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Quick beforeEach and afterEach behaviour

mokacoding.com 2017-05-07


mokacoding.com 2017-04-03

XCTest closure based expectations

mokacoding.com 2017-03-22

How to use dependency injection for classes in Swift

mokacoding.com 2017-02-28

Lessons learned working on danger-switling selective linting

mokacoding.com 2017-01-25

Better Xcode Run Script Build Phases

mokacoding.com 2016-11-07

Better Xcode Run Script Build Phases

mokacoding.com 2016-11-06

Setting Up Firebase Without Using CocoaPods

Implicitly vs Force Unwrapping Swift Optionals

mokacoding.com 2016-08-08

Why implicitly unwrapping Swift Optionals is dangerous

mokacoding.com 2016-07-25

Swift Either enum

mokacoding.com 2016-07-17

Writing your own Swift ''if let''

mokacoding.com 2016-07-06

What is an optional value in Swift

mokacoding.com 2016-06-29

Maintaining Sanity with Multiple Versions of Xcode

mokacoding.com 2016-06-19

How to make Swift methods unavailable

mokacoding.com 2016-06-06

NSDateFormatter format for JSON dates

json mokacoding.com 2016-05-11

Using Swift protocols to abstract third party dependencies and improve testability

mokacoding.com 2016-03-01

How to update all plug-ins for the latest version of Xcode and Xcode-beta

Getting Started With OHHTTPStubs

mokacoding.com 2016-02-23

Why hitting the network is bad for your test, and what to do about it

Ruby for iOS Developers - Managing Ruby Tools with Bundler

mokacoding.com 2016-02-10

Async Testing with Quick and Nimble

Testing Delegates in Swift with XCTest

Testing callbacks in Swift with XCTest

Prevent Unit Tests from Loading AppDelegate in Swift

How to use a double slash in xcconfig files

How to update an Xcode plug-in for the latest version of Xcode

Installing Xcode plugins from the terminal with Fastlane

How to configure Travis CI for iOS testing

How to configure CircleCI for iOS testing

Fixing Bugs Driven By Tests in Swift

Xcodebuild Destination Cheatsheet

When to use map, flatMap, or for loops in Swift

Automated Xcode version and build numbering via Git

Swift Optionals, Functional Programming, and You

mokacoding.com 2015-09-22

Swift Functors, Applicatives, and Monads in Pictures

Xcode 7 UI testing, a first look

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