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Blurable: Apply a Gaussian Blur to any UIView with Swift Protocol Extensions

Swift2-Protocol-Extension-Example: Playground showing how to use swift2 protocol extensions to render errors in UIViews and UIViewControllers without subclassing


Expanding Swift through Protocols and Extension

codementor.io 2017-11-17

The Hashable Protocol - Swift 4 Tutorial

youtube.com 2017-09-15

Protocol oriented image picker

theswiftdev.com 2017-07-21

Fun with protocols

ctarda.com 2017-05-29

Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

video youtube.com 2017-05-25

Using Protocol Buffers in Swift

A Beginner’s Guide to Protocols and Protocol Extensions in Swift

appcoda.com 2017-05-12

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 4: Protocols and Generics

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 2: Protocol-Oriented Programming

Swift From Scratch: Inheritance and Protocols

Swift: Alternative to Default Implementations in Protocols

Swift: Why You Shouldn’t Use Default Implementations in Protocols

Overriding Swift Protocol Extension Default Implementations

Hashable Protocols in Swift

medium.com 2017-03-02

Introduction to Protocols in Swift 3

protocol medium.com 2017-02-28

Swift Protocol Extensions Method Dispatch

medium.com 2017-02-20

Introduction to Protocol Buffers on iOS

#35 Structs Alternative: Using Swift Protocols to Enhance Safety of Core Data Access

swifting.io 2017-02-05

Classes That Conform To Protocols

chris.eidhof.nl 2017-02-01

Swift 3 Protocol-Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift – Part 1

protocol leakka.com 2017-01-22

Protocol oriented image picker

theswiftdev.com 2017-01-19

Testing in Swift: Protocols & View Models

realm.io 2017-01-17

Mastering Swift: Enumerations, Closures, Generics, Protocols and High Order Functions

appcoda.com 2017-01-03

Why I Prefer Protocol-Oriented-Programming in Objective-C to Swift

inessential.com 2016-12-30

Protocols are more than Bags of Syntax

oleb.net 2016-12-30

#112 Securing TabBar Items Using Protocol Extensions

Introducing Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift 3

How to use Protocols and Delegates in Segues Swift 3

systeen.com 2016-11-26

The RawRepresentable Protocol in Swift

enum oleb.net 2016-11-23

Protocol Oriented Programming is Not a Silver Bullet

Swift: UserDefaults protocol

medium.com 2016-11-01

Swift: UserDefaults Protocol

medium.com 2016-11-01

little bites of cocoa: #255: Creating a ColorConvertible Protocol

Optional protocol methods without @objc

nshint.io 2016-08-21

Swift Protocols and the Law of Unintended Consequences

apokrupto.com 2016-08-14

Swift: What are Protocols with Associated Types?

Implementing Equatable for Protocols in Swift

Protocol oriented loading of resources from a network service in Swift

Protocol Extensions: A History

video realm.io 2016-07-08

Is Protocol Oriented Swift Better than Object Oriented Swift?

Method Dispatch in Protocol Extensions

oleb.net 2016-06-05

Swift: NSNotificationCenter protocol

medium.com 2016-06-01

Introducing Swish 1.0: Protocol Based Networking for iOS

Working with Swift: Adopt a Protocol or Pass a Function?

Getting Lazy with Protocols and Dependency Injection

norchops.com 2016-05-05

little bites of cocoa: #232: Practical Protocols

Protocol-Oriented Logging, or: Default Arguments in Swift Protocols

protocol oleb.net 2016-05-01

Protocol-Oriented Problems and the Immutable 'self' Error

bignerdranch.com 2016-04-29

Polymorphism and protocol extensions

ctarda.com 2016-04-29

Protocol Extensions, Meet List Controllers

realm.io 2016-04-29

RWDevCon 2016 Session 303: Introduction to Protocol-Oriented Programming

URLEmbeddedView: URLEmbeddedView automatically caches the object that is confirmed the Open Graph Protocol

Translate Optional Delegate Protocol Methods to Swift Block-based Event Handlers Using Nested Objects

Improved Protocol-Oriented Programming with Untyped Type Aliases (part 1)

protocol medium.com 2016-03-21

Introduction to Protocol-Oriented MVVM

Creating a Cheap Protocol-Oriented Copy of SequenceType (with a Twist!)

Using Swift protocols to abstract third party dependencies and improve testability

mokacoding.com 2016-03-01

Fade Views In/Out with Fadeable – A Swift Protocol Extension

Redbird: Pure-Swift implementation of a Redis client from the original protocol spec. OS X + Linux compatible

Referencing a weak ‘self’ in Swift Protocol Extensions

Swift Protocols and the Promised Land

A Protocol-Oriented State Machine for Layout Constraints

protocol medium.com 2016-02-08

Protocol Oriented Programming

protocol medium.com 2016-02-03

UIStoryboard: Safer with Enums, Protocol Extensions and Generics

medium.com 2016-01-23

Protocol Extension and Protocol Oriented Programming

Swift Protocol Extension Weirdness

cjwirth.com 2016-01-20

How Closures are a Better Event Handler Protocol Alternative

iOS Cell Registration & Reusing with Swift Protocol Extensions and Generics

medium.com 2015-12-31

A Swift Look at Protocols with Associated Types

Updated: Protocol-Oriented MVVM in Swift 2.0

Self in protocol and class method

Protocol-Oriented Segue Identifiers in Swift

Generic type extension by retrofitting protocols in Swift 2

generics medium.com 2015-12-16

‪Alexis Gallagher - Protocols with Associated Types‬

protocol youtu.be 2015-12-15

What the 55 Swift Standard Library Protocols Taught Me

protocol skilled.io 2015-12-08

Generic Protocols & Their Shortcomings

Swift’s Protocol Extensions

medium.com 2015-11-26

Swift Optional Protocol Methods

Swift: Protocol Composition

Lessons From the Swift Standard Library Protocols

Minimal Swift 2.1 protocol conformance

Swift Tutorial: Protocol Oriented Programming - Binary Operators

Swift Tutorial: Protocol Oriented Programming - Multiple Protocols

Swift Tutorial: Protocol Oriented Programming - Protocol Extensions

Optional Protocol Methods in Swift using Closures and No Protocol, Actually

‪Swift Tutorial: Protocol Oriented Programming - Protocol Inheritance‬

Optional Protocol Methods in Pure Swift

Swift Tutorial: Protocol Oriented Programming - Introduction

Protocol Extensions in Swift 2.0 – Draggable UIViews

Mocks in Swift via Protocols

Rotatable: A Swift Protocol Extension to Rotate any UIView

Episode #190: Custom URL Protocols

video nsscreencast.com 2015-10-01 Paywall

Swift Protocol Extensions as Mixins – And How Do You Test That?

Swift Tutorial Part 3: Tuples, Protocols, Delegates, and Table Views

Swift 2 Tutorial Part 3: Tuples, Protocols, Delegates, and Table Views

Applying Gaussian Blur to UIViews with Swift Protocol Extensions

Swift Generic Protocols

generics milen.me 2015-09-04

Protocol Oriented Programming in the Real World

Swift protocol names: A vital lesson in -able vs -ible: #swiftlang

Guess the Protocol Behavior

protocol owensd.io 2015-08-19

Swift Tips & Tricks: Protocol Extensions in Swift

Swift 2.0: Protocol-Oriented MVVM

Swift: The Genius of Protocols

Analyzing Swift Protocol Extensions and C# Abstract Classes

Protocols - My Current Recommendations

protocol owensd.io 2015-08-06

Swift Diary #7: Protocols, Arrays, and Casting

Event Dispatching in Swift with Protocol Extensions

Swift Protocols: A Strategy

Protocol Extensions in Swift 2


Empowering Extensions in Swift 2: Protocols, Types and Subclasses

Swift: Protocol requirements

Introducing Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift 2

Protocol extensions and the death of the pipe-forward operator

little bites of cocoa: #19: Protocol Extensions

Generic method overloading by protocol in Swift

appventure.me 2015-06-17

Protocol Oriented Programming

protocol medium.com 2015-06-14

Living in a Post-OOP world: Protocol Extensions in Swift 2

Protocols and Generics



Swift Collection Protocols

Protocols and Swift

Protocols and Swift

ashfurrow.com 2015-02-01

Generic Delegate Protocols

figure.ink 2015-01-18

Which function does Swift call? Part 3: Protocol_Composition

Swift Comparison Protocols

Using NSURLProtocol with Swift

Swift Default Protocol Implementations

nshipster.com 2014-09-02

How To Conform to the Sequence Protocol

VIPER-Generics-Generator: A generator of classes with protocols to comunicate over VIPER

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