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Swift_2: Save, Load and Delete from a Swift Playground


How to Create iOS Screens in Sketch

peterwitham.com 2017-10-16

sketch medium.com 2017-02-01

What's in an EPUB 3 filename? Not much, it's all in the extension ... most of the time.

From sketches to the iMessage App Store: How I got my stickers published in 8 days (Part 1 of 2)

Turn and face the strange: Using a C function to merge (or stable) sort in Swift (Swift 3, Xcode 8)

Taming NSDocument and Understanding Who's Boss: Creating a Simple macOS Text Editor (Swift 3, Xcode 8 beta 6)

Swift: NSURLSession in the Playground (iOS 9.2.1, Swift 2.1, Xcode 7.2)

Bytes for Beginners: Build your own Int to binary string extension in Swift (also includes other number bases)

PaintCode Sketch Plugin Tutorial

Review: Core Image for Swift: Advanced Image Processing for iOS by Simon J Gladman

Swift: UIBezierPath for inscribed and circumscribed circles (Xcode 7.2.1)

Swift: Sorting togetherness with Zip2Sequence (Xcode 7.2)

Swift: Array and ArraySlice (Xcode 7.2)

Swift: Giving context to CGContext (Part I)

Adding Dictionary operands to Swift

Swift: Going Round in Semicircles with UIBezierPath

Send an Xcode project to Bitbucket

Swift: Download a file using NSURLSession

Swift: Upload images using NSURLSession (NSInputStream)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Animating Auto Layout Constraints in Swift (Xcode 7.2, iOS 9.2.1)

Swift: From HTML to NSAttributedText and Back Again (iOS 9.2.1, Xcode 7.2)

Resurrecting CommonCrypto in Swift for hashing, encrypting and obfuscating (iOS 9.2.1, Swift 2.1, Xcode 7.2)

Swift: NSURLSession in the Playground

Sketch Tutorial for iOS Developers

Create Beautiful App Store Screenshots with Sketch

Swift: String Extension to Convert Floating-Point Binary to Double

Swift: Replace a range of values in an array (and do other groovy stuff too) the easy way (Xcode 7.2, Swift 2.1)

Back to the UIStackView: The tale of the incredible shrinking UIButton and how it grew again (Xcode 7.2, iOS 9)

FurrySketch: Hirsute Drawing with an Apple Pencil

Bytes for Beginners: Representation of negative numbers in binary using Swift (two's complement)

Random numbers in Swift: wherefore art thou arc4random_uniform

ForceSketch: A 3D Touch Drawing App using CIImageAccumulator

CoreMotion Controlled 3D Sketching on an iPhone with Swift

From binary to decimal values in Swift

Protect yourself: Retrieving penultimate values from arrays in Swift

How To Build An App Without Interface Builder – Part 2: Sketches, Structure, Tests

Swift 2.0: More crashing and throwing in Aldwych (a JSON Parser)

Swift 2.0: throwing vs failing vs crashing vs bool

Updating Aldwych (Part 1): Parsing JSON with recursive enums in Swift

Swift: What do I understand about flatMap?

Deferring and Delegating in Swift 2 (Xcode 7 beta 3) - updated

UIActivityViewController (Part 2): Building a custom UIActivity (''Open In...'') in Swift

UIDocumentInteractionController and Swift: Two rules to never forget

UIActivityViewController (Part 1): Tweeting and Printing in Swift

The Wonderful World of Popups and Popovers in Swift

Swift: Displaying a UIImagePickerController in iOS 9 using non-deprecated classes

The ABC of Making a UIAlertViewController Popover in Swift

Swift: Common Auto Layout scenarios for UIStackView

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Programmatic Constraints

Similarly different: join(), reduce() and flatMap() in Swift 2

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Constraint Multipliers, Ratios, Constants and Relations

Empowering Extensions in Swift 2: Protocols, Types and Subclasses

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Content Hugging Priority (Xcode 7 beta 2)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Content Compression Resistance Priority and Constraint Priority (Xcode 7 beta 2)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Playing Hide and Seek with Class Sizes (Xcode 7 beta 1)

Functional Programming: Understanding the Beauty of Custom Operators in Swift

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Side by Side (Xcode 7 beta 1)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: A View within a View (Xcode 7 beta 1)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Positioning and Resizing Behaviour

A paint pot analogy of functional programming in Swift

Functional Formatting in Swift: NSAttributedStrings and NSParagraphStyle

Seven Basics of Functional Programming in Swift

Living in a Post-OOP world: Protocol Extensions in Swift 2

What's New in Swift 2: repeat-while, guard, defer, ErrorType, OptionSetType, multi-payload enums, if-case, for-case, #available, try!

Swift 2: Can we count on you?

Closures that Throw: Rethrows in Swift 2.0

Swift 2.0: Day One (do-try-catch)

Swift and NSCoding: Keeping it Simple

Swift and Spreadsheet Sorting: filter() and sort() working together

Swift: Getting sorted()

Swift: map() can be taxing

Swift: Banking on reduce()

Swift: Further adventures in flatMap()

Swift: What do map() and flatMap() really do?

Swift and NSScanner: Coping with Cocoa

Adventures in PDF: Swift and PDFKit

JSON and Swift: Making the Bool magic happen in Aldwych

Swift and EPUB: Font obfuscation

Locating paragraph breaks in Swift: Objective-C in Translation

Find and Replace with JSON and Aldwych in Swift

In and out of JSONness: Parsing Logic with Swift and Aldwych

Type Safety in Swift: Enums with Associated Values (Updated)

Type Safety in Swift: A Route Back

Type Safety in Swift: Opportunities for Control

Swift: Failing with Class (failable initializer, nil coalescing operator)

The quiet affair of the failable initializer and the nil coalescing operator

Swift: Let's talk about text (UILabel, CATextLayer, UIView, CoreText, UITextView, UIWebView)

Notes on the relative positioning and transformation of layers and sublayers (CALayer, frame, bounds, transform, position, Xcode)

The Power of Hexagons: Cube in a Spin

The Inspiration of Hexagons for Drawing in 3D

A Swift Perambulation through the World of CATransform3D: Translation, Rotation and Scaling (CALayer, iOS, Xcode)

The Power of Hexagons: Starting from scratch with 3D drawing in Swift (CAShapeLayer, CGPath)

Stars in our paths (Regular Polygons, CGPath, UIBezierPath, Playgrounds, iOS, Xcode)

Drawing Regular Polygons with CGPath, CGContext, UIBezierPath and CAShapeLayer

Bytes for Beginners: XOR encryption and decryption (interactive example)

Swift: reverse(), sort() and sorted() explained

Swift: join() and split() explained

ATSketchKit: A Drawing Framework for iOS

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