Present Tense Regular Verb Conjugation

Many verbs in Spanish are regular verbs in the present tense. In other words, they follow simple rules for conjugating the verb from the infinitive. Verbs in Spanish end in -ir, -er and -ar.

Here are the rules for each of the 3 verb types. Notice that -ir and -er verbs are almost the same.

Pronoun -ir -er -ar
yo o o o
es es as
ud. e e a
nosotros imos emos amos
vosotros éis éis áis
uds. en en an

Conjugation Examples

Comer, hablar, and vivir are regular in the present tense.

Pronoun vivir comer hablar
yo vivo como hablo
vives comes hablas
usted vive come habla
nosotros vivimos comemos hablamos
vosotros vivís coméis habláis
ustedes viven comen hablan