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Swift Resources

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Swift: Extensions

Distributing iOS Apps – An Overview

Phased Release

Passing Data Between View Controllers

March 2017: The Current State Of Swift

UIKeyCommand: Defining Keyboard Shortcuts

UITableView – Tutorial For Beginners

3D Touch: Peek And Pop

3D Touch Quick Actions

Merge Sort In Swift

UITableView: Automatic Row Height

Two Useful Log Messages

An Introduction To Extensions

Xcode: Frameworks

Xcode: Markup For Playgrounds

Xcode 8: Mixing Auto Layout and Autoresizing Masks

The 5 Best YouTube Channels For iOS Developers

Embedding a Whole Screen Into a UIScrollView Subsequently


Structuring UITableViews by Using Enums

Sorting Arrays in Swift

Retain Cycles, Weak and Unowned in Swift

WWDC 2016: The 7 Best Talks

Concurrent Code In Playgrounds

Xcode: Treat Warnings As Errors

How To Clean Up Your Xcode Installation?

Swift: filter

Swift: Use Cases For Guard


Swift: The Nil Coalescing Operator

Building A Simple iOS Calculator App – Part 1

NSTimer – Repeat

Swift: Avoiding C-Style For-Loops

How To Show And Hide A Date Picker From A Table View Cell


A Simple NSBlockOperation Example

How To Use Both Swift And Objective-C In One Project?

The Most Common Mistake In Using UITableViews

Network Link Conditioner

Xcode: Groups And Folder References

Swift: Public Properties With Private Setters

The Pyramid Of Doom In Swift

Swift: weak and unowned

Swift: map and flatMap

A Trick To Discover Retain Cycles

Swift Tutorial For Beginners: Part 1

Swift: Using Local Closures

Five Myths About Swift

Type Casting in Swift



Swift Playground: The Monty-Hall-Problem

NSURL and NSURLComponents

Swift 2.0: API Availability Checking

Swift: Generics

Templates in Xcode 6

The Strategy Pattern

Constants In Swift

Swift: Access Control

Swift: Enums

Xcode: Navigating Through Your Project

Outsource your UITableViewDataSource

Error Handling in Swift 2.0

Using Custom Fonts

Container ViewController

Singletons in Swift

The 10 Best Xcode Shortcuts

Swift 2.0: defer

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