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What's in an EPUB 3 filename? Not much, it's all in the extension ... most of the time.

Turn and face the strange: Using a C function to merge (or stable) sort in Swift (Swift 3, Xcode 8)

Taming NSDocument and Understanding Who's Boss: Creating a Simple macOS Text Editor (Swift 3, Xcode 8 beta 6)

Swift: NSURLSession in the Playground (iOS 9.2.1, Swift 2.1, Xcode 7.2)

Bytes for Beginners: Build your own Int to binary string extension in Swift (also includes other number bases)

Review: Core Image for Swift: Advanced Image Processing for iOS by Simon J Gladman

Swift: UIBezierPath for inscribed and circumscribed circles (Xcode 7.2.1)

Swift: Sorting togetherness with Zip2Sequence (Xcode 7.2)

Swift: Array and ArraySlice (Xcode 7.2)

Swift: Giving context to CGContext (Part I)

Adding Dictionary operands to Swift

Swift: Going Round in Semicircles with UIBezierPath

Send an Xcode project to Bitbucket

Swift: Download a file using NSURLSession

Swift: Upload images using NSURLSession (NSInputStream)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Animating Auto Layout Constraints in Swift (Xcode 7.2, iOS 9.2.1)

Swift: From HTML to NSAttributedText and Back Again (iOS 9.2.1, Xcode 7.2)

Resurrecting CommonCrypto in Swift for hashing, encrypting and obfuscating (iOS 9.2.1, Swift 2.1, Xcode 7.2)

Swift: NSURLSession in the Playground

Swift: String Extension to Convert Floating-Point Binary to Double

Swift: Replace a range of values in an array (and do other groovy stuff too) the easy way (Xcode 7.2, Swift 2.1)

Back to the UIStackView: The tale of the incredible shrinking UIButton and how it grew again (Xcode 7.2, iOS 9)

Bytes for Beginners: Representation of negative numbers in binary using Swift (two's complement)

Random numbers in Swift: wherefore art thou arc4random_uniform

From binary to decimal values in Swift

Protect yourself: Retrieving penultimate values from arrays in Swift

Swift 2.0: More crashing and throwing in Aldwych (a JSON Parser)

Swift 2.0: throwing vs failing vs crashing vs bool

Updating Aldwych (Part 1): Parsing JSON with recursive enums in Swift

Swift: What do I understand about flatMap?

Deferring and Delegating in Swift 2 (Xcode 7 beta 3) - updated

UIActivityViewController (Part 2): Building a custom UIActivity (''Open In...'') in Swift

UIDocumentInteractionController and Swift: Two rules to never forget

UIActivityViewController (Part 1): Tweeting and Printing in Swift

The Wonderful World of Popups and Popovers in Swift

Swift: Displaying a UIImagePickerController in iOS 9 using non-deprecated classes

The ABC of Making a UIAlertViewController Popover in Swift

Swift: Common Auto Layout scenarios for UIStackView

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Programmatic Constraints

Similarly different: join(), reduce() and flatMap() in Swift 2

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Constraint Multipliers, Ratios, Constants and Relations

Empowering Extensions in Swift 2: Protocols, Types and Subclasses

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Content Hugging Priority (Xcode 7 beta 2)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Content Compression Resistance Priority and Constraint Priority (Xcode 7 beta 2)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Playing Hide and Seek with Class Sizes (Xcode 7 beta 1)

Functional Programming: Understanding the Beauty of Custom Operators in Swift

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Side by Side (Xcode 7 beta 1)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: A View within a View (Xcode 7 beta 1)

Fear and Loathing in Auto Layout: Positioning and Resizing Behaviour

A paint pot analogy of functional programming in Swift

Functional Formatting in Swift: NSAttributedStrings and NSParagraphStyle

Seven Basics of Functional Programming in Swift

Living in a Post-OOP world: Protocol Extensions in Swift 2

What's New in Swift 2: repeat-while, guard, defer, ErrorType, OptionSetType, multi-payload enums, if-case, for-case, #available, try!

Swift 2: Can we count on you?

Closures that Throw: Rethrows in Swift 2.0

Swift 2.0: Day One (do-try-catch)

Swift and NSCoding: Keeping it Simple

Swift and Spreadsheet Sorting: filter() and sort() working together

Swift: Getting sorted()

Swift: map() can be taxing

Swift: Banking on reduce()

Swift: Further adventures in flatMap()

Swift: What do map() and flatMap() really do?

Swift and NSScanner: Coping with Cocoa

Adventures in PDF: Swift and PDFKit

JSON and Swift: Making the Bool magic happen in Aldwych

Swift and EPUB: Font obfuscation

Locating paragraph breaks in Swift: Objective-C in Translation

Find and Replace with JSON and Aldwych in Swift

In and out of JSONness: Parsing Logic with Swift and Aldwych

Type Safety in Swift: Enums with Associated Values (Updated)

Type Safety in Swift: A Route Back

Type Safety in Swift: Opportunities for Control

Swift: Failing with Class (failable initializer, nil coalescing operator)

The quiet affair of the failable initializer and the nil coalescing operator

Swift: Let's talk about text (UILabel, CATextLayer, UIView, CoreText, UITextView, UIWebView)

Notes on the relative positioning and transformation of layers and sublayers (CALayer, frame, bounds, transform, position, Xcode)

The Power of Hexagons: Cube in a Spin

The Inspiration of Hexagons for Drawing in 3D

A Swift Perambulation through the World of CATransform3D: Translation, Rotation and Scaling (CALayer, iOS, Xcode)

Stars in our paths (Regular Polygons, CGPath, UIBezierPath, Playgrounds, iOS, Xcode)

Drawing Regular Polygons with CGPath, CGContext, UIBezierPath and CAShapeLayer

Bytes for Beginners: XOR encryption and decryption (interactive example)

Swift: reverse(), sort() and sorted() explained

Swift: join() and split() explained

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