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Dollar.swift: A functional tool-belt for Swift Language similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore in Javascript

MyKit: Swift library that extends iOS and OS X fundamental frameworks' functionality

Argo: Functional JSON parsing library


Functional Swift

medium.com 2017-04-22


An Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift

Intro to Higher Order Functions in Swift 3

Intro to Swift Functional Programming with Bob


Functional Swift Conference 2016

Using Monads and Other Functional Paradigms in Practice

Which code style reigned supreme? Unswifty Procedural vs Swifty Functional Results

ericasadun.com 2016-10-20

Holy war: Unswifty Procedural vs Swifty Functional

Functional Swift Conference 2016

Functional Swift: Using Array filter and forEach functions

A Practical Example of FlatMap

What the Functor is a Monad

Improve your Swift Language Skills with the Map and Filter Functions

Dollar: A functional tool-belt for Swift Language similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore.js in Javascript

functional-swift-crash-course: A crash course on how to use functional programming in swift

Alembic: Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON

for-loops are for suckers: An OO-programmer's guide to map and flatMap

Swift from Two to Three: Currying Favor

Swift Functional Programming: Basic Concepts

iDevicesInformation: A Light Weight and Updated Code for Device Detection and many other functionality written in swift 2.0

Functors, Applicatives, and Monads in Plain English

Understand Monads with this One Weird Trick

Currying and Treating Instance Methods as Curried Functions

TryParsec: Monadic Parser Combinator for try! Swift http://www.tryswiftconf.com/

EarlGrey - iOS Functional UI Testing Framework

Sharing functionality across tvOS and iOS

Lenses in Swift, or how to change parts of immutable objects

functional narf.pl 2016-01-12

Functional Reactive Programming with RxSwift

video realm.io 2015-12-28

Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift

How to Create ASCII art in functional Swift

ios-blog.co.uk 2015-12-19

Lenses in Swift

Higher-order functions in Swift

Reduce all the things

iOS functional testing with user stories, UI Test and local server

Functional Programming in Swift

Function Currying in Swift

What The Heck Is A Monad

Swift Optionals, Functional Programming, and You

mokacoding.com 2015-09-22

Beta 6: flatten #swiftlang

Functional Reactive Awesomeness With Swift

a practical introduction to functional programming - now with swift!

Swift currying in practice

Where Instead of Using Functional Bind, I Create an Expressive Model

Swift: When the Functional Approach is NOT Right

Swift Functors, Applicatives, and Monads in Pictures

What Haskell Teaches Me About Swift

functional realm.io 2015-07-13

Swift Algebraic Data Types

Similarly different: join(), reduce() and flatMap() in Swift 2

Building Functional Apps

functional realm.io 2015-06-27

Functional Programming: Understanding the Beauty of Custom Operators in Swift

Swift: functional subscripting

A paint pot analogy of functional programming in Swift

Functional Formatting in Swift: NSAttributedStrings and NSParagraphStyle

Seven Basics of Functional Programming in Swift

Swift: Banking on reduce()

Swift: Further adventures in flatMap()

Swift: What do map() and flatMap() really do?

Curried Function Example

PaintCode Tutorial for Developers: Getting Started

Swift: Curry take-out with a side of Image Processing

A Test Driven Custom Swift Zip Function Using Generics

Zip, Map and Generics: The Evolution of a Swift Function

Function Currying in Swift

Creating ASCII art in functional Swift

Functional Programming in Swift

Basic map and filter Examples

Replacing a complicated API with optionals

functional objc.io 2015-02-23

Swift-Like Swift code: A brief introduction to Swift optionals.

Unwrapping multiple optionals

functional objc.io 2015-02-17

Caesar ciphers

functional objc.io 2015-02-02

Functional vs Imperative: Creating a Multiline UISegmentedControl in Swift

Typed Notification Observers

functional objc.io 2015-01-26

Sequences and Generators

Combined pattern-matching

functional objc.io 2015-01-19

Swift Quickie: Capture Lists


Function Composition in Swift

Flattening and Mapping Optionals

functional objc.io 2015-01-14

Functional View Controllers

Phantom Types

functional objc.io 2015-01-10

Proof in Functions

Functor and Monad in Swift

Functional Swift: Tail Recursion Explained

Introduction to Function Currying in Swift

2014 Functional Swift Conf

Swift: Using String Ranges The Functional Way

Functional Swift

Lenses in Swift: Combining getters and setters for great glory

Swift, Functional Programming, and Does It Matter Tech Talk Video

Swift Function Currying

Functional Swift for Dealing with Optional Values

Functional Functions

Swift Functional Programming Tutorial

Real World JSON Parsing with Swift

Playing with Closure Expressions and Operator Functions in Swift

Functional Programming in Swift

Swift Function Currying

Practical Use for Curried Functions in Swift

Efficient JSON in Swift with Functional Concepts and Generics

Addendum: Deriving the Third Monad Law From Nested Comprehensions

Calkin-Wilf in Swift

Associated Types Considered Weird

Swift Is Not Functional

Generators in Swift

Higher Order Functions: Map, Filter, Reduce and more – Part 1

Swift-Functors-Applicative-Monads-In-Pictures-Playground: Swift Functors, Applicatives, and Monads in Pictures - Playground

Adopting map() & reduce() in Swift

Decomposing Arrays

Function Composition

Functional Quicksort

Flattening and mapping arrays



Applicative Functors

Wrapper Types

Map for Optionals


Lightweight API Wrappers

Enums instead of Booleans

Functional Swift (Chris Eidhof, Florian Kugler, and Wouter Swierstra)

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