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SwiftGen: A collection of Swift tools to generate Swift code (enums for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, …)

Swiftline: Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications

SwiftSequence: A μframework of extensions for SequenceType in Swift 2.0, inspired by Python's itertools, Haskell's standard library, and other things


CoreKit framework and tools

theswiftdev.com 2017-10-17

A Beginner’s Guide to Core ML Tools: Converting a Caffe Model to Core ML Format

appcoda.com 2017-08-04

Must have build scripts for iOS developers

Top 5 Command Line Tools for iOS Developer

medium.com 2017-04-18

Building Your Own Tools

realm.io 2017-04-17

Four Tips and Tools for iOS Testing in Swift

Creating a Marvel iOS App from scratch.. Tools, pods, tricks of the trade and more .. Part 1

medium.com 2016-11-21

Investing time into developer tools

merowing.info 2016-08-08

xTextHandler: Xcode Source Editor Extension Toolset (Plugins for Xcode 8)

RightFont for Mac

AVXCAssets-Generator: AVXCAssets Generator takes path for your assets images and creates appiconset and imageset for you in just one click

XcodeIssueGenerator: XcodeIssueGenerator

Recreating Kai's Power Tools Goo in Swift

Ruby for iOS Developers - Managing Ruby Tools with Bundler

mokacoding.com 2016-02-10

‪How To Make an App - Ep 1 - Tools and Materials (Xcode 7, iOS 9)‬

iOS9 Day-by-Day :: Day 5 :: Xcode Code Coverage Tools

Algorithm: A toolset for writing algorithms and probability models in Swift.

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