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Swift Weekly

2017-05-13 - 2017-05-20

CSV Export

Quick Tip: Enumerations in Swift

code.tutsplus.com 2017-05-17

Fun with Unicode Names

ericasadun.com 2017-05-17

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 9: Ranges

raywenderlich.com 2017-05-17

Windows and WindowController Tutorial for macOS

macOS raywenderlich.com 2017-05-17

Custom LLDB Commands in Practice

raywenderlich.com 2017-05-17

SpriteKit Basics: Nodes

SpriteKit code.tutsplus.com 2017-05-16

Swift 3.1 CALayer

CALayer knowstack.com 2017-05-16

Swift 3.1 Matrix Screensaver effect

knowstack.com 2017-05-16

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 8: Custom Collections

raywenderlich.com 2017-05-16

Assembly Register Calling Convention Tutorial

raywenderlich.com 2017-05-16

A Swift Implementation of the Core Data Stack Using NSPersistentContainer

CoreData andrewcbancroft.com 2017-05-15

Overlapping Fragments with VideoViews

digg.com 2017-05-15

Tuple assignments

tuple ericasadun.com 2017-05-15

Swift 3.1 Arrays

knowstack.com 2017-05-15

Swift 3.1 Closures

knowstack.com 2017-05-15

The Two Sides of Writing Testable Code

news.realm.io 2017-05-15

How To Secure iOS User Data: The Keychain and Touch ID

raywenderlich.com 2017-05-15

Video Tutorial: Advanced Swift 3 Part 7: Custom Sequences

raywenderlich.com 2017-05-15

Moving Core Data Files

useyourloaf.com 2017-05-15

Swift 3.1 Algorithms – Part 1

knowstack.com 2017-05-14

UIKit Global Functions

medium.com 2017-05-14

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