Preterite Tense Regular Verb Conjugation

Many verbs in Spanish are regular verbs in the preterite tense. In other words, they follow simple rules for conjugating the verb from the infinitive.

Some common regular verbs in Spanish are listed below in the Verbs section.

Here are the rules for each of the 3 verb types. Notice that -ir and -er verbs are the same.

Pronoun -ir -er -ar
yo í í é
iste iste aste
él/ella/ud. ó
nosotros imos imos amos
vosotros isteis isteis asteis
ellos/ellas/uds. ieron ieron aron

Example Conjugations

Comer, hablar, and vivir are regular in the preterite tense.

Pronoun vivir comer hablar
yo viví comí hablé
viviste comiste hablaste
usted viv com habló
nosotros vivimos comimos hablamos
vosotros vivisteis comisteis hablasteis
ustedes vivieron comieron hablaron