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Swift Resources

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Swift Sites

awesome-swift: Awesome Swift

Swift Source Code

SwiftHN: A Hacker News reader in Swift

SwiftWeather: Swift Weather

SerialPortExample-Swift: Serial Port Example

BigKeyboard-iOS: Swift implementation of a custom keyboard

WorldCupSwift: World Cup Swift

Swifty-News: Swifty News

HackerNews: Hacker News reader

5b4165d278c265cd5a35: Source for the Khan Academy app's unusual scrolling interactions

swift-2048: Swift 2048

FlappySwift: Flappy Bird Clone

FlappySwift: Flappy Swift

RpnCalculatorKata: RPN Calculator

SwirlingBalls: Swirling Balls

PNChart-Swift: PNChart-Swift

SwiftyJSON: The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift

ExSwift: A set of Swift extensions for standard types and classes

GameOfLife: Game of Life

clock-saver: Simple clock screensaver

SwiftRSS: Swift RSS

GameOfLifeSwift: Game of Life

Source Code

Transition: Easy interactive interruptible custom ViewController transitions

MIBlurPopup: MIBlurPopup let you create amazing popups with a blurred background

AnimatedCollectionViewLayout: A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that adds custom transitions/animations to the UICollectionView without effecting your existing code

Attributed: A Modern interface for attributed strings

github.com/Nirma 2017-02-04

WebMIDIKit: Simplest MIDI Swift framework

Guaka: The smartest and most beautiful (POSIX compliant) Command line framework for Swift

Notepad: A fully themeable markdown editor with live syntax highlighting

bd50b15693f4fc6dc7ae: Playing with Swift Pattern Matching for Mathematical Expressions (run in playground)

KDCircularProgress: A circular progress view with gradients

UISearchController: UISearchController Example

ALBNoSQLDB: A SQLite database wrapper written in Swift that requires no SQL knowledge to use and can sync with instances of itself

xcode-snippets: Xcode Snippets for Swift 2, based on those by Mattt at https://github.com/Xcode-Snippets/Objective-C

ArrayDiff: A Swift utility to make updating table views/collection views trivially easy and reliable

AlamofireImage: AlamofireImage is an image component library for Alamofire

Alamofire: Elegant Networking in Swift

ACAnimatedTextField: ACAnimatedTextField is a subclass of UITextField which replaces a text placeholder with an image

SwiftGen: A collection of Swift tools to generate Swift code (enums for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, …)

SwiftSockets: A simple GCD based socket wrapper for Swift.

Decodable: Swift 2 JSON parsing done (more) right

Siren: Notify users when a new version of your iOS app is available

Lantern: A dedicated Mac app for website auditing and crawling http://www.burntcaramel.com/lantern/

Carthage: A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa

CKWaveCollectionViewTransition: Cool wave like transition between two or more UICollectionView

DDUtils: a VERY loose collection of individual classes and/or components for OSX/IOS that I find myself reusing 

XCGLogger: XCGLogger - A debug log framework

BezierPathPlaygrounds: Some playgrounds to better understand UIBezierPaths

DKChainableAnimationKit: Easy to read and write chainable animations in Swift

GenericDatasource: A Swift implementation of a generic datasource that you can use for table views.

Device: Light weight tool for detecting the current device and screen size

Blurable: Apply a Gaussian Blur to any UIView with Swift Protocol Extensions

ParticleLab: Particle system that's both calculated and rendered on the GPU using the Metal framework

FutureKit: http://futurekit.org

GPaperTrans: Yet another UICollectionView layout transitions inspired by Facebook Paper App

HanekeSwift: A lightweight generic cache for iOS written in Swift with extra love for images

RazzleDazzle: A simple keyframe-based animation framework for iOS, written in Swift. Perfect for scrolling app intros

Swiftly: Swiftly generate autolayout constraints.

swift-chess: A simple chess game built for OSX using Swift 2.0

CoreStore: Unleashing the real power of Core Data with the elegance and safety of Swift

Unbox: Unbox is an easy to use Swift JSON decoder

KGFloatingDrawer: A floating navigation drawer with an interesting animated presentation

SimpleAlert: SimpleAlert

DragDropCollectionView: A UICollectionView which allows for easy drag and drop to reorder cells. Mimicks the drag and drop on the iOS Springboard when reordering apps (wiggle animation included!).

Genome: A simple, type safe, failure driven mapping library for serializing JSON to models in Swift 2.0

MotionKit: Get the data from Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer in only Two or a few lines of code. CoreMotion now made insanely simple

SwiftMacTypes: SwiftAdditions: A Swift bridge for the data types in the MacTypes header.

Spring: A library to simplify iOS animations in Swift

CVCalendar: A custom visual calendar

NKWatchActivityIndicator: An activity indicator library for Apple Watch and a sample to push the limit of animation in watchOS 2

NaughtyKeyboard: The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.

BTNavigationDropdownMenu: The elegant dropdown menu appears underneath navigation bar to display a list of related items when a user click on the navigation title.

RubberBandEffect: Recreating Apple’s rubber band effect

Quick: Quick: The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework

adaptive-tab-bar: Adaptive Tabbar

RxSwift: Reactive Programming in Swift

SSASwiftReachability: A Swift Library To Track Network Reachability Changes

Bond: Bond is a Swift binding framework

da6f27463fa0125d5a42: FunctionsAsClosures.swift

SwiftyJSON: SwiftyJSON

Armchair: A simple yet powerful App Review Manager for iOS and OSX

Font-Awesome-Swift: Font Awesome library

TableSchemer: Framework for building static interactive table views

Cereal: Swift object serialization

Side-Menu.iOS: Animated side menu with customizable UI

GuillotineMenu: Our Guillotine Menu Transitioning Animation reminds a bit of a notorious killing machine

CloudKit-Demo.Swift: CloudKit-Demo.Swift

Koloda: KolodaView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of Tinder like cards

Persei: Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView

SwiftGo: Pure Swift/C library that provides Go's concurrency features in Swift 2

AAFaceDetection: Prototyping-Library providing easy access to iOS face detection features through NSNotification

Forthwith: Adding Forth's type safety and readability to Swift

SwiftMoment: A time and calendar manipulation library

hexagen: Hexagen - true coroutines for Swift

Swift-Diagram-Playgrounds: Drawing diagrams in Swift using a recursive enum data structure

BubbleTransition: A custom modal transition that presents and dismiss a controller with an expanding bubble effect.

SwiftCop: SwiftCop is a validation library fully written in Swift and inspired by the clarity of Ruby On Rails Active Record validations.

CoreDataPlayground: A Core Data stack built inside a Swift playground

Dollar.swift: A functional tool-belt for Swift Language similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore in Javascript

result: Swift type modelling the success/failure of arbitrary operations

SKLinearAlgebra: Swift extensions for Linear Algebra with SceneKit

MyKit: Swift library that extends iOS and OS X fundamental frameworks' functionality

cariocamenu: The fastest zero-tap iOS menu

Reachability.swift: Replacement for Apple's Reachability re-written in Swift with closures

Polyglot: A simple Swift API for Microsoft Translator

Colours: A beautiful set of predefined colors and a set of color methods

MusicKit: A framework for composing and transforming music

821a0748257dc8d3581f: A Swift String extension that converts a hexadecimal color to a UIColor

SwiftKVC: Key-Value Coding (KVC) for native Swift classes and structs

XcodeSwiftSnippets: Xcode Swift Code Snippets

siesta: iOS REST Client Framework

Swift: This project provides some examples in Swift for iOS

BubbleControl-Swift: a bubble control highly inspired from facebook chat heads

SwiftEventBus: A publish/subscribe EventBus optimized for iOS

PySwiftyRegex: Easily deal with Regex in Swift in a Pythonic way

Fuzi: A fast & lightweight XML/HTML parser in Swift that makes your life easier

LiterateSwiftGUI: LiterateSwift is a (GUI) tool to edit your literate swift files.

48243eb549481bc38d58: Reflection

8e4cab3ed7d1e7da47e7: ShapedButton is a UIButton subclass optimized for non-rectangular button shapes

TuningFork: A Simple Tuner for iOS

watchOS-2-heartrate: watchOS 2.0 healthkit, heartrate streaming, start workout session

Popover: Popover is a balloon library like Facebook app

ActionSwift3: ActionSwift3: ActionScript 3 SDK in Swift

UIImageView-BetterFace-Swift: UIImageView-BetterFace-Swift

XcodeServerSDK: Access Xcode Server API with native Swift objects

ViewMonitor: ViewMonitor can measure View positions with accuracy

Starscream: Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX

ios-charts: An iOS port of the beautiful MPAndroidChart

BreakOutToRefresh: Play BreakOut while loading - A playable pull to refresh view

Tomate: This is in the App Store as Fojusi

SwiftGraph: SwiftGraph: A Graph Data Structure

PullToRefreshSwift: iOS Simple Cool PullToRefresh Library

Date.swift: A Swift Date Library

DBPathRecognizer: Gesture recognizer tool

TurtlePlayground: Swift playground using Logo-like commands

LeetCode-Solutions-in-Swift: Get prepared for your next iOS job interview by studying high quality LeetCode solutions in Swift 2.1

swift_playgrounds: A collection of Swift playgrounds demonstrating language basics, JSON parsing, HTTP networking and File IO

OAuthSwift: Swift based OAuth library for iOS

DCRadialGraph: DCRadialGraph is a swift based, good looking, easy to use, drop in radial/circular graph view

DPImageCache: Extension for UIImageView. Help loading image asynchronously and store local file cache.

SwiftSortUtils: Useful functions and extensions for sorting

TKAnimatedCheckButton: Animated Check Button

Playground%20Secrets%20and%20Power%20Tips: Playground Secrets and Power Tips for Swift 2.0 (from Erica Sadun book)

EVReflection: Swift helper library with reflection functions with support for NSCoding, Printable, Hashable, Equatable and JSON

SigmaSwiftStatistics: A collection of functions for statistical calculation in iOS and OS X

spacetime: Experimental iOS library for live transformations on parts of layers

PennyPincher: A fast gesture recognizer based on the PennyPincher algorithm

FMMosaicLayout: FMMosaicLayout is a mosiac collection view layout

Toucan: Fabulous Image Processing


swifter: Swifter: Tiny http server engine

ParkedTextField: A text field with a constant text/placeholder

BusyNavigationBar: A UINavigationBar extension to show loading effects

QorumLogs: Swift Logging Utility for Xcode & Google Docs

CozyLoadingActivity: Lightweight Swift loading activity for iOS7+

DGRunkeeperSwitch: Runkeeper design switch control (two part segment control)

GRDB.swift: A versatile SQLite toolkit

SingleLineShakeAnimation: SingleLineShakeAnimation


EventSource.Swift: EventSource.Swift

FayeSwift: Swift Client Library for the Faye Pub-Sub messaging server

ImageLoaderSwift: A lightweight and fast image loader for iOS

Gloss: A shiny JSON parsing library in Swift http://cocoapods.org/pods/Gloss

Ji: Ji (戟) is an XML/HTML parser

PCLBlurEffectAlert: Swift AlertController with UIVisualeffectview

Presentation: Presentation helps you to make tutorials, release notes and animated pages

SwiftCharts: Easy to use and highly customizable charts library for iOS

EasyAnimation: A Swift library to take the power of UIView.animateWithDuration(_:, animations:...) to a whole new level - layers, springs, chain-able animations and mixing view and layer animations together!

SwiftSpinner: A beautiful activity indicator and modal alert. Using blur effects, translucency, flat and bold design

TableCellAnimator.swift: TableCellAnimator

hermes: a simple and robust in-app notification system for iOS

WobbleView: an implementation of a recently popular wobble effect for any view in your app

SwiftAutoLayout: Tiny Swift DSL for Autolayout

swiftrsrc: Resource code generation tool

JSONHelper: Lightning fast JSON deserialization and value conversion library for iOS & OS X

Sprite-Kit-Collisions-Playground: This playground demonstrates how do physics perform collision detection using Swift and Sprite Kit

sweetercolor: A color extension library

UIImageColors: iTunes style color fetcher for UIImage


JSQDataSourcesKit: Type-safe, value-oriented data source objects that keep your view controllers light

JSQCoreDataKit: A swifter Core Data stack

Swift2-Protocol-Extension-Example: Playground showing how to use swift2 protocol extensions to render errors in UIViews and UIViewControllers without subclassing

midnightbacon: midnightbacon: An iOS Reddit client

XCTest-Documentation: Unofficial documentation for XCTest, including UI Testing, introduced in iOS 9.

JSONNeverDie: Auto reflection tool from JSON to Model, user friendly JSON encoder / decoder, aims to never die

Few.swift: React-inspired library for writing AppKit/UIKit UIs which are functions of their state


LumaJSON: A super simple JSON helper

UIStackView-Playground: A playground demonstrating some of the key features of UIStackView

Swiftly-Typed-Resources: A playground showing how Swift makes Strings, Colors, Fonts, Images, etc easier to deal with.

SwiftObjLoader: A wavefront object format loader

Shark: Swift Script that transforms the .xcassets folder into a type safe enum

SmartRouter: A tiny routing library written in Swift 2.0.

swift: mal - Make a Lisp

Swift2.0: A Swift framework for shell scripting

MaterialView: Material Floating Button for iOS

Nuke: Advanced framework for managing images

STPopup: STPopup provides STPopupController, which works just like UINavigationController in popup style, for both iPhone and iPad

Run: A Swift Wrapper for Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) Framework that supports method chaining

pulsinglayer: Adds a customizable CALayer halo effect to any arbitrary UIView

KeychainAccess: wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X

fireworks: Fireworks Graphics Demo (OSX/Metal/Swift)

SpeedLog: Fast Swift debug logs

Mirror: Swift objects Reflection

CryptoSwift: Crypto related functions and helpers for Swift

Natalie: Storyboard Code Generator

CardKit: Model structures for building playable card games in Swift

PathKit: Effortless path operations

QueryKit: A simple CoreData query language for Swift

LTMorphingLabel: Cloning the original Morphing Label of iOS 8 introduced in WWDC 2014

LTBouncyPlaceholder: A learning-by-doing UITextField extension

fallingLetters: Falling Letters Swift Animation

SwiftQRCode: Simple QRCode detector and generator

string-in-chain: convenient and fast approach to create AttributedString

OpenSim: OpenSim is an open source alternative for SimPholders


FlagKit: Beautiful flag icons for usage in apps and on the web

SwiftDate: Easy NSDate Management

Neon: A powerful Swift programmatic UI layout framework.

phonenumberkit: A Swift framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber

TVButton: Recreating the cool parallax icons from Apple TV as iOS UIButtons

Swifter: Twitter Framework

JSONCodable: Hassle-free JSON encoding and decoding

Playdown: Convert Swift Playgrounds to Markdown

Euler: Swift Custom Operators for Mathematical Notation

RMParallax: The way to impress users on the first app launch

454f3ba5c2f575d63cb3: coroutines.swift

0ac60ce46f40e9c825a3: SerializationExperiment.swift

MOJailBrokenDector: It is converted swift language from JailBrokenDector project

SerializableData: Swift 2.0 library to get/set json-type data, usable in NSUserDefaults and CoreData

SwiftA9ChipSource: A Swift version of https://github.com/WDUK/A9ChipSource

Gift: Gift - Swift bindings to libgit2.

ISO8601Formatter: NSFormatter subclass for ISO8601

MABCardsView: A Swift port for https://github.com/zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableView

PhotoSlider: PhotoSlider can a simple photo slider and delete slider with swiping

Timepiece: Intuitive NSDate extensions

SwiftCSV: SwiftCSV

cato: Swift scripts made easy with automatic dependency and Swift version management

ResponseDetective: Sherlock Holmes of the networking layer


Net: Http Request wrapper

PermissionScope: Intelligent iOS permissions UI and unified API

NVActivityIndicatorView: Collection of nice loading animations

Proposer: Make permission request easier

SwiftFilePath: Simple and powerful wrapper for NSFileManager

SwiftCGRectExtensions: A collection of CGRect, CGPoint and CGSize convenience functions

SwiftHamcrest: Hamcrest gives you advanced matchers with better error messages for your Swift unit tests

Swiftline: Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications

SwiftSequence: A μframework of extensions for SequenceType in Swift 2.0, inspired by Python's itertools, Haskell's standard library, and other things

DOFavoriteButton: Cute Animated Button

Kingfisher: A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.

RandomColorSwift: An attractive color generator. Ported from randomColor.js

APNGKit: High performance and delightful way to play with APNG format

ActiveLabel.swift: UILabel drop-in replacement supporting Hashtags (#), Mentions (@) and URLs (http://)

SwiftForms: Swift Forms

MediumMenu: A menu based on Medium iOS app

PKHUD: Reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,...

945e0f2945a3ffea378a: String extension to find the layout size of a String with specified attributes.

FillableLoaders: Completely customizable progress based loaders drawn using custom CGPaths

Pythonic.swift: Pythonic Swift

PathDynamicModal: A modal view using UIDynamicAnimator, like the Path for iOS.

SwiftyUserDefaults: SwiftyUserDefaults

BluetoothKit: Easily communicate between iOS/OSX devices using BLE

TextFieldEffects: Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops

Bridge: Simple Typed JSON HTTP Networking

realm-cocoa: Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for Core Data & SQLite http://realm.io

Pulsar: A versatile solution for displaying pulse animations as known from Apple Maps.

SnappingSlider: A beautiful slider control for iOS

Tempo: Date and time manager for iOS/OSX

Kinder: The basics of a Tinder-like swipeable cards interface controller


ShapeAnimation-Swift: Vector animation framework in Swift for iOS and OSX.

ZMaterialDesignUIButton: Material Design UIButton

Cartography: Declarative Auto Layout in Swift

CGRectExtensionsOSX: An Ode to CGRect

SwiftData: SwiftData is a wrapper around the SQLite3 C API

TrippyBackgrounds: Easy way to create random-trippy background images

SwiftHub: An iOS app for exploring popular Github repositories

Mendel: Swift miliframework for implementing evolutionary/genetic algorithms

SwiftGraphics: SwiftGraphics

watchOS-2-Sampler: Code examples for new features of watchOS 2

iOS-9-Sampler: Code examples for the new features of iOS 9.

Swift_2: Save, Load and Delete from a Swift Playground

32be80e2ebef71dfb793: generate random color

eac3edc7918d0251f366: generate random text

GaugeKit: Kit for building custom gauges + easy reproducible Apple's style ring gauges

tailor: Static analyzer for Swift http://tailor.sh

RNLoadingButton-Swift: An easy-to-use UIButton subclass with an activity indicator

bioswift: Implementing algorithms in my Bioinformatics course

Swift-Radio-Pro: Full Professional Radio Station App, created w/ Swift 2.0

TKSwipeData: Parse credit card stripe data

AERecord: Super awesome Core Data wrapper in Swift (for iOS and OSX)

Kamagari: Simple UIAlertController builder class

EasyTipView: A tooltip view

TFBubbleItUp: Custom view for writing tags, contacts and etc

SwiftRandom: A tiny generator of random data for swift

page-flip-for-UICollectionViewCell: Applying a book flip effect for a UICollectionViewCell to show a detail view

Argo: Functional JSON parsing library

Safe: Modern Concurrency and Synchronization for Swift

tispr-card-stack: Card Stack

TKit: TKit is a simple toolkit full of useful additions and controls

Chirp: The easiest way to prepare, play, and remove sounds in your Swift app


JMEasyTouchID: TouchID used easy on one line in your ViewController

Fakery: Swift fake data generator

iOS-8-Swift-Programming-Cookbook: GitHub repository of O'Reilly's iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook

iOS-9-Swift-Programming-Cookbook: Contains all example codes for O'Reilly's iOS 9 Swift Programming Cookbook (https://goo.gl/yqsWgY)

VMFloatLabel: UITextField subclass with floating labels

Static: Simple static table views

DVR: Network testing

GpxLocationManager: GpxLocationManager is a replacement for CLLocationManager that allows the developer to use GPS data from GPX files or CLLocation arrays for testing

Learning-Core-Audio-in-Swift: Learning Core Audio in Swift

SCLAlertView-Swift: Beautiful animated Alert View

slug-swift-metal: Demo of the Metal graphics framework


Bolt_Swift: Library for the missing bolts in Swift

Watchdog: Class for logging excessive blocking on the main thread

Butterfly: A lightweight library for integrating feedback module elegantly

MusicPlayerTransition: Custom interactive transition like Apple Music iOS App

UIViewXXYBoom: 一个好玩的效果,原谅我在家里网速慢,没有升级到Xcode 7,还是用的swift1.2,回到公司马上改到2.0

Splitflap: A simple split-flap display for your Swift applications

QRCodeReader.swift: Simple QRCode reader

DynamicColor: Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily

UIColor-Hex-Swift: UIColor-Hex-Swift - Convenience method for creating autoreleased color using RGBA hex string.


KYDigitalFontView: KYDigitalFontView is a custom view that displays the character in the digital font style

LiquidFloatingActionButton: Material Design Floating Action Button in liquid state

swift-linechart: LineChart library

Versions: Helping you find inner peace when comparing version numbers in Swift


ZLSwipeableViewSwift: A simple view for building card like interface like Tinder and Potluck

ParksAndRecreation: Various Swift playgrounds, for fun and for profit


learn-swift: Learn Apple's Swift programming language interactively through these playgrounds


OptimizationTips.rst: Writing High-Performance Swift Code

swift-linq-examples: C#'s 101 LINQ Samples translated to Swift

github.com/mythz 2017-02-09

XShared: Xcode extension which allows you copying the code with special formatting quotes for social (Slack, Telegram)

Traits: Modify your native iOS app in real time

Hero: Elegant transition library for iOS

TensorSwift: A lightweight library to calculate tensors in Swift, which has similar APIs to TensorFlow's

Swisp: A simple Scheme (Lisp dialect) interpreter written in Swift

VeloxDownloader: File downloading library for Swift 3

Xgist: Xcode extension to send code to GitHub's Gist

github.com/Bunn 2016-12-17

SwifterSwift: A handy collection of more than 370 native Swift 3 extensions to boost your productivity

Eject: An eject button for Interface Builder to generate swift code

PlayAlways: Create Xcode playgrounds from your menu bar

Snowflake: SVG in Swift

A simple Swift wrapper for libgd

Mu: It's a Swift playground explaining how to create a tiny programming language named Mu

View2ViewTransition: Custom interactive view controller transition from one view to another view

PhotoCropEditor: Framework written in Swift for Cropping Images easily

playgroundbook: Tool for Swift Playground books

iOS-10-Sampler: Code examples for new APIs of iOS 10.

2b73c367ff4746c40f4174634e1d5420: TreeView

SwiftyConfiguration: Modern Swift API for Plist.

SwiftMessages: A very flexible message bar for iOS

Segmentio: Animated top/bottom segmented control

SnapTimer: Implementation of Snapchat's stories timer

PredicateEditor: A GUI for dynamically creating NSPredicates at runtime to query data in your iOS app.

ReadabilityKit: Preview extractor for news, articles and full-texts

github.com/exyte 2016-09-03

ComplimentaryGradientView: Create complementary gradients generated from dominant and prominent colors in supplied image. Inspired by Grade.js

github.com/gkye 2016-09-03

EmojiTimeFormatter: Format your dates/times as emojis

StyleKit: A powerful & easy to use styling framework

github.com/146BC 2016-08-09

JSONCast: Easily create classes from parsed JSON and conform to NSCopying and NSEncoding

github.com/Houzz 2016-08-09

PrismaSimpleImagePicker: This is a copy of the Prisma APP. Reproduce Prisma custom camera, image picker and picture editor

PixPic: PixPic, a Photo Editing App

NSDate-Extensions: Practical real-world dates

github.com/erica 2016-08-09

KZFileWatchers: A micro-framework for observing file changes, both local and remote

MYTableViewIndex: A pixel perfect replacement for UITableView section index

IBLocalizable: Localize your views directly in Interface Builder with IBLocalizable

Kakapo: Dynamically Mock server behaviors and responses

SwiftyAvatar: A UiimageView class for creating circular avatar images, IBDesignable to make all changes via storyboard

EZYGradientView: Create gradients and blur gradients without a single line of code

Postal: A swift framework for working with emails

EasyAbout: A way to easily add Cocoapod licenses and App Version to your iOS App using the Settings Bundle

NXDrawKit: NXDrawKit is a simple and easy but useful drawing kit for iPhone

Swift-Intro: Swift auto layout with basic animation

AspectFillFaceAware: An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image when using AspectFill

UploadImage: Extension helper for UIImageView to Upload an image when post to server

d5f0a8730ad601bcccae97e8398e25b2: A composable pattern for pure state machines with effects

PLCurrencyTextField: UITextField that support currency in the right way.

CodelessComponents-Swift: iOS UI Components to use with no code at all.

Podcasts: This is a list of podcasts of interest to iOS developers

CocoaBar: A flexible and simple to use SnackBar view for iOS

UITextField-Navigation: UITextField-Navigation make it easier to navigate between UITextFields

AURUnlockSlider: Simple Unlock Slider View

ATScrollingNumbers: Scrolling number control with circular progress

PopupDialog: A simple, customizable popup dialog for iOS written in Swift. Replaces UIAlertControllers alert style

ZoomTransitioning: ZoomTransitioning provides a custom transition with image zooming animation

EmojiTextView: Tap to swap out words with emojis. Inspired by Messages.app on iOS 10

ImageOpenTransition: Beautiful and precise transitions between ViewControllers images

ASCalendar: A calendar control for iOS written in swift with mvvm pattern

Live: Demonstrate how to build a live broadcast app

NightView: Dazzling Nights on iOS

Translucid: Lightweight library to set an Image as text background

github.com/Ekhoo 2016-07-11

Localide: Localide is an easy helper to offer users a personalized experience by using their favorite installed apps for directions

facebook-sdk-swift: Integrate your iOS apps in Swift with Facebook Platform

Pokemon-Go-Controller: play pokemon go safely or at unavailable area

Cribble: Swifty tool for visual testing iPhone and iPad apps

SparkButtonDemo: Demonstrates the Like button animation

raytracinginoneweekend: The source for the ebook Ray Tracing in One Weekend by Peter Shirley

FlightAnimator: Natural Blocks Based Core Animation Framework

JDSlider: An iOS Slider

Swift-Koans: Learn Swift by making tests pass

Fischer: A cross-platform chess library for Swift

github.com/nvzqz 2016-06-28

SwiftIconFont: Icons fonts for iOS (FontAwesome, Iconic, Ionicon, Octicon, Themify, MapIcon, MaterialIcon)

github.com/0x73 2016-06-22

HandWriting-Recognition-iOS: Artisanal and basic Handwriting recognition system for iOS, based on a Fast Forward Neural Network

DropDown: A Material Design drop down for iOS

SubscriptionPrompt: Subscription View Controller like the Tinder uses

github.com/Binur 2016-06-22

TabPageViewController: Paging view controller and scroll tab view

Presentr: Presentr is a simple wrapper for the Custom View Controller Presentation API introduced in iOS 8

MMPGraphView: A versatile core graphics graph for iOS

SaveTheDot: A game developed using UIViewPropertyAnimator

SwingSet: Quickly convert Swift Playgrounds to SwiftPM packages

JDAnimationKit: Animate easy and with less code

SwiftLinkPreview: makes a preview from an url, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images

GaugeView: It is a gauge

SwiftLuhn: Debit/Credit card validation port of the Luhn Algorithm

NWSTokenView: NWSTokenView is a flexible UIView subclass that shows a collection of objects in a similar manner to the Messages app.

Morgan: Not all those who wander are lost

Walker: Each step you take reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today

MJSnackBar: Swift iOS implementation of the Android SnackBar used in some Google Apps

ActionSheetController: AcionSheetController is an iOS control for presenting a view in an iOS action sheet or alert style

QueuedAlertPresenter: A QueuedAlertPresenter serializes the presentation of alerts

LegofySwift: Make images look as if they are made out of 1x1 LEGO blocks

Datez: Breeze through NSDate, NSDateComponents, and NSTimeInterval with Swift

DynamicColor: Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily

Dollar: A functional tool-belt for Swift Language similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore.js in Javascript

InfiniteUICollectionView: UICollectionView with infinite scrolling for both vertical and horizontal

GmailStyleAnimation: This demonstrate the profile presentation and animation of image and user details into navigationbar

CCAnimations: This is a set of custom CAAnimations

functional-swift-crash-course: A crash course on how to use functional programming in swift

xTextHandler: Xcode Source Editor Extension Toolset (Plugins for Xcode 8)

DBStateMachine: A swift library for implementing state machine just like GKStateMachine in GameplayKit

TRexAboutWindowController: Swift clone of PFAboutWindow to show a Xcode6 like About Window

AKMediaViewer: Beautiful iOS library to animate your image and video thumbnails to fullscreen

github.com/dogo 2016-06-22

Iconic: Auto-generated icon font library for iOS

NumPad: Number Pad (inspired by Square's design)

EVTopTabBar: A custom PageViewController for iOS with the tab bar control at the top

github.com/epv44 2016-06-22

moa: An image download extension for image view written in Swift for iOS, tvOS and macOS.

BKFilterView: An overlay view to color filter content below

BetterSegmentedControl: An easy to use, customizable replacement for UISegmentedControl & UISwitch

github.com/gmarm 2016-06-22

XEasyMotion: keynav for macOS ( OS X ) , using keyboard control mouse

DriftAnimationImageView: UIImageView subclass that performs slow translation and scale animations on its image

github.com/hectr 2016-06-22

MOSwitch: A UISwitch clone for macOS

Spots: Spots is a view controller framework that makes your setup and future development blazingly fast

BarcodeScanner: A simple and beautiful barcode scanner

ImagePicker: Reinventing the way ImagePicker works

Compass: Compass helps you setup a central navigation system for your application

UPCarouselFlowLayout: A fancy carousel flow layout for UICollectionView on iOS

INSPhotoGallery: INSPhotoGallery is a modern looking photo gallery

PeekView: PeekView supports peek, pop and preview actions for iOS devices without 3D Touch capibility

master: Circular progress UIView subclass with UIProgressView properties

Arranged: Open source replacement of UIStackView for iOS 8 (100% layouts supported)

github.com/kean 2016-06-22

reminders-cli: A simple CLI for interacting with OS X reminders

github.com/keith 2016-06-22

KACircleCropViewController: An extremely simple circular crop view controller

SideMenuSwiftDemo: SideMenu in Swift with autolayout

ScalePicker: Generic scale and a handy float-value picker for any iOS app

TinyPNG4Mac: TinyPNG client for Mac

reform-swift: Swift implementation of the reform dynamic drawing application inspired by Bret Victor's talk ''Drawing Dynamic Visualizations''

MBRateApp: A groovy app rate stars screen for iOS

ColorizeSwift: Terminal string styling for Swift

NPGradientImage-Swift: UIImage extension which lets you create gradient images

NPProgressLabel-Swift: Customizable progress indicator, which displays progress by filling stroked text

fog-machine: iOS Swift framework for parallel processing

NGUtilitiesSwift: NGUtilities for Swift is a set of Swift extensions that every Swift project should have

PayPalSampleForiOS: Sample app to discover PayPal SDK for iOS

JTAppleCalendar: Github's best iOS Swift calendar library

PHExpendableCells: Library to display cells with min and max height like UITableView, it's made with an UIView and UIScrollView

github.com/pi3r0 2016-06-22

FPActivityIndicator: A simple activity indicator. Written in Swift. Simple and customisable from Interface builder and by code

github.com/punty 2016-06-22

Alembic: Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON

Graphs: Light weight charts view generater for iOS

Atlas: An extremely easy-to-use and lightweight JSON mapping library for iOS and tvOS

SWMessages: NGUtilities for Swift is a set of Swift extensions that every Swift project should have

SwiftyVerticalScrollBar: A custom scrollbar for a UIScrollView or UIScrollView's subclasses. This is a re-write WKVerticalScrollBar in Swift

Potatso: Potatso is an iOS client that implements Shadowsocks proxy with the leverage of NetworkExtension framework in iOS 9.

LeetCode_Swift: Solutions coded by Swift to LeetCode

SideMenuController: A side menu controller

TIFeedParser: RSS Parser

Kanna: Kanna(鉋) is an XML/HTML parser for macOS / iOS / tvOS

DTLoadingButton: Custom button to show loading state with an activity indicator sit next to title label

WSTagsField: An iOS text field that represents different Tags

JimoniKeyboard: It is very handy custom keyboard for ios using extension

ViewPagerController: Infinite menu & view paging Controller

Cmg: Easy image filtering library of using Core Image

KYShutterButton: KYShutterButton is a custom button that is similar to the shutter button of the camera app

ValueStepper: A Stepper object that displays its value

ello-ios: Ello's open source iOS app

github.com/ello 2016-06-21

monza: Ruby Gem - Easy iTunes In-App Purchase Receipt validation, including auto-renewable subscriptions

Periscope-VideoViewController: Video view controller with Periscope fast rewind control

Preheat: Automates prefetching of content in UITableView and UICollectionView

github.com/kean 2016-06-21

KRProgressHUD: A beautiful and easy-to-use progress HUD for your iOS.

SuggestionsBox: SuggestionsBox helps you build better a product trough your user suggestions

X-Days-of-Swift: Some iOS apps

SwiftDataStructures: Some basic data structures implemented in Swift

swiftwebsocket: Fast Websockets in Swift for iOS and OSX

BluePic: BluePic is a sample photo sharing application for iOS that shows you how to connect your mobile application with Kitura, Bluemix services, and OpenWhisk actions

wwdc-downloader: WWDC 2016 video downloader script written in Swift - no external dependency

PinpointKit: Send better feedback

Malibu: Malibu is a networking library built on promises

IconMaker: an Xcode plug-in for making app icons

xcknife: Simple tool for optimizing XCTest runs across machines

animated-tab-bar: RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift module for adding animation to tabbar items

folding-cell: FoldingCell is an expanding content cell inspired by folding paper material

paper-switch: RAMPaperSwitch is a Swift module which paints over the parent view when the switch is turned on

Up-Down: A menu bar widget for OS X that monitors upload and download speeds

WWDC: WWDC app for OS X

Down: Blazing fast Markdown rendering in Swift, built upon cmark

MotionMachine: A powerful, elegant, and modular animation library

SnappingStepper: An elegant alternative to the UIStepper

Floater_: Add a floating fingertip to your app demo

Flow: Operation Oriented Programming

ios-swift-collapsible-table-section: A simple iOS swift project demonstrates how to implement collapsible table section

swim: Simple build system for the Swift language

github.com/kylef 2016-06-04

OOD-Principles-In-Swift: The Principles of OOD based on Uncle Bob articles

JSONExport: A desktop application for Mac OS X which enables you to export JSON objects as model classes with their associated constructors

Stellar: A fantastic Physical animation library

Clipy: Clipboard extension app for Mac OSX.

MissionControl-iOS: Super powerful remote config utility written in Swift (iOS, watchOS, tvOS, OSX)

Preview-Transition: PreviewTransition is a simple preview gallery controller

Swift-CheatSheet: Swift Cheat Sheet

filebrowser: Finder-style iOS file browser

SwViewCapture: A nice iOS View Capture Swift Library which can capture all content.

Expanding-Collection: ExpandingCollection is a card peek/pop controller

MessageKit: Eventually, a Swift re-write of JSQMessagesViewController

Cacao: Pure Swift Cross-platform UIKit (Cocoa Touch) implementation (Supports Linux)

LeeGo: Declarative, configurable & highly reusable UI development as making Lego bricks

swiftpm-packages-statistics: Statistics about SwiftPM packages on GitHub

Regex: Regular expressions for swift

JLRoutes: URL routing library for iOS with a simple block-based API

Track: Track is a thread safe cache write by Swift. Composed of DiskCache and MemoryCache which support LRU

InstagramAuthViewController: A ViewController for Instagram authentication

PanGestureView: UIView subclass that allows you to trigger actions based on Pan Gestures

EPSignature: Signature component for iOS

Scrollable-GraphView: An adaptive scrollable graph view for iOS to visualise simple discrete datasets

PasswordTextField: A custom TextField with a switchable icon which shows or hides the password and enforce good password policies

PopupController: PopupController is a controller for showing temporary popup view

ASBubbleDrag: round icon drag control dock style

Tailor: A super fast & convenient object mapper tailored for your needs

ParticlesLoadingView: A customizable SpriteKit particles animation on the border of a view

PMAlertController: PMAlertController is a great and customizable substitute to UIAlertController

PrediKit: An NSPredicate DSL for iOS & OS X inspired by SnapKit

Render: Swift and UIKit a la React

TiltingScrollView: UIScrollView subclass that scrolls when the user tilts the device

MMPaperGallery: Image Browser similar to Facebook Paper app

ADPuzzleAnimation: Inspired by Fabric - Answers animation. Allows to ''build'' given view with pieces

UIDropDown: An elegant dropdown

CharPageControl: CharPageControl is a GLYPH style for pagination

Sentiments: Sentiments is an iOS app written in Swift that analyzes text for positive or negative sentiment

Marklight: Markdown syntax highlighter

SabBar: Drop-in UITabBarController subclass that shows a sidebar with tabs based on trait collections

UIImageViewWithWords: Creating UIImageView with words

AwesomeButton: UIButton inheritance with @IBDesignable and @IBInspectable force

RxMediaPicker: A reactive wrapper built around UIImagePickerController

Petal: Petal is a beautiful activity indicator to show that a task is in progress

AVXCAssets-Generator: AVXCAssets Generator takes path for your assets images and creates appiconset and imageset for you in just one click

Networking: Simple HTTP Networking in Swift a NSURLSession wrapper with image caching support

github.com/3lvis 2016-05-10

BeautifyFaceDemo: It's a simple demo of realtime face beautification based on GPUImage

SwiftTweaks: Tweak your iOS app without recompiling

github.com/Khan 2016-05-10

ARDeepLinkButton: #UIButton subclass that handle deep links, shows in-app #SKStoreProductViewController or redirects to the #AppStore

AASquaresLoading: Simple loading animation using squares

SwiftyOAuth: A small OAuth library with a built-in set of providers

github.com/delba 2016-05-10

XcodeIssueGenerator: XcodeIssueGenerator

SwiftOCR: Fast and simple OCR library written in Swift

Markingbird: Markdown processor

nsdateformatter.com: Source code for nsdateformatter.com. Built with Swift using Frank & Stencil. Hosted on Linux

RxBluetoothKit: iOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift

Cuckoo: First boilerplate-free mocking framework for Swift

DefaultStringConvertible: A default CustomStringConvertible implementation for Swift types

YUCIHighPassSkinSmoothing: An implementation of High Pass Skin Smoothing

AZExpandableIconListView: An expandable/collapsible view component

RealmVideo: An iOS app to watch Realm videos and slides on your phone

Sortable-Objects-Controller: A library for sorting custom objects into sections, good for UITableView and UICollectionView

CloudTagView: A custom view to create cloud of tags

PatronKit: A framework to add patronage to your apps

RKParallaxEffect: RKParallax Effect is written in swift and provides API to create a parallax effect on UITableHeaderView with Full Screen option

SwiftDevice: UIDevice extension

LunarCalendar: LunarCalendar for OS X

GetCurrency: List all currencies available in NSLocale programmatically

Baggage: Simplifying work with clipboard in iOS

ExpandableTableView: Generic View Controller which can be used to show expandable sections in apps like FAQs

LTInfiniteScrollView-Swift: Paged scrollview allowing easily applying animation

KDRearrangeableCollectionViewFlowLayout: This is a simple implementation of a drag and rearrange collection view through its layout

MICountryPicker: MICountryPicker is a country picker controller for iOS8+ with an option to search

OHCircleSegue: Custom UIStoryBoardSegue with circular transition/animation

SWSegmentedControl: An Android-like tab bar, drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl

ARSLineProgress: iOS progress bar, replacement for the default activity indicator

Minamo: Simple coach mark library written in Swift

Interpolate: Swift interpolation for gesture-driven animations

github.swift: Unofficial GitHub API client in Swift

Outlets: Utility functions for validating IBOutlet and IBAction connections

paper-onboarding: PaperOnboarding is a material design slider

FollowKeyboard: Keep your views visible when keyboard is being shown

master: Draws Cubic Bezier Curve Between Earth & Venus Using Mercury & Mars as Control Points

BuildTimeAnalyzer-for-Xcode: Build Time Analyzer for Swift

15DaysofAnimationsinSwift: 15 Days of Animations in Swift

OnOffButton: On & Off by Creativedash

SARMaterialDesignSpinner: Swift version of MMMaterialDesignSpinner which was inspired from Google's Material Design Guidelines

CountdownLabel: Simple countdown UILabel with morphing animation, and some useful function.

Palau: NSUserDefaults with Wings

EasyTransition: EasyTransition is a simple library for make a transition

URLPreview: An NSURL extension for showing preview info of webpages

server-side-swift-starter: Server side swift starter template

github.com/jayfk 2016-05-02

Smile-Lock: A library for make a beautiful Passcode Lock View

MBPhotoPicker: Easy and quick in implementation Photo Picker, based on Slack's picker

Threader: Pretty GCD calls and easier code execution

Screenotate: Automatically annotate your screenshots

NavGrid: iOS Grid-Style Navigation Controller with swipe navigation

swiftstats: Statistics for Swift

SYBlinkAnimationKit: SYBlinkAnimationKit is a blink effect animation framework

RCPickerButton: Simple button for marking some items as selected

ZAlertView: A quite cool customizable AlertView

ETNetwork: swift network library based on Alamofire

PlaybackButton: iOS animation playback button inspired by the playback button of YouTube for web

UIKeyboardLikePickerTextField: UITextField with UIPicker instead of keyboard as input view. Same as the Picker when you tap to a dropdown in Safari iOS.

Jukebox: Player for streaming local and remote audio files

Reductio: Automatic summarizer text in Swift

Hexacon: A fancy hexagonal layout for displaying data like your Apple Watch

Construction: The many ways to construct and configure your entity

TabDrawer: TabDrawer is a customizable TabBar UI element that allows you to run a block of code upon TabBarItem selection, or display a customizable drawer

AIToolbox: A toolbox of AI modules written in Swift: Graphs/Trees, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, PCA, K-Means, Genetic Algorithms

JASON: Fast JSON parsing for Swift

Peek: Take a Peek at your application

DisplaySwitcher: Custom transition between two collection view layouts

iDevicesInformation: A Light Weight and Updated Code for Device Detection and many other functionality written in swift 2.0

activityIndicator: Activity Indicator

CustomizableActionSheet: Action sheet allows including your custom views and buttons

github.com/beryu 2016-04-18

WARDoorView: Door open/close animation in iOS

Pulsator: Pulse animation for iOS

TJTextField: UITextField with underline and left image

DynamicButton: Yet another animated flat buttons

AnimatedSwitch: UISwitch which paints over the parent view with the color

SwiftyGif: High performance GIF engine

mobileplayer-ios: A powerful and completely customizable media player for iOS

producthunt-osx: The best new products, every day on Mac

SwCrypt: RSA public/private key generation, RSA, AES encryption/decryption, SEM encryption in Swift with CommonCrypto in iOS and OS X

BCColor: A lightweight but powerful color kit

swift-summary: A summary of Apple's Swift language written on Playgrounds

EasyPeasy: Auto Layout made easy

AMCoreAudio: AMCoreAudio is a Swift wrapper for Apple's Core Audio framework (OS X)

TextAttributes: An easier way to compose attributed strings

github.com/delba 2016-04-14

SKTilemap: An addition to Apples Sprite Kit framework for iOS which allows for the creation of tilemaps either programmatically or from a .tmx file

LocationPicker: A ready for use and fully customizable location picker for your app

APSwiftHelpers: Swift helper functions

PresenterKit: Swifty view controller presentation for iOS

InkKit: Drawing and Geometry made easy for iOS

SkyFloatingLabelTextField: A beautiful and flexible text field control implementation of 'Float Label Pattern'. Written in Swift. As used in the Skyscanner TravelPro iOS app.

Caishen: A Payment Card UI & Validator for iOS

master: A view that takes a set of images, make transition from one to another by using flipping effects

MartyJunior: You can change tab contents with swipe gesture on middle of UITableView

ZYThumbnailTableView: a TableView have thumbnail cell only, and you can use gesture let it expands other expansionView, all diy

FDBarGuage: The successor to F3BarGuage

ControlSlider: Sliding UIControl for controlling IoT or home devices

github.com/msedd 2016-04-03

BatteryNotifier: OS X tool that warns you if your iOS devices needs a charge

SwiftyMarkdown: Converts Markdown files and strings into NSAttributedString

Socks: Pure-Swift Sockets: TCP, UDP; Client, Server; Linux, OS X.

logkit: An efficient logging library for OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS

WKZombie: WKZombie is a Swift library for iOS/OSX to navigate within websites and collect data without the need of User Interface or API, also known as Headless browser.

BitmapCanvas: Bitmap offscreen drawing in Swift for OS X

github.com/nst 2016-04-01

SKPhotoBrowser: Simple PhotoBrowser/Viewer inspired by facebook, twitter photo browsers

Cache: Nothing but Cache

cleartext-mac: A text editor that only allows the top 1000 most common words in English

URLEmbeddedView: URLEmbeddedView automatically caches the object that is confirmed the Open Graph Protocol

SwiftyStoreKit: Lightweight In App Purchases Swift framework for iOS 8.0+ and OSX 9.0+

NumberMorphView: A label view for displaying numbers which can transition or animate using a technique called number tweening or number morphing.

imageColors: Get the colours that matter

STRatingControl: STRatingControl is a UI control that represent the star rating control. STRatingControl allows you to select a rating starting from 0 to any number of stars you want. You can use default star image or specify your custom images.

SwiftImageProcessing: This project demonstrates how to do pixel operations in swift

TypedDefaults: TypedDefaults is a utility library to type-safely use NSUserDefaults

YBAlertController: YBAlertController is a Swift library that provide a tidy action sheet and alert

Nifty: Nifty is a library of asynchronous utilities for everyday programmers

EECellSwipeGestureRecognizer: Clean and easy way to implement swipe actions to UITableViewCell

Sensitive: Fresh look at work with gestures in Swift

SwifterSockets: A collection of socket utilities in Swift for OS-X and iOS

Countdown: Mac screensaver for counting down to a date

Evergreen: Most natural Swift logging

Coderpursue: Github client for iOS in Swift

ibm-wearables-swift-sdk: iOS Framework and examples for developing apps that utilize Wearable Devices. It handles connectivity, data interpretation and gesture recognition.

RateLimit: Simple utility for only executing code every so often

Appz: Launch external apps, and deeplink, with ease using Swift

Duration: A simple Swift package for measuring and reporting the time taken for operations

GRStatusBar: Safari-like status bar for OS X apps

Fusuma: Instagram-like photo browser and a camera feature with a few lines of code in Swift

awesome-swift: Awesome Swift

github.com/Wolg 2016-03-17

SMSwipeableTabView: Swipeable Views with Tabs (Like Android SwipeView With Tabs Layout)

AnimatablePlayButton: Animated Play and Pause Button written in Swift, using CALayer, CAKeyframeAnimation

PFColorHash: Generate color based on the given string

navigation-stack: NavigationStack is a stack-modeled navigation controller

UTIKit: UTIKit is an UTI (Uniform Type Identifier) wrapper

GrandCentralBoard: Hang a TV in your open space or team room to show everyone what's up and get them up to speed

Yashin: Simple Rader Chart

ReplaceAnimation: Implementation of Zee Young's Dribbble animation

Infinity: A simple way to make UIScrollView support PullToRefresh & InfinityScroll

EnigmaKit: Enigma encryption in Swift

KYNavigationProgress: Simple extension of UINavigationController to display progress on the UINavigationBar

AutoCompleteTextField: AutoCompleteTextField for OS X(Swift)

JKNotificationPanel: Simple, Customizable notification panel

NextGrowingTextView: The next in the generations of 'growing textviews' optimized for iOS 7 and above

RADInfoBannerView: Simple and Customizable Dropdown banner below Navigation Bar

RSKPlaceholderTextView: A light-weight UITextView subclass that adds support for placeholder

SRKControls: A Custom control which turns UITextfield to item-picker & date-picker.

SwiftCountryPicker: CountryPicker in Swift that uses Emoji for flags.

swift-disk-status: Get the available iOS device memory using Swift

Markdown: Swift markdown library

TryParsec: Monadic Parser Combinator for try! Swift http://www.tryswiftconf.com/

Advance: A powerful animation framework for iOS

LoadMoreTableViewController: LoadMoreTableViewController is a TableViewController that helps you to show some data like fetched from a web API successively.

JGSettingsManager: An easy-to-use settings manager to define, access, and store NSUserDefaults the Swift way

Whisper: Whisper is a component that will make the task of display messages and in-app notifications simple. It has three different views inside http://hyper.no

SACountingLabel: A custom animated counting UILabel

XLActionController: Fully customizable and extensible action sheet controller written in Swift 2

Express: wift Express is a simple, yet unopinionated web application server

URLNavigator: Elegant URL Routing for Swift

EPShapes: Design shapes in Interface Builder

Charter: A Swift mailing list client for iPhone and iPad

Surge: A Swift library that uses the Accelerate framework to provide high-performance functions for matrix math, digital signal processing, and image manipulation

PSDCell: A custom cell with blured background

UILoadControl: Add a PushToLoad control to any UIScrollView

Localizations: OS X app that manages localizations of Xcode projects

Shari: Shari is the alternative to the library of UIPickerView

BTree: Fast ordered collections for Swift using in-memory B-trees

Curassow-example-helloworld: Example Swift web application that can be deployed to Heroku

SwiftSVG: A single pass SVG parser with multiple interface options (String, NS/UIBezierPath, CAShapeLayer, and NS/UIView

parallel_ios_tests: Run iOS tests on multiple simulators in parallel at the same time

ABKit: AB testing framework for iOS

Markoff: A light-weight Markdown (CommonMark) previewer for OSX.

ORSSerialPort: Serial port library for Objective-C and Swift OS X apps

swiftenv: Swift Version Manager

github.com/kylef 2016-02-26

Validated: A Swift μ-Library for Somewhat Dependent Types

github.com/Ben-G 2016-02-25

RSKGrowingTextView: RSKGrowingTextView

Backlight-for-XCode: Backlight

swifton: A Ruby on Rails inspired Web Framework for Swift that runs on Linux and OS X

fluent: Simple ActiveRecord implementation for Swift

Mortar: A compact but full-featured Auto Layout DSL for Swift

Kitura: Web framework and HTTP server for Swift

circle-menu: CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout. http://ramotion.com

Vinyl: Vinyl is a simple, yet flexible library used for replaying HTTP requests while unit testing

30DaysofSwift: 30 Days of Swift

Redbird: Pure-Swift implementation of a Redis client from the original protocol spec. OS X + Linux compatible

Tactile: The Swift way to add UIGestureRecognizer and to react to UIControlEvents

github.com/delba 2016-02-16

RealReachability: We need to observe the REAL reachability of network

FileBrowser: Finder-style iOS file browser written in Swift

Scale: Unit converter in Swift

QuickActions: Swift wrapper for iOS Home Screen Quick Actions (App Icon Shortcuts)

SPTDataLoader: The HTTP library used by the Spotify iOS client

XLPagerTabStrip: Android PagerTabStrip for iOS.

SwiftyGPIO: A Swift library to interact with Linux GPIOs, turn on your leds and more

ValentinesSwift: You love Swift & Swift loves you

KBKit: Classes to extend UIKit navigation using key commands

swift-flow: Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift

STLocationRequest: An elegant and simple 3D Flyover Location Request Screen

DZImageView: Image View with content mode animations

TZStackView: UIStackView replica for iOS 7.x and iOS 8.x

SanFranciscoFont: The San Francisco font by Apple used in the Apple Watch, iOS 9, and OS X El Capitan

21495c2015fd2dda56cf: Thoughts on Swift 2 Errors

Swift Summit

Function-hooking-in-Swift: Function hooking in Swift

VR_Toolkit_iOS: A sample project that provides the basics to create an interactive VR experience on iOS


AZDropdownMenu: A simple dropdown menu component for iOS

Algorithm: A toolset for writing algorithms and probability models in Swift.

Graph: An elegant data-driven framework for CoreData

Material: A beautiful graphics framework for Material Design in Swift. http://cosmicmind.io

Universal-Game-Template-tvOS-OSX-iOS: Universal SpriteKit Template for iOS, tvOS & OS/X - 3 Platforms with 1 codebase

TransitionTreasury: Easier way to push your viewController

FolioReaderKit: FolioReaderKit is an ePub reader and parser framework for iOS written

HorizonSDK-iOS: HorizonSDK for iOS https://horizon.camera/sdk

IBAnimatable: Design and prototype UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable

Laurine: Localization code generator written in Swift.

TRON: Lightweight network abstraction layer, written on top of Alamofire and SwiftyJSON

ImageViewer: ImageViewer is a library that enables a user to visualize an image in fullscreen

blog.swift: A tiny server-side Swift blog app

MySQLSwift: Swift library for MySQL

SwiftMark: This framework offers high-level API to convert any CommonMark text to HTML, XML and soon LATEX

reel-search: RAMReel is a controller that allows you to choose options from a list http://ramotion.com

ReSwift: Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift - Inspired by Redux

ReduxKit: ReduxKit is a predictable state container for Swift apps

SomniAlert: A beautiful UIAlertView-like modal

Swallow: A simple and concise API for interacting with HTTP web services

SwiftGtk: SwiftGtk is a experimental Gtk+ binding for Swift that tries to make usage of Gtk+ pleasant and 'Swifty' as much as possible

Venice: CSP for Swift 2.2 on Linux

hex-kit: Convert hex triplets into UIColors and CGColors

SwiftString: A comprehensive, lightweight string extension for Swift

MetalTut: Basic metal 3d

commonly_proposed.md: Commonly Rejected Changes

StatefulViewController: Placeholder views based on content, loading, error or empty states

ATSketchKit: A Drawing Framework for iOS

AudioKit: Open-source audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform. http://audiokit.io/

Parrot: The next generation messenger


Clipinio: Lightweight clipboard manager for OS X

Freddy: A reusable framework for parsing JSON

Swift-AI: Highly optimized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning library

MusicTheory: A music theory library for Swift OS X and iOS apps.

VIPER-Generics-Generator: A generator of classes with protocols to comunicate over VIPER

Then: Super sweet syntactic sugar for Swift initializers

blackfish: fast HTTP web server based on Node.js and Express written in Swift

Element: UI framework for OSX

ApiModel: Interact with REST apis using realm.io to represent objects

OMM: OMM is a one more mapper that helps to map JSON objects to Swift instances

EZSwipeController: UIPageViewController like Snapchat/Tinder/iOS Main Pages

GRMustache.swift: Flexible Mustache templates for Swift

Performance: GRDB Performance

Punctual.swift: Swift dates, more fun. Heavily inspired by ObjectiveSugar

swift-algorithm-club: Swift Algorithm Club


Hue: Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need

Sugar: Sugar is a sweetener for your Cocoa implementations

SwiftWeather: SwiftWeather

SwiftyJSONAccelerator: A swift model generator like the Objective-C JSONAccelerator

JF3DTouchButton: JF3DTouchButton is a touch sensitive button built for 3D touch compatible devices

JFFontObserver: JFFontObserver is used to update fonts and / or UI when a user changes their device font

GBPageControl: A page control for SpriteKit based games

Progress.swift: Add beautiful progress bars to your loops

Gameboard: Gameboards built in a playground

Refactorator: SourceKit Xcode Plugin that Refactors Swift

Ody: Random image generator

swift-webframeworks-docker: Docker containers used for spinning up different Swift web frameworks

Environment.md: Environment



word_counter: Swift wc command

sua_swift: Sua Swift is an experiment for Swift on Ubuntu/Linux

Glob.md: Glob and File Path

SwiftTracer-Core: Core rendering mechanics for SwiftTracer

SwiftTracer: A raytracer written in Swift for learning and lulz

netfox: A lightweight, one line setup, iOS network debugging library

KCFloatingActionButton: Floating Action Button for iOS

KCHorizontalDial: A horizontal scroll dial like Instagram

KZLinkedConsole: Clickable links in your Xcode console, so you never wonder which class logged the message

CaesarParser: Simple JSON Model Parser written in Swift

ElasticTransition: A UIKit custom transition that simulates an elastic drag.

JSONUtilities: Easily load JSON objects and decode them into structs or classes

Format: A Swift 2.0 formatter kit. Simple formatting syntax for decimal numbers, currency, addresses, ordinal numbers and hexadecimal colors.

ai2app: Creating AppIcon sets from Adobe Illustrator

KDDragAndDropCollectionView: This is a companion to the http://karmadust.com/drag-and-drop-between-uicollectionviews/ tutorial

Swift-Functors-Applicative-Monads-In-Pictures-Playground: Swift Functors, Applicatives, and Monads in Pictures - Playground

swift-elm: An investigation into the implementation of the Elm Architecture

ExpandingMenu: ExpandingMene is menu button for iOS written in Swift

CalendarTile: Simple Calendar tile that can display month, day of month and time of day. Intended use is for event reminders

SwiftRefresher: SwiftRefresher is one of the alternatives of UIRefreshControl

ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlaying: CocoaPods plugin and CLI for generating Swift Playgrounds.

Chocolat: Generate podspecs from Swift packages


CacheIsKing: A simple cache that can hold anything, including Swift items

Roman: Seamless Roman numeral conversion

cardboard-swift: Google's Cardboard SDK ported to Swift and iOS

Design-Patterns-In-Swift: Design Patterns implemented in Swift

Icomoon.swift: Use your Icomoon fonts with Swift - auto-generates type safe enums for each icon

Changeset: Minimal edits from one collection to another

AngleGradientLayer: AngleGradientLayer with Swift Example

PTPPlaceholderTextView: A simple naive implementation of UITextView subclass to support placeholder text rendering in UITextView

PredicatePal: Swift DSL for building NSPredicate objects

jazzy: Soulful docs for Swift & Objective-C

SwiftHTTPStatusCodes: Swift enum wrapper for easier handling of HTTP status codes

VectorKit: Sample library and playground for http://whoisryannystrom.com/2015/03/30/Visual-Playground-Unit-Tests/

PageView: The PageView class manages a list of content pages (UIView subclasses) and allows infinite scrolling through those. A one-row layout is supported.

Stevia: Elegant view layout for iOS

Loader.swift: Add a facebook news feed style animation for your placeholder views

Every.swift: A swift wrapper for NSTimer

SwiftDates: Elegant date arithmetic in Swift

SwiftLisp: A toy Lisp interpreter in Swift I tried to write after seeing Peter Norvig's version in Python.


TDDSwiftPlayground: Demonstration of using Swift Playgrounds in Test Driven Development with XCTest

nsscreencast: Sample code shown in NSScreencast episodes

SAConfettiView: Confetti! Who doesn't like confetti

xcpretty: Flexible and fast xcodebuild formatter

EZAudio-Swift: EZAudio Swift Example


hamburger-menu: An elegant UITabBarController subclass

vapor: Elegant web framework for Swift that works on iOS, OS X, and Ubuntu

TextMateSwiftCompletion: Swift Completions for Textmate



iPromise: A Promise represents a proxy for a value not necessarily known when the promise is created

EZAlertController: Easy Swift UIAlertController

Swindler: OS X window wanagement framework

Chameleon-Swift: UIKit for the Mac, rewritten in Swift

Awesome-Swift-Playgrounds: Awesome Swift Playgrounds

MetalAcc: GPU-based media processing library using Metal written in Swift

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h4 Russian Lite
h4 Mandarin Lite