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Genome: A simple, type safe, failure driven mapping library for serializing JSON to models in Swift 2.0

Pulsar: A versatile solution for displaying pulse animations as known from Apple Maps.


Image Depth Maps Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started

Swift Snippet : Map Bool values with Generics in Swift

the-nerd.be 2017-09-13

MapKit Tutorial: Overlay Views

Advanced MapKit Tutorial: Custom Tiles

An aside about flatMap and monads

MapKit Tutorial: Getting Started

Getting Directions! (MapKit | Swift 3 in Xcode)

youtube.com 2017-05-11

The opinionated Tao of Optional Mappage

ericasadun.com 2017-04-20

A Quick Look at Semaphores in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-14

From Apple’s Mapkit to GoogleMaps

medium.com 2017-02-23

MapKit iOS Tutorial


MapKit Beginner’s Guide: Polylines, Polygons, and Callouts

MapKit appcoda.com 2016-12-20

Working with MapKit: Annotations and Shape Rendering

MapKit appcoda.com 2016-11-13

Simple Higher Order Functions in Swift 3.0 — Map, filter, reduce and flatMap!

medium.com 2016-10-20

A Practical Example of FlatMap

little bites of cocoa: #267: Using the mapItem Property on NSUserActivity

Optional Flappity Mappity

ericasadun.com 2016-09-05

How To Completely Customise Your Map Annotations Callout Views

Introducing BentoMap

raizlabs.com 2016-08-18

Geomapping the Swift Change Log

ericasadun.com 2016-08-01

Swift MapKit Annotation

MapView – Display User’s Current Location and Drop a Pin

Improve your Swift Language Skills with the Map and Filter Functions

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 10: Conclusion

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 9: Flyover Maps

SwiftIconFont: Icons fonts for iOS (FontAwesome, Iconic, Ionicon, Octicon, Themify, MapIcon, MaterialIcon)

github.com/0x73 2016-06-22

Alembic: Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON

Atlas: An extremely easy-to-use and lightweight JSON mapping library for iOS and tvOS

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 8: Directions

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 7: Overlays

What’s New In SpriteKit on iOS 10: A Look At Tile Maps

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 6: Annotations

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 5: MapKit

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 4: Region Monitoring

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 3: Geocoding

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 2: Background Updates

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 1: Core Location

Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location: Series Introduction

for-loops are for suckers: An OO-programmer's guide to map and flatMap

Building a Custom Content View with UITableView and MapKit

appcoda.com 2016-06-05

Need For Something Different From Map Markers? Try Google Maps Ground Overlays

Tailor: A super fast & convenient object mapper tailored for your needs

Swift Guide to Map Filter Reduce

ShinkansenSpeed: MapKit and CoreLocation in Swift

Swift Do Something Useful with Zip, Map, and Reduce

medium.com 2016-04-29

Replacing Loops with Mapped Ranges

Swift: filter

Enhance Your Map App Experience with Google Indoor Maps

SKTilemap: An addition to Apples Sprite Kit framework for iOS which allows for the creation of tilemaps either programmatically or from a .tmx file

Creating Procedural Normal Maps for SceneKit

BitmapCanvas: Bitmap offscreen drawing in Swift for OS X

github.com/nst 2016-04-01

Quick Tip – Swift Map

map peterwitham.com 2016-03-24

Enumerations and mappings to other enumerations

enum codementor.io 2016-03-17

Draw Route with MapKit Tutorial

[Swift MapKit Tutorial Series] How To Customize the Map Annotations Callout, Request a Transit ETA and Launch the Transit Directions to your Destination

Tutorial: How to search for location and display results using Apple’s MapKit

Clarity and Optional mapping: looking for opinions

ericasadun.com 2015-12-27

Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift

BristlePaint: Embossed Painting with Individual Bristles using SpriteKit Normal Mapping

Using Mapper to parse JSON in Swift

json eng.lyft.com 2015-12-01

Building an iOS Clustered Map View

MapKit video realm.io 2015-11-17

Swift: map and flatMap

Routing with MapKit and Core Location

Generating heightmap terrain with Swift

splinter.com.au 2015-11-07

Thinking in Swift, Part 4: map all the things

Swift 2.0: Map and FlatMap Demystified

flatMap uraimo.com 2015-10-08

When to use map, flatMap, or for loops in Swift

Thinking in Swift, Part 2: map those arrays

little bites of cocoa: #84: ObjectMapper

Introduction to Google Maps iOS SDK in Swift

Google Maps iOS SDK Tutorial: Getting Started

iOS9 Day-by-Day :: Day 10 :: MapKit Transit

little bites of cocoa: #70: Custom Map View Pins

How to pause and resume a sequence of mutating Swift structs using dispatch semaphore?

structs medium.com 2015-08-25

Project 19: Capital Cities: MKMapView and more

MapKit for iOS 9: Flyover, Transit and Customization

Swift 2.0: Understanding flatMap

Swift: What do I understand about flatMap?

Similarly different: join(), reduce() and flatMap() in Swift 2

AzamSharp: ‪Learning iOS Development Part 85 (Creating Custom Annotation Views for MKMapView)

AzamSharp: Learning iOS Development Part 83 (Follow User in MapKit Using Swift)

azamSharp: ‪Learning iOS Development Part 82 (Introduction to MapKit iOS 8 Using Swift)

Swift: map() can be taxing

Swift: Further adventures in flatMap()

Swift: What do map() and flatMap() really do?

Swift: The Tao of Mappage

ericasadun.com 2015-05-20

Zip, Map and Generics: The Evolution of a Swift Function

Searching on a Map View in iOS8 with Swift

MapKit Tutorial: Overlay Views

Introduction to MapKit in Swift Tutorial

Basic map and filter Examples

Flattening and Mapping Optionals

functional objc.io 2015-01-14

Using Map to Deal with Optionals

MapKit Tutorial with Swift in iOS8

How I Used Swift to Build a Map Based Location Tracker for iOS

johnmullins.info 2014-08-13

Higher Order Functions: Map, Filter, Reduce and more – Part 1

OMM: OMM is a one more mapper that helps to map JSON objects to Swift instances

Adopting map() & reduce() in Swift

Flattening and mapping arrays

Map for Optionals

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