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Fun Animations with CGAffineTransform (Scale, Rotate, Reposition) Tutorial (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

Radial Gradients on a UIView (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

video youtu.be 2017-01-19

Learn iOS 10, WatchOS 3 Programming | Tutorial #14 - Grouped UITableView Basics

WatchKit youtu.be 2017-01-17

Swift 3 Value & Reference Types

youtu.be 2016-12-25

Today's iOS sample no.1465 stripe circle

mizusima youtu.be 2016-12-25

How to use C in Swift 3

youtu.be 2016-10-22

Testing Asynchronous Code in Swift 3

youtu.be 2016-10-16

Loading and Caching Images! (SDWebImage : Swift 3 in Xcode 8)

SwiftConf '16: @JensRavens — Server Side Swift

youtu.be 2016-09-28

#102 Creating Stickers Pack App in iOS 10 in 30 Seconds

youtu.be 2016-09-25

Background Thread Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 8 iOS 10

youtu.be 2016-09-13

Using Alamofire to Parse JSON! (Swift 3 in Xcode 8 : Part 1)

Disable Xcode 8 iOS Simulator Activity Tracing

video youtu.be 2016-09-13

Building an Entire iPhone App in an Hour (/dev/world/2016)

youtu.be 2016-09-11

Photo Album in Collection View! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

‪Using AdMob! (Firebase : Swift 2 in Xcode)‬

‪Using TestFlight! (Xcode)‬

Introduction to Swift Intermediate Language — Alex Blewitt

video youtu.be 2016-05-13

Cocoapods for Absolute Beginners

‪IBInspectable UIView Borders Tutorial in Swift - Xcode 7.3 iOS 9.3‬

video youtu.be 2016-04-25

Using Tiled! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

video youtu.be 2016-04-22

Create a Carousel! (iCarousel : Swift 2 in Xcode)

video youtu.be 2016-04-13

#1 Core Data: Hello Core Data

‪How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) - Ep 10 - Parse User Accounts and Management‬

UIPageViewController in Swift with Xcode | Create Walkthrough

Route 85 ‪Quick tip: Animating Constraints in Your iOS App‬

Route 85 Quick tip: More Constraint Animation Advice

How To Limit Characters in a UITextField w/ Character Counter

‪Alexis Gallagher - Protocols with Associated Types‬

protocol youtu.be 2015-12-15

‪How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) - Ep 5 - Updating and Deleting Objects‬

‪How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) - Ep 4 - Retrieve Data from Parse‬

‪How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) - Ep 3 - Save Data to Parse‬

‪How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) - Ep 2 - Integrate Parse SDK with Cocoapods‬

How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) - Ep 1 - Sign up for Parse

‪Using TouchID! (Swift 2 in Xcode)‬

How to build 3D Touch App Shortcuts for iOS 9

Swift Radio Pro (iOS App) - Open Source Template/Code

video youtu.be 2015-10-02

'‪Feet in Both Worlds: From Objective-C to Swift' by Andy Matuschak‬

youtu.be 2015-09-28

‪UIScrollView - How to keep your views on screen‬

iOS 9 Swift UIStackView

Get started with UIStackView in iOS 9

AzamSharp: ‪Learning iOS Development Part 85 (Creating Custom Annotation Views for MKMapView)

AzamSharp: ‪Learning iOS Development Part 84 (Custom Annotations)

AzamSharp: Learning iOS Development Part 83 (Follow User in MapKit Using Swift)

azamSharp: ‪Learning iOS Development Part 82 (Introduction to MapKit iOS 8 Using Swift)

AzamSharp: ‪Learning iOS Development Part 81 (Autolayouts)

AzamSharp:#4 Swift Functions Continued

‪Mac Development Part 1 (Hello Mac)‬

macOS youtu.be 2015-04-28

AzamSharp: ‪Learning iOS Development Part 80 (Live Rendering iOS 8)‬

Adaptive Auto Layout

AzamSharp: Learning iOS Development Part 79 (UIView Transitions)

AzamSharp: Learning iOS Development Part 78 (Spring Animations)

Scenekit for Absolute Beginners

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