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Swift2.0: A Swift framework for shell scripting


Screencast: Scripting in Swift: Managing Dependencies

Screencast: Scripting in Swift: Writing a Script

Swift Scripting Redux: Localization

video realm.io 2016-07-18

Scripting in Swift

Roadblocks When Making Cross Platform Command Line Swift Scripts

How I’m Using Swift Scripting To Create Newsletter For iOS Cookies

Using Swift To Make Command Line Scripts - Part 2

Swift Scripting by Example: Generating Acknowledgements for CocoaPods & Carthage Dependencies

Using Swift To Make Command Line Scripts - Part 1

Fetching stdlib declarations in tcsh #swiftlang

Parameter-less subscripting fun in #swiftlang

Swift Scripting

scripting realm.io 2015-07-04

Scripting in Swift is Pretty Awesome

Swift: functional subscripting

Custom Subscripting in Swift Tutorial

Swift Scripting

Scripting with Swift by Blake Merryman

video cocoaheads.tv 2015-01-28

Compiling Swift Without Xcode

scripting owensd.io 2015-01-14

Swift for Scripting

Running Swift Scripts From The Command Line

Using Swift As General Purpose Scripting Language

Object Subscripting in Swift

Learn Swift by running Scripts

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