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NYC Area Transmedia Firms

This is a summary of Transmedia firms in the NYC Metro area who have entered their information into our Google Spreadsheet. Descriptions over 200 characters are omitted. Please refer to the spreadsheet for more information. This is not an endorsement of any company. Feel free to discuss them on the mailing list.

XYEYECreative Strategies for Brands, Brand Renewal & Transmedia Story Telling.
CounterIntelligenceMediaA Transmedia Publishing Company
CampFireNYCA marketing agency that shapes perceptions and enhances brand preference through social storytelling, digital content, and physical experiences.
StarLight Runner EntertainmentStoryworlds and transmedia entertainment franchises
Radical MediaA global transmedia company
StoryCodeStorycode is a non-profit community hub for independent cross-platform storytellers and an incubator for their projects.
MoveableFeastMediaLocation-Based, Multimedia-Rich Stories
broadcastrMobile Location-Based, Multimedia-Rich Stories
PunchDrunkImmersive Theater / Transmedia
thegogameARG, Scavenger Hunt Events