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This newsletter contains a set of resources started by people on this list, in an effort to help everyone on the list, and NYC hackers and entrepreneurs in general. Much of the information is maintained in Google Spreadsheets, and it's crowdsourced, so the quality cannot be guaranteed. Finally, some of this information is kept on a group site.

Misc Resources

NYC Hackers/Designers Seeking Same Edit

This list is for Hackers and Designers in the NYC area to find others with skills who want to either build product for fun or profit.

Request for Some App Edit

For people trying to get an invite for some new site, like Pinterest, Bitcasa, etc. Please do not post requests to the mailing list.

List of Cheap & Free Event Spaces Edit

A listing of free or cheap event spaces for small get-togethers, meetups, etc.

Office Space Marketplace Edit

A sheet where you can list "desk/office space avail" or "seeking office space/desk"

Public Work Spaces Edit

Friendly places to set up a laptop and code for a few hours (cafes, public atriums, etc)

Coworking Spaces - Commercial

NYC Accelerators

General Information About Startups/Entrepreneurs