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RxSwift: Reactive Programming in Swift

Few.swift: React-inspired library for writing AppKit/UIKit UIs which are functions of their state


Particle Advection by Gray Scott Reaction Diffusion Revisited

Particle Advection by Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

Hello React

react youtube.com 2017-04-25

Building a React Native App in Two Days

Introducing RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift!

Swift Talk: Comparing RxSwift and ReactiveSwift

CwlSignal, a library for reactive programming

Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

React Native Tutorial: Integrating in an Existing App

Simulating Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction in Houdini

Reactive Programming with RxSwift

video realm.io 2016-07-25

Render: Swift and UIKit a la React

RxMediaPicker: A reactive wrapper built around UIImagePickerController

ReactiveCocoa vs RxSwift

The Reactive Revolution of Swift

sideeffects.xyz 2016-03-29

Tactile: The Swift way to add UIGestureRecognizer and to react to UIControlEvents

github.com/delba 2016-02-16

little bites of cocoa: #162: Reacting with RxSwift

Functional Reactive Programming with RxSwift

video realm.io 2015-12-28

little bites of cocoa: #127: Introduction to ReactiveCocoa

Functional Reactive Awesomeness With Swift

Controlling Metal Reaction Diffusion Systems with the iPad Camera

Reactive Swift

reactive medium.com 2015-03-11

Implementing React.js in Swift

Swift & Metal: 1,000 Reaction Diffusion Solver Iterations per Second

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