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realm-cocoa: Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for Core Data & SQLite http://realm.io


Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A View Controller

realm.io 2017-07-18

Bringing Machine Learning to your iOS Apps 🤖📲

realm.io 2017-07-06

Full-Stack Swift in 30 Minutes

realm.io 2017-06-29

Easy End-to-End Encryption: Introducing ZeroKit for Realm

realm.io 2017-06-27

Dealing With Asynchrony in a Synchronous Swift World

realm.io 2017-06-26

Cool ConstraintLayout

realm.io 2017-06-22

Becoming a Better Battery Citizen

realm.io 2017-06-15

Ray Tsaihong: Swift Chatbots for Fun and Profit

realm.io 2017-06-12

Startup Swift

realm.io 2017-06-12

WWDC 2017 Swift Panel

realm.io 2017-06-08

Architecting a Robust Color System with Swift

color realm.io 2017-06-05

3D Touch: Bring Your Apps to a New Dimension

realm.io 2017-05-22

Document Indexing and App Search in iOS

realm.io 2017-05-18

The Two Sides of Writing Testable Code

news.realm.io 2017-05-15

A Neatly Typed Message: Improving Code Readability

video realm.io 2017-05-11

Lessons in Swift Error Handling and Resilience

realm.io 2017-05-08

Tasting Tests at Cookpad

testing realm.io 2017-05-04

Building a Swift Web API

realm.io 2017-05-01

Writing Your UI Swiftly

realm.io 2017-04-27

Everything a Swift Dev Ever Wanted to Know About Machine Learning

realm.io 2017-04-24

Server-Side Swift Live Coding

realm.io 2017-04-17

Building Your Own Tools

realm.io 2017-04-17

Making Mock Objects More Useful

realm.io 2017-04-13

Git at Scale: Managing Swift/Obj-C Code & Coders

realm.io 2017-04-03

Tutorial: Build iOS App from Scratch

realm.io 2017-03-30

Swift's Pointy Bits: Unsafe Swift & Pointer Types

realm.io 2017-03-30

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sequence and Collection

realm.io 2017-03-20

UI and Snapshot Testing

realm.io 2017-03-10

Hacking SiriKit

realm.io 2017-03-06

Pushing the Boundaries of Swift to the Server

realm.io 2017-02-20

Swift at Scale

realm.io 2017-02-20

Stylish Developers Guide to Unit Testing in Swift

testing realm.io 2017-02-17

Data Consistency in an Unpredictable World

realm.io 2017-02-13

Network Testing

testing realm.io 2017-02-10

Realm Cocoa Tutorial: Encryption with Realm

realm.io 2017-02-07

MVVM with Coordinators and RxSwift

realm.io 2017-02-06

Compile Time Errors Are Good

realm.io 2017-02-02

Operators and Strong Opinions

realm.io 2017-01-30

The Objective-C Runtime & Swift Dynamism

realm.io 2017-01-24

Ready for Realtime and Scale: Announcing Realm Mobile Platform 1.0

realm.io 2017-01-19

Testing in Swift: Protocols & View Models

realm.io 2017-01-17

Property-Based Testing with SwiftCheck

testing realm.io 2017-01-16

‘’Watch Your Language!’’: The Road to Cleaner Code with SwiftLint

testing realm.io 2017-01-09

MVVM with RxSwift

RxSwift realm.io 2017-01-02

Realm Mobile Platform: Chat Demo

realm.io 2016-12-27

What's Under the Hood? Decoding JSON with Swift

json realm.io 2016-12-26

SwiftLint 0.14 is out: CocoaPods installs, Linux support, and more!

realm.io 2016-12-21

Building a Production Server Swift App: Lessons Learned

realm.io 2016-12-19

Throwing Auto Layout Out the Window

AutoLayout realm.io 2016-12-15

Incremental Swift

realm.io 2016-11-14

Saving Lives with iBeacons

ibeacon realm.io 2016-11-10

Mastering TextKit

Building a Better Language App with Swift

realm.io 2016-11-04

Swift Eye for the Stringly Typed API

realm.io 2016-10-30

Refactoring at Scale – Lessons Learned Rewriting Instagram’s Feed

realm.io 2016-10-30

Using Monads and Other Functional Paradigms in Practice

SwiftCasts, The Full 3-Part Series

realm.io 2016-10-20

Extending Xcode 8

realm.io 2016-10-08

Pushing the Envelope with iOS 10 Notifications

realm.io 2016-09-19

Continuous Delivery for iOS & Mac Apps

realm.io 2016-09-16

Easy, Beautiful Typography with BonMot

realm.io 2016-09-15

Bring Your App To Life with CALayers

CALayer realm.io 2016-09-06

Turning UIKit Inside Out

realm.io 2016-08-22

Futures and Promises, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the GCD

Managing Consistency of Immutable Models

video realm.io 2016-08-11

What the Functor is a Monad

My name is Bond…SwiftBond

video realm.io 2016-08-04

Grokking Lazy Sequences & Collections

video realm.io 2016-07-26

The Guide to Open Source Swift

realm.io 2016-07-26

Reactive Programming with RxSwift

video realm.io 2016-07-25

Contributing to Swift: From Proposal to Shipped

video realm.io 2016-07-21

Swift Scripting Redux: Localization

video realm.io 2016-07-18

How (Not) to Write an iOS SDK

video realm.io 2016-07-14

Cross-Platform Swift

video realm.io 2016-07-11

Swift Compiler Integration in LLDB

video realm.io 2016-07-08

Protocol Extensions: A History

video realm.io 2016-07-08

Dive into Swift Ecosystem

video realm.io 2016-07-08


video realm.io 2016-07-08

Three Stories of Error Handling in Swift

video realm.io 2016-07-08

Motivation-based Library Abstraction

video realm.io 2016-07-08

SourceKit and You

realm.io 2016-07-07

The Open World of Swift 3

realm.io 2016-07-05

Super Spectacular Server-Side Swift!

realm.io 2016-06-30

Discovering Native Swift Patterns

realm.io 2016-06-23

Gotta Persist 'Em All: Realm as Replacement for SQLite

realm realm.io 2016-06-15

Swift Language User Group WWDC Swift Panel 2016

video realm.io 2016-06-13

Advanced Image Processing with Core Image

CoreImage realm.io 2016-06-10

10 Ways to Get Designers in Your Swift Codebase

realm.io 2016-06-07

Modern Core Data

video realm.io 2016-06-03

Putting Out Swift Fires - Lessons from Launching Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go

video realm.io 2016-06-02

Live Design

design video realm.io 2016-05-30

Keeping Designers Happy via Enums

realm.io 2016-05-27

Keep Calm and Type Erase On

video realm.io 2016-05-23

How to Train Your Swift: Examples of Computational Statistics in Swift

Advanced Graphics with Core Animation

Using Realm Seamlessly in an RxSwift App

RxSwift realm.io 2016-05-17

Table View Controllers in Swift

Building Fabric.app in Swift

video realm.io 2016-05-12

Boundaries in Practice

realm.io 2016-05-09

Teaching Swift to Non-Developers

video realm.io 2016-05-05

Building a Simple Swift App With Fine-Grained Notifications

realm.io 2016-05-02

Parser Combinators in Swift

video realm.io 2016-05-02

Protocol Extensions, Meet List Controllers

realm.io 2016-04-29

Prototyping Magic

realm.io 2016-04-28

An Artsy Testing Tour

video realm.io 2016-04-25

Migrating to Realm on iOS

realm.io 2016-04-21

Hipster Swift

video realm.io 2016-04-18

Blending Cultures

video realm.io 2016-04-14

Real World Mocking in Swift

realm.io 2016-04-11

Understand Monads with this One Weird Trick

Practical Cross-Platform Swift

video realm.io 2016-04-04

Exploring MVC-N in Swift

realm.io 2016-03-31

Ready for the Future: Writing Better Swift

realm.io 2016-03-29

Creating a Swift Library

video realm.io 2016-03-28

Design of Everyday Swift

video realm.io 2016-03-24

Contributing to Open Source Swift

realm.io 2016-03-21

Introducing Realm Cocoa Converter

realm realm.io 2016-03-18

Conquering Your Fear of Adopting Swift

realm.io 2016-03-17

Introduction to Protocol-Oriented MVVM

Fun and Fast Audio with Swift

audio realm.io 2016-03-10

Challenges Building a Swift

video realm.io 2016-03-07

Embrace Immutability

video realm.io 2016-03-03

The Guide to FRP on iOS

realm.io 2016-03-01

Runkeeper: Location Services Struggles

video realm.io 2016-02-29

Developing Apps for Apple TV

Swifty View Controller Presenters

video realm.io 2016-02-18

Building a Unidirectional Data Flow app with Realm

realm video realm.io 2016-02-12

Swift Protocols and the Promised Land

Pragmatic Core Data

Realm Objective-C & Swift 0.98

realm realm.io 2016-02-04

Swift-ly Secure

video realm.io 2016-02-04

Is It Time for Swift?

realm.io 2016-01-28

tvOS Focus Engine & Custom Gestures

Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift: An Alternative to Massive View Controllers

video realm.io 2016-01-14

Integrating with iOS System Search

TMI #5: Scrollview for Keyboards in iOS

Functional Reactive Programming with RxSwift

video realm.io 2015-12-28

Caramel for Swift

video realm.io 2015-12-22

Adaptive UI in iOS

Practical CoreBluetooth for Peripherals

bluetooth realm.io 2015-12-18

Core Data Threading Demystified

Developing Killer Apple Watch Apps

WatchKit realm.io 2015-12-15

CommonCrypto in Swift

encryption realm.io 2015-12-14

Automating Your Daily iOS Developer Tasks

iOS Animations with Auto Layout

Swift and C

video realm.io 2015-12-01

Learnings from CocoaPods: Swift, Frameworks, & Modules

realm.io 2015-11-24

Reverse Engineering Code Completion

xcode video realm.io 2015-11-23

Building an iOS Clustered Map View

MapKit video realm.io 2015-11-17

Emerging Best Practices in Swift

realm.io 2015-11-17

The Astonishing Powers and Mesmerizing Secrets of 3D Touch

3dTouch realm.io 2015-11-16

Painless Type-Safe Data Views in Swift

video realm.io 2015-11-12

Building a Grid Layout with UICollectionView and Realm

Testing View Controllers with Quick

testing realm.io 2015-11-09

Simplifying Login with Swift Enums

enum realm.io 2015-11-09

Building a Swift iOS Search Controller

video realm.io 2015-11-06

Beer Brewing App with FRP & Swift 2

video realm.io 2015-11-05

While Your App Was Sleeping: Background Transfer Services

DVR: Network Testing

video realm.io 2015-10-30

A Wishlist for Swift 3.0

SwiftLang realm.io 2015-10-26

Monads Everywhere: Porting C#’s Tasks to Swift

monad video realm.io 2015-10-23

GameplayKit: Beyond Games

F-Yeah Swift: 4 Features That Changed How I Code

realm.io 2015-10-15

Realm Objective-C & Swift 0.96

realm realm.io 2015-10-14

Cast-Free Arithmetic in Swift

video realm.io 2015-10-12

‘Hacking’ Live Photos for Any iPhone

Photos realm.io 2015-10-07

A Swift Introduction to Realm

realm.io 2015-09-28

Let's Play: Refactor the Mega Controller!

realm.io 2015-09-16

Top Tips for iOS 9 Development

realm.io 2015-09-10

Building a Brainfuck Interpreter in Swift

realm.io 2015-09-08

The Weak, the Strong, and the Unowned - Memory Management in Swift

realm.io 2015-09-02

EXC_BAD_ACCESS - Swizzling With Swift

realm.io 2015-08-26

Functional Reactive Awesomeness With Swift

Type-Erased Wrappers in Swift

realm.io 2015-08-06

Power Up Your Animations

What Haskell Teaches Me About Swift

functional realm.io 2015-07-13

Swift Scripting

scripting realm.io 2015-07-04

Building Functional Apps

functional realm.io 2015-06-27

Taylor: The Most Un-Googleable Swift Library

video realm.io 2015-06-18

Unsafe Swift: For Fun & Profit

realm.io 2015-05-26

The Supercomputer In Your Pocket: Metal & Swift

metal realm.io 2015-05-22

Using Core Data in Swift

Testing in Swift

Natural Language Processing with Swift

video realm.io 2015-04-04

Tiny Networking: Building Micro-Libraries in Swift

video realm.io 2015-01-28

An Introduction to 3D Graphics with Metal in Swift

metal video realm.io 2015-01-07

Building TableViews in Swift & iOS8

video realm.io 2014-09-24

ApiModel: Interact with REST apis using realm.io to represent objects

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