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Quick: Quick: The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework

XCTest-Documentation: Unofficial documentation for XCTest, including UI Testing, introduced in iOS 9.

SwiftHamcrest: Hamcrest gives you advanced matchers with better error messages for your Swift unit tests

DVR: Network testing

GpxLocationManager: GpxLocationManager is a replacement for CLLocationManager that allows the developer to use GPS data from GPX files or CLLocation arrays for testing


Request Testing in Vapor, Part 2

bignerdranch.com 2017-05-31

Request Testing in Vapor, Part 1

bignerdranch.com 2017-05-22

Getting started with Xcode UI testing in Swift

medium.com 2017-05-21

Tasting Tests at Cookpad

testing realm.io 2017-05-04

Unit Testing — Network request

testing medium.com 2017-04-19

Running XCUITests in Parallel with Fastlane and Bluepill

Writing tests in iOS apps

testing medium.com 2017-04-03

Testing Swift code that uses system singletons in 3 easy steps

testing medium.com 2017-03-24

Why you should co-locate your Xcode tests

Four Tips and Tools for iOS Testing in Swift

System Level Breakpoints in Swift

Testing in Xcode for iOS Tutorial

UI and Snapshot Testing

realm.io 2017-03-10

Striking a Balance with UI Tests

Getting Started With Simulator Testing

Getting Started with Fastlane for Automating Beta Testing and App Deployment

Stylish Developers Guide to Unit Testing in Swift

testing realm.io 2017-02-17

Using Xcode Storyboard for UI Building and Testing

bitbar.com 2017-02-10

Network Testing

testing realm.io 2017-02-10

Waiting in XCTest

Locating the source of a memory leak

testing medium.com 2017-01-23

Testing in Swift: Protocols & View Models

realm.io 2017-01-17

Property-Based Testing with SwiftCheck

testing realm.io 2017-01-16

Understanding memory leaks in closures

‘’Watch Your Language!’’: The Road to Cleaner Code with SwiftLint

testing realm.io 2017-01-09

Firebase Tutorial: iOS A/B Testing

Updated Course: Beginning iOS Unit & UI Testing

UI Testing Cheat Sheet and Examples

XCTest Documentation

Better Unit Testing with Swift

Custom Helpers in XCTest

How Not to Crash #1

Testing actions over time

A Rubyist's Perspective on Testing in Swift

bignerdranch.com 2016-10-24

We started testing our Swift Sandbox!

weheartswift.com 2016-10-23

Three Ways UI Testing Just Made Test-Driven Development Even Better

masilotti.com 2016-10-20

A Beginner’s Guide to Automated UI Testing in iOS

testing appcoda.com 2016-10-19

Testing Asynchronous Code in Swift 3

youtu.be 2016-10-16

Testing Asynchronous Code in Swift 3

testing youtube.com 2016-10-16

Testing UserDefaults

figure.ink 2016-10-15

UI Testing in Xcode 7

Unit Testing on macOS: Part 2/2

Unit Testing on macOS: Part 1/2

Assertions in Swift Kill Your Code

iOS 10 Screencast: Visual View Debugging

testing videos.raywenderlich.com 2016-08-16 Paywall

TestFlight Tutorial: iOS Beta Testing

Asynchronous Testing

testing medium.com 2016-08-04

iOS 10 Screencast: Memory Graph Debugger

testing raywenderlich.com 2016-08-04 Paywall

Swift 3 Warning of Unused Result

Xcode Visual Memory Debugger

Cribble: Swifty tool for visual testing iPhone and iPad apps

‪Using TestFlight! (Xcode)‬

xcknife: Simple tool for optimizing XCTest runs across machines

Ellen Shapiro: Outside In — Using UI Tests to Start Improving Your App

Testing Dictionaries with Swift and XCTest


testing ctarda.com 2016-05-08

Testing with Swift – Approaches & Useful Libraries

Running UI Tests on iOS With Ludicrous Speed

Running UI Tests on iOS With Ludicrous Speed

An Artsy Testing Tour

video realm.io 2016-04-25

Using Xcode's Schemes to run a subset of your tests

How to Create Fixture Files for Unit Tests

UI Testing with Stubbed Network Data

masilotti.com 2016-03-04

Testing Push Onto The Navigation Stack

Unit Testing in Xcode 7 with Swift

testing appcoda.com 2016-02-29

parallel_ios_tests: Run iOS tests on multiple simulators in parallel at the same time

ABKit: AB testing framework for iOS

little bites of cocoa: 97: When UIViews Suddenly Disappear

EarlGrey - iOS Functional UI Testing Framework

Vinyl: Vinyl is a simple, yet flexible library used for replaying HTTP requests while unit testing

Why hitting the network is bad for your test, and what to do about it

Testing NSURLSession with Swift, Part 2: Flattening Asynchronous Tests

Async Testing with Quick and Nimble

little bites of cocoa: #177: Debugging Push Notifications with Knuff

A Guide to Xcode UI Test

testing metova.com 2016-01-26

Finding iOS Memory Leaks with Xcode’s Instruments

Tutorial: Testing SSL using Charles Proxy on an iOS Device

Testing Delegates in Swift with XCTest

little bites of cocoa: #169: Automatically Continuing at Breakpoints

Network Link Conditioner

Testing callbacks in Swift with XCTest

Testing NSURLSession with Swift, Part 1: Mocking Classes You Don't Own

Prevent Unit Tests from Loading AppDelegate in Swift

Breakpoints for UIViewController presentation warnings

Getting Started with TDD in Swift

View Event Testing in Swift

testing medium.com 2015-12-15

Correction On Testing UIAlertController

iOS Unit Testing: Dependency Injection with Structs

little bites of cocoa: #130: Running Tests with Scan

little bites of cocoa: #129: More UI Testing Tips

little bites of cocoa: #124: More on UI Testing

How to configure Travis CI for iOS testing

Testing View Controllers with Quick

testing realm.io 2015-11-09

Shoot the Heap

Creating Trust-able Unit Tests in Swift

How to configure CircleCI for iOS testing

TDD in Swift Playgrounds

DVR: Network Testing

video realm.io 2015-10-30

Fixing Bugs Driven By Tests in Swift

iOS functional testing with user stories, UI Test and local server

little bites of cocoa: #110: Snapshot

Better Unit Testing with Swift

Inspecting Auto Layout with the Cocoa Layout Instrument

Mocks in Swift via Protocols

How can you do TDD with Swift?

Testing Shorthand: Use a Subclass of the Real Object Under Test

Custom Helpers in XCTest

How To Test UIAlertController

UI Testing Cheat Sheet and Examples

Testability Tip for Swift Developers – Parameterize and Push

XCTest Reference

How to Write Pragmatic, Testable Singletons

Three Ways UI Testing Just Made Test-Driven Development Even Better

iOS: The One Weird Trick For Testing View Controllers

Using Guard In Unit Tests

iOS9 Day-by-Day :: Day 2 :: UI Testing

Unit Testing Tutorial: Mocking Objects

little bites of cocoa: #30: UI Testing

UI Testing in Xcode 7

Xcode 7 UI testing, a first look

Swift 2 + Xcode 7: Unit Testing Access Made Easy!!!!

Episode #170: Testing with Quick

video nsscreencast.com 2015-05-21 Paywall

Continuous Integration for testing Metal GPGPU shaders for iOS with Swig, Numpy and Python

metal ci memkite.com 2015-05-20

Debugging your iOS App's HTTP(S) Traffic

testing cjwirth.com 2015-04-15

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 6 :: Profiling Unit Tests

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 11 :: Asynchronous Testing

Testing in Swift

Visual Tests with Xcode Playgrounds

‪Scenekit for beginners - Hit testing tutorial!!‬

Unit Testing Model Layer with Core Data and Swift

Unit Testing in Swift: A Quick Look at Quick

Unit Testing in Swift: Dependency Injection

Unit Testing Optionals In Swift: The XCTAssertNotNil Catch

Getting Started with Unit Testing in Swift

How To Unit Test With Optionals In Swift

Swift Unit Testing – Verifying Method Calls

Swift Unit Testing Resources

Performance Testing in Xcode 6

Unit Testing ViewControllers In Swift With IOS 8 And Xcode 6

testing iosmike.com 2014-10-18

Unit Testing Tips and Tricks

TDDSwiftPlayground: Demonstration of using Swift Playgrounds in Test Driven Development with XCTest

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