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KGFloatingDrawer: A floating navigation drawer with an interesting animated presentation

BTNavigationDropdownMenu: The elegant dropdown menu appears underneath navigation bar to display a list of related items when a user click on the navigation title.

BusyNavigationBar: A UINavigationBar extension to show loading effects

STPopup: STPopup provides STPopupController, which works just like UINavigationController in popup style, for both iPhone and iPad


How to Create Your Own Slide-Out Navigation Panel in Swift

Deep look: iOS Navigation State

All Thumbs, Why Reach Navigation Should Replace the Navbar in iOS Design

medium.com 2017-05-25

UINavigationController Inside UITabBarController With Storyboard

iosinsight.com 2017-03-12

Customizing Navigation Bar iOS Tutorial

ioscreator.com 2017-03-06

Zork – Navigation

UITextField-Navigation: UITextField-Navigation make it easier to navigate between UITextFields

Programmatic Navigation View Controllers in Swift 3.0

makeapppie.com 2016-07-11

Using Segues and Delegates for Navigation Controllers in Swift 3.0

makeapppie.com 2016-06-27

GmailStyleAnimation: This demonstrate the profile presentation and animation of image and user details into navigationbar

Compass: Compass helps you setup a central navigation system for your application

Using The Navigation Bar Title and Back Button in Swift 3.0

makeapppie.com 2016-06-22

NavGrid: iOS Grid-Style Navigation Controller with swipe navigation

Adding Buttons to the Navigation Bar with Storyboards

navigation-stack: NavigationStack is a stack-modeled navigation controller

Writing Custom Animations on iOS

little bites of cocoa: #210: Adding Keyboard Navigation to UIKit with KBKit

Video Tutorial: Beginning watchOS Part 6: Navigation & Contexts

WatchKit raywenderlich.com 2016-03-11 Paywall

KYNavigationProgress: Simple extension of UINavigationController to display progress on the UINavigationBar

RADInfoBannerView: Simple and Customizable Dropdown banner below Navigation Bar

Using WatchOS2 Navigation in Swift

Testing Push Onto The Navigation Stack

KBKit: Classes to extend UIKit navigation using key commands

little bites of cocoa: #166: SAHistoryNavigationViewController

iOS From Scratch With Swift: Navigation Controllers and View Controller Hierarchies

3D Touch & The Enterprise: User Navigation

Keeping Swipe Back with UINavigationController Transitions

cjwirth.com 2015-09-23

How to Create Your Own Slide-Out Navigation Panel in Swift

little bites of cocoa: #72: Customizing Navigation Bars

Tips for Unpacking UINavigationControllers in Swift

Access Sub-Controllers from a UINavigationController in Swift

How To Make A View Controller Transition Animation Like in the Ping App

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 16 :: Hiding Navigation Bars

Swift Swift: Using The Navigation Bar Title and Back button

makeapppie.com 2015-03-21

How to Create A Slide-Out Menu Navigation In Swift

Swift Swift: Programmatic Navigation View Controllers in Swift

Don’t Miss These Navigation Bar Interactions in iOS8

IBAnimatable: Design and prototype UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable

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