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Swift Resources

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Source Code

APNGKit: High performance and delightful way to play with APNG format


Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 7: Energy

Video Tutorial: Practical Instruments Part 4: Optimizing Launch

OptimizationTips.rst: Writing High-Performance Swift Code

little bites of cocoa: #290: Monitoring Performance with GDPerformanceView

Unowned or Weak? Lifetime and Performance

uraimo.com 2016-10-26

Metal Performance Shaders for the iPad playground

Histogram Equalisation with Metal Performance Shaders

Simulating Bokeh with Metal Performance Shaders

SwiftyGif: High performance GIF engine

little bites of cocoa: #218: High Performance Animated GIFs with Gifu

Surge: A Swift library that uses the Accelerate framework to provide high-performance functions for matrix math, digital signal processing, and image manipulation

iOS App Performance: Instruments & beyond

Swift High Performance (Kostiantyn Koval)

Metal Performance Shaders

A First Look at Metal Performance on the iPhone 6s

Swift Performance - iOSDevUK

List Comprehensions and Performance With Swift

Metal Performance Shaders & Fallback Copy Allocators

Arrays, Linked Lists and Performance

A First Look at Metal Performance Shaders in iOS 9

Using MetalPerformanceShaders on Images with MTKTextureLoader

Increasing Performance by Reducing Dynamic Dispatch

Particles Set Free! High Performance Particles for Swift Developers

Swift v1.2 Performance

owensd.io 2015-02-10

Swift compiler performance tips and tricks

GPGPU Performance of Swift/Metal vs Accelerate

metal memkite.com 2014-12-18

Swift Performance: Too Slow for Production

blog.sudeium.com 2014-12-10

Secret of Swift Performance: Part 2

medium.com 2014-11-22

Secret of Swift Performance: Part 1

medium.com 2014-11-19

Performance Testing in Xcode 6

Swift performance: sorting arrays

Performance: GRDB Performance

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