedControl in a Toolbar

How to Create a Segmented NSToolbarItem like Apple Mail.app

Core Graphics on OS X Tutorial

Up-Down: A menu bar widget for OS X that monitors upload and download speeds

WWDC: WWDC app for OS X

Clipy: Clipboard extension app for Mac OSX.

Dealing with Localization of Plural Nouns in iOS

macoscope.com 2016-05-29

Swift NSSearchField NSArrayController No Bindings

macOS knowstack.com 2016-05-26

Command Line Programs on OS X Tutorial

AVXCAssets-Generator: AVXCAssets Generator takes path for your assets images and creates appiconset and imageset for you in just one click

LunarCalendar: LunarCalendar for OS X

Screenotate: Automatically annotate your screenshots

NSTask Tutorial for OS X

NSOutlineView on OS X Tutorial

OS X Stack Views with NSStackView

producthunt-osx: The best new products, every day on Mac

SwCrypt: RSA public/private key generation, RSA, AES encryption/decryption, SEM encryption in Swift with CommonCrypto in iOS and OS X

How to Edit NSTableView Headers with a Double-Click

Storyboards and Their (Better) Alternatives

Collection Views in OS X Tutorial

Countdown: Mac screensaver for counting down to a date

GRStatusBar: Safari-like status bar for OS X apps

How I Toggle or Switch 2 NSMenuItems from the Main Menu

GrandCentralBoard: Hang a TV in your open space or team room to show everyone what's up and get them up to speed

AutoCompleteTextField: AutoCompleteTextField for OS X(Swift)

Double-click and right mouse behaviour

NSImage (named:String) Sample Code

macOS knowstack.com 2016-02-11

Swift NSDatePicker Sample Code 2 Using beginSheet

macOS knowstack.com 2016-02-11

Swift NSDatePicker Sample Code

macOS knowstack.com 2016-02-09

Swift NSCombobox DataSource Sample Code

macOS knowstack.com 2016-02-02

Swift NSLayoutConstraint constraintsWithVisualFormat programmatically

Swift NSLayoutConstraint programatically sample code

OS X View Controllers Tutorial

Windows and Window Controllers in OS X Tutorial

Mac OS X Development Tutorial for Beginners Part 3: Your First OS X App

Mac OS X Development Tutorial for Beginners Part 2: OS X App Anatomy

Mac OS X Development Tutorial for Beginners Part 1: Intro to Xcode

NSOpenPanel's and NSSavePanel's Block-Based API is Superior

First OS X tutorial: How to launch an OS X app at login?

Writing OS X Screensaver in Swift 2.0

The Not-So-Complicated Complications


Adding Images to Buttons

Basic Tool Palette

OS X Tutorial: Menus and Popovers in Menu Bar Apps

Swift NSToolbar Sample Code

macOS knowstack.com 2015-05-02

‪Mac Development Part 1 (Hello Mac)‬

macOS youtu.be 2015-04-28

How to Make a Game Like Candy Crush Tutorial: OS X Port

Swift Drawing 101

Universal-Game-Template-tvOS-OSX-iOS: Universal SpriteKit Template for iOS, tvOS & OS/X - 3 Platforms with 1 codebase

Clipinio: Lightweight clipboard manager for OS X

Element: UI framework for OSX

Swindler: OS X window wanagement framework

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