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Ensuring Swift version using Fastlane Plugin

medium.com 2017-06-04

iOS 10 Day by Day :: Day 3 :: Xcode Source Editor Extensions

Parsing whitespace in an Xcode extension

xTextHandler: Xcode Source Editor Extension Toolset (Plugins for Xcode 8)

IconMaker: an Xcode plug-in for making app icons

PaintCode Sketch Plugin Tutorial

Xcode Plugin – SwiftLintXcode

peterwitham.com 2016-04-15

How to update all plug-ins for the latest version of Xcode and Xcode-beta

Backlight-for-XCode: Backlight

little bites of cocoa: #153: Xcode Plugins that Make Writing Code Easier

little bites of cocoa: #147: Supercharging Xcode with Plugins Using Alcatraz

Writing Xcode plugin in Swift

How to update an Xcode plug-in for the latest version of Xcode

Installing Xcode plugins from the terminal with Fastlane

Friday Q&A 2015-08-14: An Xcode Plugin for Unsmoothed Text

Xcode Plugin – AdjustFontSize

Xcode Plugin – XAlign – Format Code Easily

Xcode Plugin – Smart Panels, Work Smarter in Xcode

Easy Xcode Plugin Install Using Alcatraz Package Manager

How To Create an Xcode Plugin: Part 3/3

How To Create an Xcode Plugin: Part 2/3

How To Create an Xcode Plugin: Part 1/3

Refactorator: SourceKit Xcode Plugin that Refactors Swift

ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlaying: CocoaPods plugin and CLI for generating Swift Playgrounds.

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